What, When, and How to gift?

Gifts can be used to convey various emotions. They are meant to thank someone for their selfless services, amicable attitude, etc. Gifts are exchanged on festivities and birthdays. But there is a special category called kids gifts, which are gifted without marking for a special purpose or occasion. Kids can be gifted at all times without expecting any returns from them. That is based on pure love and nothing else.

Gifting a child a present on any day brightens up their mood, excites them, and lets them know how much you love them. So it becomes very natural for kids to favor the people showering them with presents, over the ones who make empty promises.

Each gifting gesture from the adult’s side is remembered by the child, as those are the most formative years and determines their attitude towards those adults.

What to gift?

Kids gift section at stores, malls are filled with a myriad of stuffed toys, electronic toys, handmade toys, plastic, and machine made items, shoes, clothing, accessories such as hairbands, watches, bracelets, trinkets, gaming sets, etc. the list goes on and on.

Yet, each child is special since their tastes are different. Favorite colors, artistic touch, the genre of items, all vary and matter to the children. Observing their inclination for certain colors, wishes, desires would help the adults choose from this wide variety of presents.

When to gift?

Psychiatrists studying the psyche of kids advocate unconditional love towards them because they are innocent and vulnerable. And being in the developing years of life, they advise parents to teach them through love and care. Gifts and presents could serve this purpose. They can be gifted when they accomplish something in their capability. To the adult vision, it might be very insignificant but it means a lot for a toddler.

For instance- learning alphabets, learning to ride a bicycle, following the instructions (without getting in trouble), helping with simple tasks at the household, displaying their creativity with colors and craftwork, etc. These are a few of the instances where the parent can acknowledge their effort by presenting them with gifts.

Gifts need not be decided by their monetary value. Sometimes hanging out with kids at the park, beach, restaurant counts for the same. A change of air while going for a long ride and doing what the child loves like fishing, art, and craftwork, playing, reading with fun games, talking, etc registers in the memory releasing the happy hormones. These reactions are the same for a kid when gifted with favorite toys and accessories or even a Personalized Gifts as well. These moments and gifts would remind the child of the person who gifted them with that.

We need not have a kid of our own to wait for a moment to deliver smiles. Loving the nephews and friend’s children would make up for these cute moments. Birthdays, parties, and anniversaries are just some reasons to move ahead and give bounties of gifting pleasure and happiness.


Buying presents for kids is a tough choice for parents and other adults. Deciding after analyzing the safety features of the gift is another tough nut to crack. Comparing and narrowing the list of safe gifts to present the kid with is always on the minds of parents. Parents also have to look into their budget for such gifts. Anyhow, happiness in whichever way it comes packed or otherwise presented with love to a kid is what matters.

Author:  Alison Lurie