How To Find A Good Gynecologist For You?

If you are facing a problem with your body and you are shy to share this with anyone then it is the time to find a gynecologist for yourself. Gynecologists play a very important role in a female’s life. Gynecologists help you plan a family, screen and treat you for diseases and a lot of other things.

What Does A Gynecologist Do?

Gynaecologist is a medical doctor specialised in diseases related to the female genital tract and overall health of a woman. Diseases of the womb, fallopian tubes, vagina, ovaries, cervix and vulva are examined and treated by gynecologists. A gynaecologist certified to deliver babies is called an obstetrician. Obstetrician you need when you are pregnant and while giving birth.

Tips To Find A Gynecologist- To feel confident and comfortable about your gynecologist is important. To find a good gynaecologist special care must be taken.

Some Points To Keep In Mind-

Good Reputed Doctor- You share the most intimate information of your life, your sexuality and your body with gynecologists so you have to be particular about the standards. Search for a good reputed doctor. Check the different hospitals, the doctor works for and forms an opinion.

Gynecologist as Well as Obstetrician- Look for a gynecologist who is an obstetrician also. This way you will not be looking for an obstetrician separately to deliver your baby.

Ask Your Relatives And Friends- Always ask your relatives and friends when consulting a gynaecologist. Their physicians may refer a good gynaecologist or you may consult their own gynecologist.

Responsive, Friendly and Caring- as you have to share many of your problems and issues with your gynecologist so find someone who is friendly in nature. A good responsive one will clearly and accurately answer your queries. It is important to develop a comfort factor. Gynecologist must be gentle enough during checkups. Caring gynecologists will advise always for your betterment and will place your comfort above all. Sydney Gynaecologist Dr. Rahul Sen is one such gem of a Gynecologist, who is known for his most patient friendly behavior.

Proximity- Easy public transport availability and less commuting time is very important. Your obstetrician should be near to your house. You might visit your doctor frequently when pregnant. When you go into labor the proximity helps you.

Availability- You must see how easily available is your gynecologist. She must be able to attend the emergency calls and be responsive in getting back to you when you need her. It should also be possible in getting an appointment easily or seeing her without appointment.

Comfort- There are a lot of male gynecologists equally good as female but you must be open in this term. If you are a little uncomfortable with male gynecologist then go for the female one. All that matters most is you and your comfort because if you are happy then your baby inside is also happy. Even after finding a gynaecologist you are not comfortable and satisfied then go for another one. Your obstetrician is a part of the most important phases of your life so trust her completely.