Why Vacuuming Your Carpet Just Isn’t Enough

Carpet cleaning is one of the most tedious and difficult tasks to do alone. It can take hours to vacuum it and if you wan to maintain cleanliness, then it should be done often. Most people consider vacuuming once a week and think that their carpets are clean. However, CarpetKings, one of the Sydney’s leading Upholstery cleaning service provider suggests that if vacuuming is the only kind of cleaning that you rely on then it needs to be done several times in a week. Vacuuming once a week will not benefit you or your carpet for a number of reasons.

It feels and looks great to see the vacuum lines neatly arranged on your freshly cleaned carpets, but if you welcome high-traffic on the carpet or have pets in your domicilethen it can wreak havoc on your carpets. In these situations, vacuum cleaning is not effective and will only cause more problems in the long run. Carpet cleaning professionals suggest that vacuuming often should be coupled with other carpet cleaning services that are offered by service professionals to ensure that it is a thorough clean and santisation of your carpets.

Vacuuming does make a difference and is an important part of cleanliness but vacuuming only is not an answer to all your carpet cleaning needs. A deep cleaning by a professional is the best way to remove dust and dirt from the carpet entirely.

These services are expensive but offer great results. CarpetKings offer different plans and services for their carpet cleaning services and their price is well worth their service.

Let us give you a few reasons why vacuuming your carpet just isn’t enough.

Vacuuming only cleans the surface of the carpet:

No matter which vacuum cleaner you buy and how powerful it is, it cannot suck the dust and dirt that has seeped deep into the carpet. A carpet can be a home for dust mites, pet hair, allergens, dead skin, and bacteria along with the regular dirt from the sole of the shoes. It can not only be dirty but can prove to be a health hazard for babies. A deep cleaning upholstery service can suck these unwanted things from the carpet as they are powerful enough. During deep cleaning a strong cleaning solution is injected deep inside the carpet that blots up all of the dirt to the surface. This can be easily scrubbed and extracted out from the carpet. When this dirt is removed from the carpet, it makes it look cleaner, fresher, and new. No dirt in the carpet also improves the air quality in the room.

Stains and spots cannot be removed with vacuuming

Carpets are prone to spills and food accidents. Vacuuming helps in removing larger debris from the carpets very easily. However, any kind of spillage will leave the carpet discolored and only vacuuming will not remedy it. This is why professionals suggest using carpet cleaning services which can effectively clean the carpet of the dirt and also remove the stain, leaving behind a stain-free, santised carpet.

Vacuum cleaning alone does not remove odors

A carpet is prone to stains and dirt that can leave behind an odor that lingers on for a long time. Mildue, mould and other causes of damp carpets can leave your carpets  smelling dirty and feeling damp.

Carpets also tend to hold the odors from smoke, pets, and beverages. A professional cleaning can, however, remove these odors from the source and give you a nice smelling room. Whether the mess is made by pets or your guests, deep cleaning is an essential and needed part of keeping your carpets clean.

Vacuum gives you the same look

Vacuum does give you a cleaner looking carpet but it cannot give your carpeta new carpet feel or look. Vacuuming removes the dirt from the top but dirt still remains deep inside the carpet which makes it look dirty after a few days of cleaning. Hence a carpet needs a little more than just vacuuming. Deep cleaning or steam cleaning ensures that each fiber of the carpet is cleaned and restored to its initial state. This will give a new look to the carpet and allow it to feel like a fresh one. No matter how much you vacuum it will not give you the same results.

Vacuuming alone cannot make carpets healthy

A carpet is prone to external dirt, allergy-causing germs, and bacteria that can cause health issues to people already suffering from allergies. Vacuuming removes the top-level dust but fails in removing the dirt buried deep inside the carpet. This can cause long term health issues for people. Dust allergies are common where carpets are not regularly deep cleaned. Deep cleaning gets the carpet clean from the inside making it free of any disease-causing germs.

Vacuuming does not remove moisture

One of the biggest disadvantages of vacuuming is its inability to suck out moisture. In a humid environment or rain and snow prone areas, it is common that the carpets suck and hold in the moisture from outside. It can cause molds in the carpet that are not very good to have around. Steam cleaning is the best way to remove mildew and molds from the carpet.

Vacuuming will not protect the warranty

Carpets are costly and most of them come with a warranty. However, companies provide the warranty only if the carpets are professionally cleaned every year. While vacuuming can give you a clean carpet, it will not give you the warranty. So if you want to be able to claim the warranty then getting professional upholstery cleaning done is a necessity.

There are many other ways to clean the carpet and though vacuuming is most common, it can’t be considered the best one. It can be used to clean out the dirt but the long term effects are minimal. There are innumerable reasons why vacuuming isn’t sufficient for your carpets. To maintain your health and cleanliness in the house, proper cleaning of the carpets is necessary. You can opt for a dependable professional carpet cleaning service that suits your requirements and your budget.