Tips for Unclogging a Vacuum Hose

For many people, vacuum cleaners are probably one of the most used cleaning tools at home. They do a lot of work at home, such as sucking out everyday dirt, and they also sometimes draw in large particles and even items left on the floor like paper clips and metal bolts. It means that we subject our vacuum cleaners to so much abuse all for keeping the house spotlessly clean. If you also use your vacuum cleaners heavily at home, then you might notice a decline in its performance as the time goes by, especially if you do not maintain or clean it regularly.

An unmaintained vacuum cleaner might start to show issues, such as blowing out dust, overheating, and losing suction, to name a few. And if these issues start, then you need to work harder when you use it. If you’ve been noticing that your vacuum cleaner has been losing suction, then chances are its hose is clogged. This is the reason why others prefer buying a vacuum cleaner that does not have a hose.

You can prove that the hose of your vacuum cleaner is clogged through different scenarios. One is if your vacuum cleaner is not picking up dirt as much as it used to, or if you’ve tried cleaning and replacing its bag or filter, but the problem still persists. Aside from that, another indication is when the attachment has no suction, and when the suction port is clogged. If these conditions are true for your vacuum cleaner, then there’s a high chance that your vacuum is clogged. But no worries because we’re here to help you. Today, we are giving you tips for unclogging a vacuum hose.

Know First If the Vacuum Hose Is Really Clogged

Before you assume, it is important to find out where the clog is. You can release the hose from the attachment and the vacuum itself. Keep it upright and try passing something small down the hose, like a little coin. If it makes its way to the other side, then it means the hose is clear. But if it doesn’t, then evidently, your vacuum hose is clogged.

Use a Strong Vacuum Cleaner to Draw Out the Clog

If the hose of your old vacuum cleaner is clogged, one of the best ways to draw out the clog is by using a more powerful vacuum cleaner. When the blockage is at the attachment hose or the hose suction port, a strong vacuum will likely be effective in drawing it out. The suction power of your vacuum cleaner should focus its intensity at the attachment hose and the hose suction port so that it can maximize its efficiency. It is also essential to check the consistency of the suction all the time in order to tell if the clogs are building up in your vacuum cleaner.


Make Use of a Bent Wire to Remove the Clog in the Vacuum Hose

Using a bent wire can also help you in removing the clog from your vacuum’s hose. What you need to do is to insert a bent wire into the affected area. Twist it systematically to entangle the clogs on the wire. After that, pull out the wire while twisting it so that you can pull out as much dirt as possible.

A vacuum hose can be clogged due to excessive accumulation of large debris or pet hair, which can compromise the performance of your vacuum cleaner. However, when using a bent wire, be careful as you do not want to destroy the delicate parts of your vacuum. Keep in mind that newer vacuum cleaners today are highly complex, and they can be damaged by clumsy procedures.

Use Hard Objects to Push Out Stubborn Clogs in the Vacuum Hose

Sometimes, there are stubborn clogs in a vacuum hose that might need a little force for you to push out. You can try using a stick or the handle of your broom to push these clogs out. However, when using a hard object to push out the clogs, make sure that the force you apply is minimal to prevent damaging the hose.

When you do this, you need to ensure that the parts you target are the ones affected by the clogging. Also, remember that hard objects are used for removing large debris that is usually lodged into the tight areas. Avoid using sharp objects for this process as they can cause damage to the vacuum hose.

Use Water

Another ideal solution if you think your hose is clogged and you want to get it back to its good working condition is to use water. First, you need to detach the hose from your vacuum cleaner. After that, fill it with water while holding it in a U-shaped position. Rinse each end alternately to soak and loosen the clog.

For a more effective solution, you can soak the hose using hot water. Empty the hose, and by using your garden hose, let a powerful jet of water flow through the vacuum hose. With this, the clog should come out easily on the other end. However, using water is only effective if the clog is within the hose.


Vacuum cleaners may look rugged and tough on the outside, but inside, they can be fragile and sensitive, too, like other appliances. Therefore, you need to take good care of them and maintain them carefully to make them last for years. We hope the tips we shared here will help you in unclogging your vacuum hose. Just remember to not use excessive force that can cause more harm than good on your vacuum cleaner.