How to properly maintain your vacuum cleaner?

Vacuum cleaners are designed for rigorous work and typically require low maintenance. These machines are powerful and help maintain the house by allowing the user to clean the surface underneath furniture, staircases, and many other areas that are otherwise relatively difficult to clean. However, as with everything, vacuum cleaners require a bit of maintenance as well. Dirt and debris left ignored can reduce the life of the machine and this is why we have gathered some important tips to help you maintain your vacuum cleaner. 

Replace the bag regularly

The first and foremost thing when it comes to vacuum maintenance is replacing the bag regularly. It is both a quick and easy job that can be performed within seconds. Most users believe that vacuum bags are meant to be emptied only when they are full. However, that is not the case. If you intend to maintain your machine and prolong its life, you should empty its bag when it’s 2/3 full. As you vacuum the carpets and rugs, dirt needs space to entire the machine. If the machine or the bag is already full of dust, it will not have enough space to enter. Therefore, the machine will not be able to work as efficiently as it should. 

There are certain signs that you should look out for, to know when the bag is full or is close to getting full. The first is that while vacuuming you will notice that there is dirt on the carpet where it was not before. This might be due to the bag being full and dirt finding its way back onto the carpet. Another important sign to look out for is the suction not being powerful as before. In addition to that, if you are someone who does not like to empty and change bags, you can purchase bagless vacuum cleaners. These vacuums are transparent type, allowing you to see exactly how much dirt is in the machine. That way you can clean the machine as needed.

Make sure that the bag is properly attached

Attaching the bag properly might seem easy but due to a huge variety of vacuum cleaners available out there, it can be quite tricky for users, especially new ones. A properly attached bag not only ensures the maintenance of the machine but also optimum carpet cleaning. While different models have different ways of attaching bags, one thing remains the same. Every bag attaches to a nozzle. If your vacuum cleaner utilizes clips or holders to secure the bag make sure you do not lose them. 

In case, the bag is not properly attached to the machine, you will observe that the dirt instead of making its way inside the bag will enter the machine and begin to damage it. As a result, dirt will accumulate over time and the moving parts of the machine will not be able to perform their job effectively. And believe it or not, cleaning the inside of the machine itself is harder than cleaning the bag. Therefore, you will want to be careful each time. 

In addition to that, bags will last a particular time period. Since they take most of the beating, sharp objects may damage them and soon you will find yourself searching for a new bag. Although most of them might look similar but there are slight differences depending on the model. If you end up buying the wrong bag, it will simply not fit. Therefore, while purchasing a bag, be aware of the model and type. Lastly, when you find the right bag, make sure that you stock them up. With so many models being released every year, you never know when the manufacturer stops making bags for your model.

Empty Bagless Models Often

Having a bagless vacuum cleaning machine does not mean that you should ignore its maintenance. With time, it needs to be cleaned and you should make sure that you clean it before it reaches its maximum dirt potential. We will suggest emptying it after every use. This way, you will not allow the dust to accumulate and settle inside the machine for good. 

As a result, making it easier to perform routine maintenance. Furthermore, while cleaning the machine, you should also clean the filter. Gently knock the filter against a hard object to loosen the dirt. If you feel that it is not making any difference. Use a brush or your fingers to gently remove the stuck dirt. Finally, wash your filter if it is washable. 

Clean the Brush Roll

One of the important vacuuming cleaning tips relates to cleaning the brush roll. You will want to clean it occasionally as hair and floss can wrap around it, preventing it from spinning. The brush roll can be cleaned while it is installed or by removing it. However, we suggest that you remove it so that it allows you to perform a deep clean. There was a time when removing the brush roll and installing them was complicated. 

However, vacuum machines of today are very easy to maintain. Once the brush roll is out, use your fingers or scissors to remove the stuck items. You might also want to consider washing it with soap and water to ensure it is completely free of hair and floss etc.

Check the Belt

Once you are done cleaning the brush roll, you may also want to inspect the belt. The belt is there to hold the roll in place. If you observe that the belt is loose, you might want to replace it. Furthermore, check for any damages as well. Although the belts are quite rigid but depending on the vacuuming frequency, they can break or loose. It is suggested that the belt be replaced almost every six months. However, if you use a vacuum cleaner every two or three weeks, you will not need to change the belt so soon. 

Check the Hoses and Filters

The last thing you will want to do is check the hoses and filters. Most new vacuum cleaners come with filters that are installed to prevent your indoor air from being contaminated. Therefore, if your vacuum has a filter, make sure that you clean and replace it when required. Since the filter is designed to improve the air quality, you should know how important it is. 

Additionally, some vacuum cleaners come with HEPA filters that are specifically designed to keep the indoor air quality optimum. On the other hand, you might also need to check the hoses as well. Sometimes, objects get trapped and the hose attachment might not work properly. Simply check the hose by peeking inside and observing if something is stuck. 

Final Word

A vacuum cleaner just like any other machine in your house requires maintenance to keep it working efficiently. Since it comprises many small components, cleaning is an important aspect. Cleaning the vacuum machine is neither time-consuming nor complicated. Therefore, consider the tips mentioned above and make sure that your machine provides optimal performance.