How To Find The Perfect Halloween Mask For Your Kid

Help Your Children Enjoy The Celebration Yet Be Safe At The Same Time

The tradition of celebrating Halloween has been an old one. People of all ages seem to enjoy wearing ghostly costumes and having fun. This celebration is also enjoyed by children as they go around door-to-door trick or treating in their costumes. It definitely adds to a lot of excitement for the children as they become whimsical witches or dashing knights. This year apart from making sure that your child has a costume that they can show off, you have to also make sure that their face is covered properly to protect them against the Covid-19 virus.

Below are some adorable ideas from which you can choose one that best fits their preference.

Pumpkin Costume

For young toddlers up to the age of 6 years old, this is a wonderful idea to dress them up for Halloween. This idea can be commonly used as both girls’ or boys’ costumes for Halloween. These are some of the most generic but cute ensembles to put your children in. They can be teamed with pumpkin baskets, bats, ghosts, and whatnot. You can even add a little face mask with pumpkin print on it to team it up altogether.


If your little one is a lover of burritos or pizza, how about dressing them up in their favourite food. For example, to make a tortilla you can wrap them in foam with tan fabric and cut burrito fillings with felt. A blanket that matches the colour of the burrito will also do. You can make a face mask as part of the fillings. There are many ideas to choose from right from being a food item to fruits to a vegetable they hate. After all, who does not run away from the green-eyed monster called broccoli?

Cold Weatherproof

If you live in a place where the weather can be chilly, then look for cute onesies that are both warm and reflect the Halloween theme. These usually come with a cap attached so you are assured that your child is warm. All you need is to add a facemask to match the costume and your child is ready to trot away with their friends. The onesie costume looks adorable as well as can be used as pajamas on cold nights long after Halloween is gone.

BFF Or Sibling Costume

If your child has a BFF(Best Friend Forever) or a sibling that they would like to go with on Halloween, then you can opt for a pair-costumes. Nothing screams cute as much as two little ones dressed to complement each other like peanut butter and jelly or ketchup and fries. This idea is great for friends, siblings, or even twins. You can cut out small bread shapes from a cardboard box and paint it with jam details on it.

Splurge Costumes

If you have promised your child a costume of their favourite superhero for Halloween, well then you will have to splurge a little. If your child is a superhero fan or even that of a transformer, then rather than using the DIY method you can buy a readymade one from online stores. These costumes come with the full-body suit as well as accessories that ensure your kid is dressed in his favourite superhero clothes to the t. If you are still ambitious, you can create your own superhero uniform but it is advised to start way ahead of time.

Adaptive Costume

If you have a child who is bound to the wheelchair then you can look out for adaptive Halloween costumes. These are beautiful costumes that are thoughtfully designed for easy dressing. They usually come as a full set with a hat and all. You can get some inspiration online and figure out a way to decorate their wheelchair as well so that it looks like part of the costume.

Things To Keep In Mind Before Sending Your Children Out

After dressing up your little ones but before waving them goodbye so that they can venture on their trick and treat adventure, make sure you have spoken to them regarding safety rules. Apart from the Covid-19 safety standards that they should follow, they must also be safe when they are outside. Be sure to tell them about road safety rules as well as ensuring that they do not venture out too far away.

Halloween is a fun event that can help create many memories for years to come. Make sure you follow all the safety rules to keep any unexpected incidents at bay.