Can I Order Medical Marijuana Online In Missouri?

Are you a certified medical marijuana patient or caregiver with a medical marijuana card searching for an online dispensary to purchase cannabis? The legalization of marijuana in Missouri happened in November 2018 following the passing of Amendment 2. Patients can buy marijuana from one of the 192 licensed cannabis dispensaries in the State of Missouri. If you’re wondering where to start from, you could look here for more information.

The sale of medical marijuana should be through legal dispensaries. It’s advisable to check the legitimacy of the clinic that you want to procure your marijuana before making any purchase. The number of illegal marijuana sellers has also been increasing in Missouri.

Beware Of Illegal Online Delivery

The legalization of marijuana in Missouri certified specific dispensaries to sell marijuana and marijuana products. Patients can visit clinics such as physically or order their pot online. However, the federal government has restricted marijuana clinics from shipping services such as UPS and FedEx to ship cannabis to clients. Avoid buying cannabis from clinics that use these shipping channels.

Get Certifications First

As noted earlier, only certified medical marijuana patients can purchase cannabis for marijuana dispensaries. You must fulfill the following requirements to qualify for a medical marijuana card in Missouri.

  • Be a permanent resident of Missouri.
  • You are above 18 years of age.
  • The doctor has diagnosed you with a medical marijuana qualifying condition

It’s also possible for minors to be certified as medical marijuana patients, but they need to be accompanied by a parent or caregiver. There are situations where minors are diagnosed with seizures and other conditions that qualify for medical marijuana. You can learn more about the qualifying conditions by visiting

What’s The Process Of Applying MMJ Cards?

The first step of ordering from legal online dispensaries is acquiring an MMJ card. Here is how to go about it.

  1. Create your account with
  2. Provide your patient information and fill the questionnaire
  3. Upload medical records for review
  4. Give your payment details and wait to video chat with your doctor
  5. Receive patient certification in two days
  6. Visit the state Department of Health website to apply for a registry ID using the doctor’s certification.
  7. You’ll receive a temporary ID to continue using to commence your treatment program while waiting for a permanent card that may take ten days.

The Right Method Of Purchasing Cannabis Online

Begin by checking a list of local marijuana dispensaries licensed by the state government to sell marijuana products. You can visit the state of Missouri’s Department of Health website for a list of the approved medical marijuana dispensaries. allows you to visit their online clinic and order your medical marijuana or other marijuana product. The clinic is one of the legally certified cannabis dispensaries in Missouri. The dispensary is verified to operate and stock different marijuana products for patients under the marijuana treatment program. You’ll have access to an array of cannabis products, including the following;

Flower Strains: The flower strain is the part of marijuana that has undergone the curing and drying process, and users ingest through smoking. The strain commonly referred to as a bud can be smoked through accessories such as pipes, bongs, or bubblers. There are several flower strains. If you’re not sure about the right choice for you, speak to the online budtender to assist you in deciding the right strain for you.

Prerolls: These pre-packed marijuana flower strains. Clients can order the prerolled strains and save the hassle of rolling buds after purchase.

Edibles: These are cannabis-infused foods that you can purchase in a dispensary. Dispensaries pack several edibles, including;

  • Brownies
  • Cookies
  • Various vegan options
  • Drinks
  • Allergen-free products

The choice of edibles depends on individual needs as they contain different levels of CBD and THC. Speak to budtenders at the dispensary to learn more.

Concentrates: Concentrates are also called extracts, and they are the most potent cannabis consumption options. They are CBD extracted from marijuana flowers producing pure inhalable concentrates that offer the most effective feeling. Most Missouri dispensaries stock concentrates in vapor products that clients need to heat before inhaling the vapor.

Topicals: individuals that want to avoid ingesting cannabis directly into their body systems can use tinctures. These products include cannabis-infused lotions, oils, creams, and shelves that the user applies to the skin for absorption.

Are you searching for an online dispensary to order marijuana? Feel free to reach and learn the simple ways of ordering your bud and the legal requirements before delivering the bud to your doorstep.