How to Renovate Bathroom?

The bathroom is a very important and most usable area in a house. Rooms need to be renovated after a certain time. Bathrooms are essential to renovate based on their situation. It is a simple task for all people. Bathroom accessories are equally necessary to complete the renovation of this essential room. It is important to choose the right accessories to make the bathroom look modern and stylish. These accessories can include a vanity, brushed nickel shower, LED mirror, towel bar, curtains, and other items that can give the bathroom a unique look. Remodel your bathroom with our cost-effective services to give you a great experience.

According to, To renovate bathroom, you will need money, time, energy, hard work, and patience. With all of these combinations, you can follow some steps to renovate your bathroom perfectly.

The bathroom renovation process is not so hard to do if there is a proper plan. With some specific and effective preparations, you can renovate your bathroom successfully. If you need a competent team of plumbers, water proofers, designers, and carpenters to bring your dream bathroom into reality, contact Prominade Bathrooms.

How to Renovate Bathroom?

To renovate a bathroom, it is very important to consider the cost of the total work. The renovation of a bathroom can give the room a new and fantastic appearance. You will feel fresh in your room after completing the renovating process.

Let’s discuss step by step. And to contact renovation experts and to know bathroom renovations canberra cost, click the given link.

Step 1: Design Selection

Choosing a design for your bathroom renovation is an important task. It will make your task easier. A complete design works as an effective tool in case of bathroom renovation.

The design is chosen according to your personal expectation. It will help you to select the right place, budget, necessary elements, etc. It should be the effective first step of your work.

Bathroom Design Ideas

bathroom design image

Since bathrooms are typically the smallest and most frequently used rooms in a home, they require careful design to succeed. The function and aesthetics of a home’s overall design can be enhanced or destroyed by the design and placement of the bathroom. It’s always a good idea to plan out your bathroom’s layout first, including the placement of doors and windows, before organizing the bathroom’s décor, whether you have a small or huge bathroom. You’ll be astounded at how much a comfortable chair or appropriate window curtains can warm the room. Here are some ideas to help you turn your bathroom into a haven for spa-level relaxation and style in your house. These ideas are helpful whether you plan to update the main bathroom and powder room or start a full-scale renovation of the ensuite.

Make it artistically pleasing

Choose bright floor tiles if you want to make a statement but don’t want to hang any wall art. You may use black-and-white tiles or graffiti-inspired ones to give your bathroom an artistic flair.

Reimagine the Classic Window

Make your bathroom window stand out by adding a window with a distinctive shape rather than enhancing or adding a traditional window. Adding a pedestal sink and open shelves makes the modest space feels light.

Decorate your bathroom with bookcases

Anybody who enjoys reading while taking a soothing bath will adore a standalone tub with built-in bookcases. Add colorful artwork, Greek Revival columns and arches, and art deco-inspired tilework to give your bathroom a library-like feel.

Include accent chairs

Add a piece of elegant furniture and a spacious floating tub to the room to make it feel more opulent. A recurring circle pattern creates a relaxing atmosphere, including rounded corners on the Window, sconces, furniture, the space’s real geometry, and more.

Change Things Up Using Lighting

Feel free to experiment with color and tiling. For example, use a diamond-shaped, almost leaf-like pattern on the flooring and pink subway tiles on the walls to infuse the space with energy. Add lavender wall paint to bring a sense of calmness to the atmosphere. The otherwise lovely and romantic area will benefit from the contrast and interest of brass industrial-style fixtures and lighting.

Add a Partition for Privacy

Using a partition to divide the toilet area from the tub and sink areas is a terrific way to increase shared bathroom privacy. You can experiment with the design by using smokey mirrored tiles to give it a sensual appearance. This will also make it appear larger and radiate an aura of mystery and intrigue. Using silver tiles can improve the atmosphere even further.

Try rustic design

Add wooden chests instead of standard sink vanities to achieve the rustic French country vibe in the bathroom. A painted tile wall will also add texture.

