What is blockudoku?

Blockudoku is a simple yet challenging puzzle game you can’t resist. This block puzzle has been famous because of the kind of entertainment it brings to the users. As a combination of sudoku and block puzzle games, your goal in playing BlockuDoku is to remove lines and squares by matching blocks.

To play this game, you can start by dropping the blocks on the 9×9 grid. Next, complete lines and squares to keep the board clear. You get one point for one small cell, while if you complete a line or square, you will get more scores. The game will be done when there’s no more space available on the board to put the blocks you have. Remember, you have to keep the board clear and beat high score! You may download this game application into your smartphone and start challenging yourself.

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The benefits of playing blockudoku

1. A great source of fun

You will be entertained to the max while playing blockudoku. As you engage yourself in this game, you will notice that your interest in completing the puzzle increases as time goes by. You will be hooked by the gaming experience it offers. It also stimulates your brain, allowing you to think of more strategies and techniques to win the game. As you enjoy playing it, you feel distressed and more energetic.

The game brings a different kind of thrill as you progress from one level to the next. From its simple to complex part, the player will gain satisfaction that is difficult to be matched by other puzzle games around.

2. It keeps you alive

You need to be mentally alert in playing the blockudoku puzzle game. You need to give all your attention to winning this game. Playing this game will give you an active life as you continue to use your brain muscles. Winning this game is also like completing your physical exercise. You become more relaxed, confident, and attentive. Not to mention, your self-esteem will certainly grow.

It keeps you alive

3. It improves positive outlook

As you play Blockudoku, you will gain new insight into how the game can be similar to our life. As you move from the simple level to the complicated one, your mind will also think of different ways to solve it. In this manner, you will understand that life can be stressful and negative when you are trapped in a difficult situation. But this attitude will quickly fade away if you will find a solution to your problem. This game will teach you not to quit or surrender when you find yourself on a complicated level. Instead, it will push you harder to come up with the best strategy to win it.

Once you overcome the complicated parts and become successful in playing the game, the feeling can also be likened to being successful in your work, school, or personal life. You feel peace, satisfaction, and above all, pride.

4. It increases productivity

It increases productivity

Everyone needs a certain dose of motivation to become productive all the time. As we continue to live our life, we will encounter different levels of challenges that will make or break us.

When we feel defeated or tired or lost focus on our goal, we also have to find ways to overcome it at once. The same with playing and winning the blockudoku puzzle game.

You become more motivated as you try to win every level. Just like in life, you cannot afford to see yourself defeated. So, you have to find or think of different strategies to overcome the complicated part. Yes, playing and winning in this game can also be “transferred” to how we play and win in our various roles in life. And we need to enhance our productivity level to gain happiness and fulfillment.

5. It promotes patience

Aside from enhancing your mind, this game will also develop your patience. As you navigate from the simple part to the complicated level, you will also learn to control yourself. Your patience will be tested with how you can think of a strategy to be able to win the game.

As we know, everyone needs to master the virtue of patience to be successful in life. Not everything good in this world will happen right at your fingertips. Every success in this world is always coupled with extra efforts. Whether it is about your work, studies, or family life, you have to work your way up. You have to persevere. For you to do this, you need to have enough patience. The skills that you master from playing blockudoku will enhance your attitude.

6. It makes you innovative

Boredom comes in when doing things becomes repetitive. That is why you have to think of different ways for you to improve. Playing blockudoku puzzle game allows your mind to exercise and expand. As you progress from simple to complex levels, you think of some creative and innovative ways to complete the task. Aptly said, if you are innovative in life, you will always go for something extraordinary. And that means, winning your way in every level of the game.

It makes you innovative

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