25 DIY Halloween Costumes for Kids

Panicking because Halloween is coming soon?  Do you need a quick low budget dress up idea for a party?  We have gathered up some Do-It-Yourself (DIY) costume ideas that your kids might just love!  Check out these great ideas and link over to the suggested site to get the details.

25 DIY Halloween Costumes for Kids

  1. Little Bandit – This costume is great for both girls and boys. The materials needed are a striped black and white t-shirt, black pants, black shoes, a black beanie, a white muslin bag, and black felt. This costume is very easy to put together because the only thing that you will create is the eye mask which will be cut out from the felt paper. The white muslin bag will serve as the money bag of the little bandit. See more at Make It and Love It.
  2. Unicorn – It is great for little girls. All you need for this costume are, a white hoodie and white pants or leggings, felt (pink and purple), yarn (pink, purple, and white) and a packing paper. Another good thing about this costume is it’s comfortable to wear. See more at Craftaholic Anonymous.
  1. Wind-Up Doll – This one is pretty and super easy to make. You can even create it in the last minute. The materials needed are a cereal box, a cardboard tube, and a gold spray paint. The only thing that you will create in this costume is the key which will be cut out from the cereal box and cardboard tube. Then you can let your daughter wear any dress and put some light makeup on her to make her look like a doll. See more at Clover and Dot.
  1. Bumble Bee – All you need are, a yellow and black striped shirt, a black headband, cardboard, a yellow and black pipe cleaner, and two yellow painted balls. The wings of the bee will be cut out from the cardboard. Then, the pipe cleaners will serve as the antennas. You need to stick them to the headband and put the yellow balls on top of each antenna. Now you have a bumble bee costume! See more at Artsy Craftsy Mom.
  1. Statue of Liberty – Though, this costume does not need any sewing. It’s very easy to create. In fact, it will only take you about twenty minutes of making this costume. The materials needed are a 2-inch foam, a green Styrofoam cone, 2 yards of green fabric, scissors, flashlight, and a book. See more at Sewing Rabbit.
  1. Gumball Machine – Since Trick or Treating is about getting some candies, why not dress up as a machine of it? The supplies needed are, a large white shirt, a large red felt, a small sheet of black, gray, and white felt, small pompoms, red leggings, and red felt beret. See more at A Casarella.
  1. Rubik’s Cube – All you need for this costume is a box where your child can fit in. And colored papers with 6 different color variations. Create holes on the box for the head and both hands. Then, cut out squares from the colored papers and design them on the box just like a Rubik’s cube. See more at Design Mom.
  1. Corn on the Cob – The things needed for this are, a green sweatshirt, paper egg cartons, green felt, pipe cleaners, and raffia fibers. See more at
  1. Pony – You’ll be needing a brown sweatshirt which is twice as big as your child, brown felt, dark brown yarn, and pipe cleaners. The brown felt will be used as the spots of the pony to be stick on the brown sweatshirt. The strands of the brown yarn and the pipe cleaners will be for the hair and tail. See more at
  1. Cow –The supplies needed are, a white shirt, black pants, black and pink felt, and fabric glue. You will just cut an oval shape from the pink felt and glue it on the center of the shirt then cut out spots from the black felt and glue them on to the white shirt around the pink felt. This cute costume is an idea of Lynnae McCoy.
  1. Popcorn – Being a bucket of popcorn on Halloween is a really cool idea. You’ll be needing a red and white felt, white ribbon, and an insulation foam for this costume. The awesome tutorial of creating this costume is from Make It and Love It.
  1. Panda – If you have a baby that you’d also want to take to a Trick or Treat activity, then the Panda costume is perfect. The things you need are a black onesie, black pants, white hat, black and white felt, and 2 safety pins. It’s very easy to create because you’ll only be designing the hat with cutouts from the felt. See more at from R.A.F.T.
  1. Mermaid – The girls will surely love it if they go Trick or Treating as Little Mermaid. Some of the things needed for this are felt, tights and leotards, The full tutorial for creating this costume is from Me Sew Crazy.
  1. Scuba Diver – Looking adventurous on Halloween is an awesome idea too. You’ll just be needing black shirt and pants, 2-liter bottles, rope, spray paint, black electrical tape, sponge hair curlers, swimming goggles, and a metal pail. This idea is from Delineate Your Dwelling.
  1. Hot-Air Balloon – Who could imagine that you can go Trick or Treat in a hot-air balloon? This one’s a really cool idea from Style Me Pretty.
  1. Dinosaur – Since boys love dinosaurs, it’s a great idea to let them dress up like one on Halloween. You need a yard of knit fabric, felt fabric, pins, thread, scissors, cutter, and a sewing machine. Instructions for this cute costume are found in DIY Network.
  1. Classic Witch – Of course, the Witch shouldn’t be absent on Halloween. This is one of the most famous costumes that we see during Trick or Treat. You can also create it at home. The tutorial of this costume idea is from HGTV.
  1. Garden Fairy – If there’s a witch, there should also be a fairy on Halloween. Fairy costumes are easy to find in stores, but if you’re on a budget, it’s easy to create one at home as well. Lia Griffith shares here step by step instructions for this beautiful costume.
  2. Traditional Black Cat – This is a simple and very easy to make the costume. The materials for this costume are easy to find as well and mostly found just around the house. 5 Minutes for Mom even shared a video tutorial for this costume.
  1. Big Yellow School Bus – If your child does not want to walk around for Trick or Treat, then let him ride a bus instead. The things you need are a wagon, big cardboard, a yellow fabric that can cover the size of the cardboard, scissors, cutter, glue, red and white paper, and black duct tape. This cool idea also came from DIY Network.
  1. Mummy – This is another popular costume for Halloween. But you don’t need to spend a lot of toilet paper for this costume. As shared in Kelly Gorney Photography, the costume would look cooler if you use strips of white fabric that are soaked into tea. This will make the fabric look worn and old-looking which is best as a Mummy costume.
  1. Lumberjack – Another cool DIY costume idea from Make It and Love It is the Lumberjack with beard and axe. It sure is cute to see a mini lumberjack roaming around the village on Halloween.
  1. Prince – This is also a popular costume that is easy to make. The Desert Chica shared some ideas on how to easily create a Prince costume for your little boys. Some of the materials needed are a button down shirt, red pants, gold ribbon, gold buttons, and red fleece.
  1. Princess – Of course, the Prince needs a Princess even on Halloween. This is also one of the easiest costumes to make. Some great ideas for a Princess costume are shared by Mommyish.
  1. Scarecrow – You can also turn an overall jumper into a great costume. You’ll just need to add a plaid shirt, a hat, and some burlap (even old ones would work if you can find one at home). The scarecrow costume is an idea from Costume Works.

Looking for more great costume ideas? See more here.

These are just some of the wonderful DIY costumes that you can try on Halloween. Aside from being able to spend less, creating these costumes can also be a great bonding activity for you and your kids.

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