Let go of the Mirror

Minor change, significant impact: Consider displaying art over the sink rather than hanging a mirror. Next, rather than pursuing the traditional symmetrical way and surrounding a sink area with sconces, place your hand soap and lotion on a small, elevated shelf over the sink and hang a single slender pendant light.

Emphasize Natural Materials

Keep the beautiful natural bones in your home exposed when you have the luxury of having them. Brick and stone, for example, provide so much depth. Add some color with accessories and polish with luxurious soaps.

Set Up Your Shower Strategically

You can still make your bathroom feel and seem posh, even if it only has a place for a tiny shower. Consider making a stylish statement with sleek, matte black, and glass enclosures with baby blue tiles. A floating bench could be added for both decorative and practical purposes. Moreover, strategically put it at the highest point if you’re remodeling or installing a bathroom in an attic or another area with a sloped ceiling.

Step 2: Removing Old Fixtures & Installing the New

Firstly, you have to remove the old fixtures from your bathroom if you want to replace anything. After removing the fixtures, you will get a clean and open area to set up the new materials in your bathroom.

Now, you can set up the new fixtures like shower, sink, bathtub, etc. Adjust your bathroom with all wiring works to avoid all electrical incidents that are unpleasant. Now set up your other last materials like a toilet.

Step 3: Decorative Works

Now, time to start your all decorative works. These works have to be done one by one. If you set up floor tiles, you can install the floor tiles first. Make sure to straighten your tiles’ inclusion.

If you want to paint your bathroom, you need to select the paint with a moisture-resistant finish. Be conscious of the mould and mildew growth on the wall of your bathroom.

Step 4. Installation of Cabinet

After completing the above works, you can install a new cabinet and vanities into your bathroom area. The size of the cabinet will depend on the bathroom area.

Now, you can install a sink, faucet, mirror, and other materials. All settings will provide an excellent and gorgeous look to your bathroom.

Bathroom Cabinet Ideas

Bathroom Cabinet image

One of the essential components of your bathroom is the cabinet; thus, you must choose the right one for your bathroom. Here are some suggestions to help you find excellent design, style, and color ideas for your bathroom.

Floating Bathroom Vanity Cabinet

Go for a floating bathroom vanity for a stylish, modern appearance. This fixture can go with any design, depending on the color and substance of your vanity. A white vanity would perfectly complement white walls for a contemporary, monochrome design. Black accents and sophisticated line art on the walls can enhance it. Another option is to go for a rustic look by combining a solid wood vanity with other organic features like wood floors and many plants.

Tower Cabinet

A tower cabinet is a helpful solution to add more storage space in a compact area. It can be put anywhere and will match the look you want to project. Moreover, it may be a fantastic spot to put some plants to liven up the space.

Built-in cabinets

Consider adding more built-in cabinets to your bathroom if you have extra wall space to offer more storage. To blend in and avoid adding bulk to the room, paint your bathroom cabinets the same color as the walls and other bathroom fixtures.

Mirror cabinet

A mirror cabinet will serve several purposes for you. It will aid in getting you ready and offer additional storage space. They often include numerous shelves to hold smaller items like prescriptions or essential toiletries.

Secret bathroom cabinet

Try out hidden cabinets if you want to find the best minimalist décor. There is much-needed, out-of-the-way storage in a hidden cabinet. An added benefit of an opaque door is that nothing in your storage space is visible. Without looking at them, you’ll have a place to put your miscellaneous items—towels, toilet paper, and extra soap.

Step 5. Installation of Plumbing

After completing all tasks, it should be ensured that whether the water flowing system is perfect or not. Proper work of the water joints and materials is essential.

When the toilet is installed, you have to make sure about the plumbing work. Check the plumbing portion for its proper work.


When you will get a completely renovated bathroom, you can want to do some other works. These can be called finishing touches like plants, pictures, window curtains, etc. How to renovate bathroom? After reading this content properly, you will be able to arrange all the necessary materials for renovating your bathroom successfully.