What is the significance of buying a weighted blanket during pregnancy?

Weighted blankets are uncommon blankets that are prepared out of soft cotton with a mixture of layers of fabric, beads and pellets to make it feel heavily weighted with contributes significantly in reducing your anxiety and sleeping disorder. Researchers believe that weighted blanket is considered as good and effective especially for pregnant women because it ensures restful sleep. It is available in various sizes and shapes and thus you need to pay utmost attention while buying it. Therefore, you can buy from Namaste weighted blanket pregnancy article that will act as a natural therapy to your mind and body.

Weighted blanket ensures DTP therapy 

Weighted blanket ensures DTP therapy

DTP refers with Deep Touch Pressure that has science and psychology associated behind it. In a real sense, it refers with providing a gentle and cosy feel and touch to your body. This attempt towards producing serotonin that will help in ensuring relaxation and comfortability to your mind so that you can sleep without holding your stress. It is associated with the gentle care that includes cuddling and hugging and makes you feel loved and wanted. Benefits of DTP therapy-

  • It will increase your happiness and pleasure
  • It infuses energy so that you can easily concentrate on your work. 
  • It improves your sleeping pattern
  • It ensures the capability to equate with stressful situations   
  • It calms your minds with smoothing climate 

It helps in combating against anxiety         

It helps in combating against anxiety

Due to overthinking and high-stress level, it often releases hormones that tend to make you feel depressed, anxious and attacked. These feelings are very much obvious in the case of pregnant where women experience frequent changes in mood. This can create a negative impact on the child. As a result, you need to look for a reliable and durable namaste weighted blanket pregnancy article that will reduce the negative vibes like nervousness, fear, worrisome attitude and more. It will promise to calm your internal thoughts and keep your baby safe and secure without any attack out of stress and anxiety. You will feel relaxed and calm without experiencing any sort of discomfort or so. 

It reduces swelling during the pregnancy period 

Swelling is commonly found in woman’s body during period that results in the unnecessary flow of blood and essential fluids. It leads to weakness in the body and other parts. Therefore, you need to take care of your food habits and food pattern and also get a weighted blanket so that it can add a factor of relaxation. Moreover, it helps in taking action towards swelling during pregnancy. It will help you in reducing the feeling of inflammation and stops the wanted flow of blood. Along with that, it will also reduce swelling from hands, feet and legs for a better living. You can search online to get best collections of such weighted blanket.

It resolves the problem of sleeping during pregnancy

It resolves the problem of sleeping during pregnancy

During the stage of pregnancy, women often experience difficulty in sleeping. They might feel discomfort due to countless trips for the washroom. They also experience, shortness of breath, suffocation, nausea, heartburn and others that restricts their sleep. According to SleepDelivered the bedding plays an important role in solving these. If your mattress is less comfortable, or you have a hard pillow it can only worsen the situation. So most of the time a heavy blanket can ease the pain and improve your quality of sleep and ensures a fresh wake up. It will keep your mind functioning and active so that you plan your activities properly. Moreover, it will ensure coolness during different seasons. It will give you breathable comfort with a gentle calmness so that you do not feel agitated and irritated.

It is free from any kind of toxic chemicals 

During the sensitive period of pregnancy, you need to take extra care regarding what you are consuming and what is surrounding you. You must be using natural items that act good and supportive for your body and keep you relaxed and healthy. Therefore, it has been observed that a weighted blanket is quite good for health. It does not include any kind of toxic elements that may turn out hazardous to health. It is free from any side effects and leads you a safe and secure life ahead. This natural therapy often acts as a replacement factor in comparison to medications that deliver pure comfort with real warmth and cosiness at par.

It helps in reducing the power of sensitivity

It helps in reducing the power of sensitivity

In the stages of pregnancy, women get very much sensitive about their routine, lifestyle, food habits and anything that surrounds her. During that process, extra care must be taken to keep your baby healthy. You need to stay happy from inside, feel light-weighted, leave no space for anxiety, depression and sadness. This attempt will help you even in the long run. Sometimes, it gets difficult but if you get weighted blanket then you’ll feel relaxed. 

Is Using A Weighted Blanket Safe During Pregnancy?

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Research on the usage of a weighted blanket during pregnancy is limited. However, they typically believe that using a weighted blanket while pregnant is harmless. To ensure it’s the best choice for you and your infant, you should speak with a physician before using one. The blanket’s weight shouldn’t be more than 10% of your pre-pregnancy body weight, and it should be evenly spread throughout the bed to prevent pressure from building up in any one spot for an extended period.

Additionally, some pregnant women may discover that the heat produced by a weighted blanket causes them to feel overheated. For this reason, it’s crucial to select a lightweight option or a cooling material like bamboo or cotton. Most importantly, you want to be certain that the weighted blanket is enhancing your sense of ease and relaxation. Stop using it if you’re feeling uneasy. If you used a weighted blanket before becoming pregnant, you might discover that you still enjoy it now that you’re expecting a child or you could discover that it’s unpleasant to have one (due to hormones, extra blood flow, etc). Therefore, during pregnancy, don’t be scared to alter things.

Who Is Not Suitable For A Weighted Blanket?

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People with pre-existing medical conditions, such as joint discomfort, respiratory difficulties, or cardiac problems, shouldn’t use weighted blankets. Additionally, based on your particular requirements, expectant women having high-risk pregnancies and those in their third trimester ought to consult with a medical professional before using one.

What Are The Risks Associated With Using A Weighted Blanket While Pregnant?

Using a weighted blanket while pregnant has some risks despite the possible advantages. For some women, the strain, for instance, maybe too much, causing discomfort and pain.

Additionally, if the weight of the blanket hadn’t been evenly spread throughout your body, it might obstruct blood flow. However, the baby’s blood supply must always come first because it is crucial.

Last but not least, it’s critical to be conscious of any material sensitivities you may have, as some weighted blankets may contain synthetic materials that may trigger an allergic response. 

Wrapping Up! 

So far we have given all the guidelines of how and when to use weighted blankets. If you don’t have any medical restraints, you can use it with ease and comfort during your pregnancy. But, if you are allergic or sensitive to any synthetic material, consult a doctor first!

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