How to deep clean your home?

Deep cleaning your house means lifting every carpet/rug and every single kitchen cabinet to be cleaned individually. This is why it’s the most dreadful task of all. However, we have some excellent tips to get you started on deep cleaning your home to perfection. Deep cleaning your home is like preventing germs to live in your home NW Maids Cleaning Services help you to keep germs away. 

First and foremost; What will you need

1. Rags, scrub pads and towels 

2. 2 buckets: one for clean water and one for greasy water 

3. Scrub brush or toothbrush 

4. Disinfectant spray 

5. Dish soap and degreaser

6. 1:1 ratio of vinegar and water in a spray bottle

7. Rubber gloves

And you are all set to clean your house. Now how to get started

Let’s start as follows: 

1. Make a list: Either choose one room after another or start item wise. 

2. Item-wise: Moving item wise and making a list will help you know which tasks will take you longer than the others and will help you prioritize. Such as de-scaling facets can take you up to 40 minutes and while your faucets and showerheads are dipped in vinegar you can clean the rest of the bathroom. 

3. Room by Room Approach: This will allow you to deep clean each room in isolation from top to bottom in one go and once the whole room is cleaned and freshened up you can move on to the next room. This also includes changing sheets and removing pillow covers and adding fresh ones. 

4. Items to clean: Some items are mostly neglected during regular cleanups. Hence focus your attention on those hard to reach areas of the house. Drag out the step ladder and use it to reach for the ceiling fans, top of the cabinets, window traces, etc. 

By using the approaches and tips mentioned above you will able to easily tackle the whole home in one go and even have time for great options like built by the industry experts. Or it might take you a weekend so clear your schedule for a minimum of two days.