Sometimes the human body might experience pains in different ways. Some forms of pain require specialists and  medical attention since they might be infections, while other forms of pain we can fix by ourselves. Most common body pains that are not infectious are like the upper back and neck pain. Many things cause back and neck pain such as sleeping position, kind of activities and sitting posture. Upper back and neck pain can sometimes get worse and require medical attention, but before it gets to that point, there are ways to fix pain from these body parts.

Best posture

One major cause of neck and back problem is the sitting posture mainly at the place of work and the posture most people use when holding their phones. If there is a lot of use of computers and phones, avoid using your phone while bending all the time as this causes a strain on the neck and might lead to headaches. At work ensure that your table is leveled with your chair in proportion to your height such that you can sit in an upright posture, without having to lean in too much or lean backward a lot. If the work involves long hours, you can always take short breaks and do body stretches, and neck tilts to refresh. When considering these breaks avoid standing or sitting for too long. Always change positions during the day in between your activities.  Also be sure to click here to check out backrest pillows.

Best mattress

Then there is the sleeping posture that can cause these pains. Before getting to the bed make sure that the place you sleep on is comfortable and clean. Poor quality mattresses can cause upper back and neck aches because you have to turn and toss all the time trying to find a suitable position. With this kind of sleep, you are fatigued, and in return, you get back and neck pains. To resolve this, you can opt to buy another comfortable mattress.  For good dealers, the mattresses are under various classifications according to sleeping positions, density and make, there are also budget mattresses under $500.  You can buy the right density according to your favorite sleeping position to get better sleep. Also, ensure that the materials used to manufacture the mattresses won’t harm your health. The mattress should not sag. Some dealers guide on how to buy the mattresses according to your preferences. It Is not only about the sleeping position make sure that every activity you do is done in the right position be it squatting, standing sitting or bending.

Better support

Also when sleeping support your head using the best pillows as in the case with mattresses. You can also use a rolled towel or any soft fabric tied around your waist to support your back when sleeping. If you are involved with a lot of heavy lifting, it is advisable that after work you can massage your neck and upper back to ease the muscles from cramping. Taking warm showers also helps in such situations. When sitting after a long day of heavy lifting make sure that you support your back with something soft. You can also apply heat using compressors to relax the muscles. It is also right that sometimes you take off days to relax not only the neck and back but also the whole body.  These luxury massage chairs are great options as well that you should consider.

Suitable remedies

Another tip that helps fix an upper back and neck pain is applying ice to the affected area especially the neck. This method is helpful if the neck is sore as it alleviates the soreness and opens the nerves around the neck. If it is an injury, you can try applying relief creams or use of painkillers. These are known as over the counter medication and do not require a doctor for a prescription. Daily stretches and exercises have also proven to help ease the upper neck and back pain. Exercises can involve a bit of aerobics but never put the spinal cord under extreme pressure. It is what supports and connects the neck and back and you might want to consider the Hitach magic wand as well.

Professional help

There are times when these pains may get to the extreme after trying all these at home tips. Neck and back pains can be classified as mild and chronic. Mild pains are those that one can handle by them, but when it gets to chronic, you have to visit a doctor. The doctor may ask you about your medical history to get the right treatment for you. In worst cases, the neck might need a collar brace, and the doctor might also prescribe bed rest for worse back pain. In some cases, the pain from these body parts is not treatable at once, and so the doctor might recommend regular visits to manage the pain.

It is also good to prevent such pains instead of trying to fix them. It is recommended that if you have to reach for things placed higher that you can’t avoid stretching over too much. Use a chair or a stool to reach for high places. This will prevent upper back and neck pains. When in pain follow your routine and avoid getting involved in activities that may put a strain on the already affected areas, avoid heavy lifting and do the neck exercises such as tilting and also massages when needed. Do back stretches for the back and avoid slouching when seated. Also, put your weight in check to prevent a strain on your spinal cord as this can make the pain even worse.


Upper back and neck pains seem to be familiar to everyone, but the good thing is that they can be avoided or even better can be fixed without too many procedures. It is clear that in some cases it may require medical attention. If you feel that the pains persist even after trying over the counter medication, it is advisable that you see a doctor as soon as possible too much self-medication can also lead to other health problems not involved with neck and back pain. It is good to note that some of upper neck and back pain could be a sign of other chronic diseases such as goiter, heart attack or even meningitis. So don’t ignore any slight pain that you may feel on your neck and back it could become even very dangerous.