Maintaining Your Vacuum

Our vacuum cleaners are one of the things we depend on the most in cleaning our houses. Just like any other appliance, it is something we should also take care of and maintain. Here are some ways to maintain your vacuum cleaners and make them last for many years.

Check The Bag or Tray and Empty It Frequently

It is important to check the bag frequently and replace it when it’s full. It’s even better if you can replace the bag when it’s 2/3 full because it will help the vacuum perform better.

Some signs that the bag is full are, when the debris are escaping, and when the vacuum’s suction is not that strong anymore. If you’re using a bagless vacuum, it is also important to clean the tray/canister frequently. It’s easier to this model if it’s full because the canister is transparent.

Clean The Brush Roll

Some items might get stuck to the brush roll that is why it’s important if you can check it frequently as well. Some of the things that usually get stuck to it are strings and hair strands and these may prevent the brush roll to spin well. Some brush rolls are needed to be removed so you can clean them, but only do so if you’re confident that you can put them back.           

Check The Belt and Replace It

It is also important to check the condition of the vacuum’s belt regularly. If it is already worn out, it’s time that you replace it with a new one. It is advisable to change the belt every six months to one year, but it will still depend on how frequent you use the vacuum.

Check and Clean the Filter

Most of vacuums have filters that help pick-up air particles that may cause allergies. Keeping the filter clean will help improve the air quality in our homes. The filter can be rinsed with water if it’s plastic. If it’s made of paper or fabric, you can just shake the dust off it.

Clean The Hose from Clogs and Obstructions

Sometimes large clumps of debris can be stuck in the hose. This will affect the suction of the vacuum that is why you should also check the hose often. If the hose is clogged, you can use a stick that is long enough to dislodge the debris. But be careful not to break the hose.

Clean the Vent Covers

Vacuum cleaners have bent covers which prevent the debris from escaping. The vent can be clogged that is why cleaning it frequently is important. The vent also serves as the cooling system of the vacuum, and a clogged vent may cause it to overheat.

Replace The Brush Roll and Filters

If you use your vacuum frequently, it is possible that the brush roll and filter will be worn out. Cleaning the brush roll and filter often is great but they should also be replaced. Especially when the brush roll is already tangled with a lot of objects, cleaning it might not work well and it will be best if you just replace it with a new one.

Clean and Lubricate Bearings

When the bearings are clean and lubricated, it will help the brush roller to spin easily. You can clean and lubricate them when you replace the belt and clean the brush roller. If lubricating it does not work, maybe it’s about time that you replace the bearings as well.

Follow The Instructions On the Manual

Vacuum cleaners, like other appliance, comes with a manual that we should follow. You can find the proper ways to use it, clean it, and as well as to replace its parts, in the manual. Make sure that you follow all the instructions to prevent breaking the vacuum.

Store It Properly

Make sure to store your vacuum cleaners in a safe place where it is temperate and will not be flooded with water. Don’t store it in a too dry place as well because its belt can become brittle that may cause it to crack and tear.

See a Professional

There will be times that you’ll encounter some malfunctions on your vacuum cleaner. The best solution for this is to see a professional who can surely fix the problem. This will give you less hassle compared to trying to fix it yourself.

Keeping your vacuum clean and well maintained will help it last for years. A good working vacuum will help maintain the cleanliness of your home as well.