5 Tips To Ensure Your Power Tools Remain Powerful

Whether you have a simple drill or a more elaborate Milwaukee combo kit, you need to maintain your tools to ensure they last you for a long time. Proper care assures your tools will make your home improvement projects or other construction jobs easier and safer. With the right tools, you can expect successful outcomes. More importantly, maintenance will save you loads of dollars because you don’t have to keep replacing or repairing your tools. Beyond the usual dusting, here’s what you need to know to keep your power tools powerful:

Follow the Owner’s Manual

So you can enjoy the longevity and durability of your power tools, you have to recommend the maintenance guidelines in the owner’s manual. Yes, this means taking the time to read it. Usually, this will contain suggestions on how many hours of use before you need servicing or inspection. You must also ask the operators to read the manual so they can handle and store the tools properly. If ever your manual is missing, fret not because this is usually available for easy download on the manufacturer’s official website.

Store the Tools in a Safe Place

When you do not use your tools, you must keep this stored in a clean and dry place. Environmental factors matter a lot because these harsh elements can cause degradation in your tools. To prevent moisture and particles from seeping into the motor, consider storing your tools with silica gel packets to absorb any dampness. It is also common practice to place a few air tool oil droplets on a machine and keep it running for a few seconds to wick away any moisture before storing. The oil keeps the important parts protected, preventing corrosion. Remember, power tools and moisture don’t mix as they can compromise your tool and cause safety issues.

power tools storage-jpeg

Utilise Only for the Intended Purpose

Avoid mishandling and misuse by utilising only for its proper purpose. Vigilance will prevent fast wear and tear. For example, using brushes in your die grinder collets instead of the traditional carbide burrs or flap wheels will cause deterioration in your collet holder and spindle. As a result, it will create vibrations or run-outs that may cause detachment from the holder placing the operator in harm’s way. Your tools’ performance and safety are preserved by using the tools in the correct way and for its intended application. Excessive pressure on the tool will distort its part and wear out important components.

Resist the Urge to Modify the Tools

Some power tool users tinker with their gadgets and cause alterations. Do note that some tools have couplers that you can modify to suit your purpose. It will say which parts are best suited for your device in the manual. However, avoid using attachments that are not fit for your device because it will not perform as expected. If you want to preserve your investment, you must be vigilant when matching the right accessories. For instance, you must use the components of your Milwaukee combo kit properly. Avoid altering elements as this can cause malfunction or deterioration.

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Use Authorised Service Centres

When your power tools are due for scheduled maintenance, you have to bring them to an authorised service centre. Light cleaning is fine to DIY, but a major repair needs qualified technicians who have the right skills and solutions to fix the problem. An authorised centre assures that you get original parts if anything needs a replacement. This facility is also required to meet standards, so they fully test your tools and are vigilant about regulation compliance.

Author:  Alison Lurie