Simple Renovation Projects That Will Make Your Bathroom A Lot Better

Moving into your own space is such a liberating feeling. You finally have a home to call your own, and there’s nothing quite like adding your own touch to the interior to make sure that it reflects your style and personality. As the years go by, however, you can’t help but wonder what you can do to renovate certain aspects of your space to give it a makeover and a new exciting look. When it comes to bathrooms in particular, there are a number of simple renovation projects that you can take on that are guaranteed to make your bathroom look brand new and so much better.

Change The Flooring

One of the most effective changes you can make is to the flooring. Depending on how much you want to spend, you have options across the board. You can remove the current flooring and have it completely redone from scratch, or you can opt for a much cheaper and convenient option. You can use a vinyl flooring to cover the current one with the pattern of your liking, there is also the option of peel-and-stick tiling, and there are removable options as well if you don’t want to commit entirely to the flooring that you choose. You’ll find that this will completely transform the appearance of your bathroom.

Minor Changes to the Layout

If you’d like to take it a step further, you can think about making changes to the layout. To do this, you need to consult a professional so that they can come and take measurements and draw up a plan for you. It’s important that they take the plumbing into consideration as well, and ultimately come up with an estimate as to how much it would cost you to do this. The suggestions from go over the value of having a bathroom put in and how the layout does make a difference when it comes to appearance and convenience. Moving the storage unit, the towel rack, even the bathtub if it is one of the old-style tubs that don’t require a lot of plumbing changes if moved can do wonders for the look of your bathroom.

Walls & Backsplash

If you’re going to change the flooring, then you might as well change the walls and add some backsplash as well. If you’re going to go for a flooring that has a wooden pattern on it, then you must consider doing a simple DIY wooden wall. The trick is to do on only one wall so that it becomes a statement rather than overtaking the whole bathroom. Alternatively, you can opt for wallpaper, which is extremely easy to put up and won’t cost you too much, as well as giving you the freedom to pick whatever style and color you like. Backsplashes are a ton of fun and can totally transform the whole feel of the bathroom, especially because the sink is usually the center of attention.

New Fixtures

We often don’t realize how the smallest details can make the biggest difference. When it comes to bathrooms in particular, the fixtures really do make a difference in appearance. Do a bit of research online and look at different models and materials and you’ll find that by changing the faucets, showerhead, door handle and drawer handles, the bathroom will look brand new and will transform completely.

Redo The Surfaces

It can’t be helped that with the passage of time, the surfaces of the tub, basin and counters do tend to get worn down. This happens on a more drastic scale in the bathroom because of the consistent use of water and presence of moisture. You do have the option of replacing these things, but it will cost quite a bit and will take time. Another option that will cost much less and is much more practical is redo the surfaces. The shower and the tub can be relined, and will look as good as new.

Redo The Surfaces

The idea of a makeover is extremely exciting, but it is even more so if you figure out a way to carry out simple renovations that make a big difference. If you consider the suggestions made here, you’ll find that by just doing one of these and getting through them at your own pace will make a world of difference to your bathroom. Make sure that you have a vision in mind for the renovation and also do a lot of research so that you have ideas to work off of and to create your own original makeover.