Why A Summer Blanket Can Make A Great Gift For Family Members

Choosing a gift is fun and exciting, especially for those of you who love to put an effort into gifting. With a wide array of gift selections to choose from, you can sometimes get overwhelmed and confused as to which one to get for your loved ones. Naturally, you will want to buy a gift that will be both memorable and useful for the recipient. One of these gifts is summer blankets, and here’s why:

1. It is a unique idea

How often do you receive a blanket as a gift? Very rarely, for sure. If you haven’t stumbled upon this article, chances are that a summer blanket would be the last thing on your mind to give as a gift. Summer blankets are a unique gift idea, as not a lot of people think of these for presents.

The most significant advantage you can have out of this unique idea is that you have lesser chances of giving the same gift as somebody else to the same recipient. Some people receive five wicker candles for Christmas or identical water bottles. Even better, though there may be others who can also think of giving blankets as gifts because it is a useful item, your gift will not go to waste simply because there is a duplicate. Especially when your family members are preparing for house guests, they no longer have to worry about the availability of blankets, as they have spare summer blankets on hand.

2. It protects from the cold summer nights

Summer days are warm and sunny. However, the evenings can still tend to get chilly and breezy. One of the most apparent benefits of gifting a summer blanket is that it protects from the cold. For any of your family members, they have a new addition of blanket that is thin enough to keep them comfortable in the heat, but also cozy enough for chilly summer nights. Whenever your family member uses the blanket, they will surely have you in their thoughts.

3. It keeps family members warm with memories

For your child who is off to college, a summer blanket is a great way to keep them warm with memories, even while they are away. Go one step further with love by gifting them with a personalized blanket, such as any of the following:

  • Having their name embroidered
  • Printing your favorite family photo
  • Sewing a memory quilt, such as baby clothing or onesies from birth until a year old, or fabrics from clothes worn during special days, such as weddings, birthdays, or a graduation

To any family member who will be leaving home, your blanket will truly ease that homesickness away, as they have warm memories of your family to keep them feel loved and cozy. One of the most priceless gifts that you can give your loved ones is the gift of memory.

4. It is affordable

It isn’t right for anyone to go into debt to purchase a gift for family members. Whenever you have someone to give a present to, always stay in budget. Remember, it’s not the price of the gift that matters, but it is the thought that you put into purchasing the gift. Blankets are generally an affordable gift option, so this is one way to ensure that you are within budget in your gift shopping process.

5. It is an excellent addition to any bed or couch

When you decide on a summer blanket as a gift, there are numerous patterns and prints for you to choose from. Starting from the most minimalist and straightforward family member to the most eccentric ones, there is always something for everybody. Not only is a summer blanket functional, but it also serves as an excellent design piece for any bedroom or living room. If you have family members who are always on the hunt for design pieces to improve the physical state of their homes or bedrooms, a summer blanket is a gift that they will genuinely be appreciative of.

6. It helps reduce stress and anxiety

Especially if your chosen blankets are of the soft and fluffy type, you can help ease the stress and anxiety of the recipient. Have you ever realized how, after a long day, your reward is always a trip to your bedroom, covered up in your most favorite blanket? Whether you are off to sleep, or watching a movie while in bed, or huddled up with your favorite book, being wrapped by a warm and cozy summer blanket can instantly make you feel relaxed.

Your family members will thank you for the thoughtful gift of helping them breeze through the daily stress of work and school life with the simple gesture of gifting a summer blanket.


Yes, a summer blanket is indeed a family-centered gift. With any material thing that you give, it’s not the thing itself that counts, but the thought that you put into making that gift as special as it should. Now that your confusion of gift giving is solved, all you have left to do is to head out to the homeware section of your favorite department store, and start summer blanket shopping!