Easy Fall Crafts for Kids to Make

When I was a kid, one of my favorite things to do with my mom was to drag out all the art supplies I knew she had lingering in the laundry room and just go to town.

She would crank up the music and some days she would craft with me while other days she used the extra time to clean the house.

Either way, I was content at the table with my glue, my pom poms, my pipe cleaners, and whatever else she had recently picked up from our local craft store.

Of course, most days, I would just be creative and come up with something of my own to make – maybe I would cut out some paper and try my hand at paper mache or if it was nearing the holidays I might make my Christmas tree ornament for the year.

But, one of my favorite memories is when my mom would find a really neat craft that was seasonal or holiday-themed for me to do.

Even as a child, I can just remember how festive it made me feel. And, it is one of the things I attribute my love for the holidays to now.

And, with my favorite season being fall, I look forward to making fall crafts with my kids all year around.  BTW if you want to go high end check out this brother scan and cut vs cricut maker review.

So, if you are looking for something to get your kids in the fall spirit, try these out soon:

1. Leaf People

One of the best types of crafts is one that incorporates the outdoors, too. I love doing something with my children that encourages them to go outside and scavenge for material for their next project.

Plus, it makes the craft take even longer – so, it could really be a few hours ordeal.

How to: Go outside and grab a colorful leaf, a few (4) twigs, and some acorns. Then, use glue to add the acorns to the leaf creating a face – one acorn for each eye and then align the rest in a smile. Once you have assembled the face, glue the twigs to the stem of the leaf, creating two arms and two legs and using the stem as the body.

Now, you’ve created an adorable little fall leaf person!

2. Apple Stamping Tree

This fall craft is fun to do and makes a beautiful piece of artwork décor once it is finished!

How to: Grab a plain white piece of paper and using a sharpie, draw a tree trunk. Next, use brown paint to fill in the tree trunk and add some branches. Last, take an apple and cut it right down the center. Then, dip one half in the orange or red paint and the other in yellow and use it as a stamp to stamp apples on the branches of the tree.

3. Q-tip Painting

Can you tell yet that painting is one of my favorite activities to do with my children?

I really think it just allows them so much freedom, watercolors aren’t that hard to clean up, and they can use just about anything as a painting utensil.

How to: Using construction paper, cut out a brown tree trunk. Next, cut out a white tree top (I typically just cut out a big white circle). Use glue to assemble the tree and then it is time to get to painting! Grab a Q-tip and simply let them dip it in whatever color they choose, stamping it on the white tree. This will add plenty of festive leaves to the tree and really make it come to life!

4. Leaf Handprints

I adore doing crafts with my kids that involve handprints because I can look back on it as they grow and see how tiny they were at one point.

You should try it!

How to: Simply grab some plain white paper, paint their hand and place their handprint on a few places on the paper. Then, grab a brown marker and draw the veins of the leaf in their fingers and the stem coming out of the bottom of their hand.

There are so many fun and festive crafts that you can do with your kids using only a few materials – most of which you probably already have on hand.

Being creative and doing crafts not only gives your kids something productive to do. There are many benefits of arts for children as it helps fosters creativity and critical thinking and it also helps teach them various other things such as colors and seasons.