Bakerly Brioche and Crepes – Oh So Good!

We were excited to get the opportunity to try Bakerly’s wonderful assortment of brioche and crepes. When we got the sample, we took a few photos and promptly dived in…

Among those we tried were:

  • Bakerly Crepes (strawberry) – We love crepes, so we were thrilled to try one of Bakerly’s popular products from their snack line – their rolled crepes with strawberry filling.The sweet and tangy combination of the strawberry filling perfectly balanced the tastiness of the crepe. We absolutely loved these crepes and thought that they would make healthy and yummy treats or school snacks for the kids. One pack contains six individually wrapped crepes. You can unwrap and eat it right away as an on-the-go munchie. If you’d like a warmer crepe, heat it in the microwave (preferably for 7 seconds). The crepe tastes fantastically too when chilled – make it more special by serving it a la mode. Like many of their other products, Bakerly uses the original French recipe so that you can enjoy the goodness of authentic French crepes everywhere you go. And like all Bakerly products, their crepes are made with natural and non-GMO ingredients. They have no artificial colors, flavors, and preservatives to boot. So yes, the strawberry filling is made from real strawberries!
  • Bakerly Crunchy Crepes – The Crunchy Crepes are some of the most recent products from Bakerly’s snack line, and already they have won many fans! These are like the regular Bakerly rolled crepes, only made crunchy with the yummy and crisply cereals. Their Crunchy Crepes are available in two flavors: caramel and hazelnut chocolate. What we had here was the hazelnut chocolate variant. Our verdict? Two thumbs-up! The kids loved these crispy chocolate-filled crepes as much as we did. These rolled crepes are sweet and chocolatey (think of the Nutella-filled crepes). They’re so tasty that you even assume they’re made from artificial ingredients like the other usual snacks. But we are pleasantly surprised to discover that Crunchy Crepes are made from all-natural ingredients, just like any other Bakerly products. Yes, they’re preservatives- and GMO-free! So enjoy Crunchy Crepes as much as you like without feeling the guilt. A pack contains six individually-wrapped crepes. Enjoy Bakerly Crepes and Bakerly Crunch Crepes anywhere – at home, at school, at the office, while camping or fishing, at a picnic or during a road trip. They are absolutely perfect as on-the-go snacks especially for people who are always on the move and craving for wholesome but tasty snacks.
  • Bakerly Hand Braided Brioche – Bakerly uses the original French recipe and traditional baking techniques to all of their products, like their hand braided brioche. When we tried it, we loved how really rich and soft this bread was. It was a little sweeter and a more buttery than the regular loaf of bread, and brought a wonderful mélange of flavors. Needless to say, we loved it! While it is great as is, you can also turn it into delicious snacks and breakfast items. A thick and yummy brioche French toast topped with cinnamon and maple syrup? We’re in! Bakerly Hand Braided Brioche has no preservatives, no artificial coloring or flavoring, and doesn’t contain high-fructose corn syrup. And best of all, it is non-GMO like all of Bakerly’s goodies!
  • Bakerly Soft Brioche Baguette – When you think of the classic baguettes, they’re usually crispy on the outside and soft and chewy on the inside. But this brioche baguette, true to its name, was definitely a lot softer. Bakerly’s soft brioche baguette is like their regular brioche, only shaped like a baguette. Perfect for savory sandwiches and great too when partnered with jam, peanut butter or marmalade.
  • Bakerly Soft Brioche Baguette with Milk Chocolate Chips – A soft and enriched bread embedded with natural milk chocolate chips will surely drive out one’s blues any day! Chocolate fans will especially love this bread, and you will too! Enjoy this bread as it is, or you’d like to dress it up with a peanut butter spread. Oven-toast it lightly, and the chocolate chips will slightly melt – this translates to chocolate heaven!

Oh my goodness – Oh my goodness, these are delicious!

Honestly, we wonder how Bakerly manages to create such wonderful baked goodies without the help of anything artificial to enhance or preserve their flavors and overall quality. But we’re quite happy that they do.

Bakerly may be relatively new in the food business, but in just over a short time it has won loyal devotees (and continues to do so) with their line of individually-packaged French-inspired baked goods and treats which are made from wholesome, natural and GMO-free ingredients.

Bakerly was established in 2015 by two Frenchmen (specifically two Bretons) Julien and Fabian, who sought for a place in the American food scene by introducing crepes, brioches and croissants made with natural ingredients and prepared based on genuine French recipes.

Combining their love, passion, and “savoir-faire” (expertise in French) for good food, their goal was simple: produce high-quality bakery products exactly the same as the ones people enjoy in France.

Backed by an amazing all-star team composed of genuine artisan bakers, the company brings a line of products made with honest-to-goodness natural ingredients – no frills, no fuss, no fakes. That’s why their catchphrase “simple origins” refers to the company’s emphasis and pride in using only the simplest and the most natural ingredients in their baked goodies.

Bakerly uses only the freshest eggs, rBST-free milk straight from the cow, real butter, and unbleached wheat flour made from non-GMO wheat for their fantastic creations. It doesn’t add any artificial flavorings and colorings, as well as preservatives.

You can be assured that their ingredients are clean, as they value the trust and loyalty of their customers for their yummy products. Each bite will also let you realize the talent of the people behind the company who constantly transform authentic ingredients into delectable snacks.

After all, the company always ensures that you’ll get nothing but only the most natural and most delicious baked treats you’ll ever taste and enjoy. Even the most fastidious eaters and the health-conscious will also find Bakerly’s products absolutely wholesome!