Quick Meals You Can Make In A Blender While Homeschooling

Homeschooling is very common nowadays, whether with a personal tutor or thru online classes. During homeschool, students usually stay indoors with less or no time to buy food outside their house. So the chance of students to eat proper food becomes less and usually lean towards eating instant or canned foods while they are in homeschool.

Eating instant or canned foods should not be a problem if they are only eaten in moderation or once in a while. However, if these kinds of foods are eaten regularly or perhaps daily, they will impose serious health problems in the future. So, if you are a student, you should be on the lookout for the foods that you unconsciously regularly eat because you are cramming for tons of school works. Girl Scout Cookie Season brings lots of quick snack and dessert options but not always the healthiest. 

Now to help students out with this dilemma, there are numerous delicious and healthy foods they can prepare during homeschool. The preparation for these kinds of foods would be as simple as grabbing the ingredients, place them in a particular type of blender jar, and voila! Quick, nutritious meals are ready to serve.

Pancake Batter

Pancake is undoubtedly the most popular breakfast food you can eat during homeschool. Once you have all the ingredients for the pancake, simply place them in the blender to create a perfectly smooth batter. There is nothing as smooth as a batter blended using an electric blender.

Once you have the smooth batter for your pancake, you can now cook them using a non-stick pan. Then serve them with butter, honey, and strawberries on top.

Homemade Salsa, Sauces, and Dips

Fresh homemade salsa or a nutritious sauce sounds difficult to prepare and might be time-consuming. Well, this is true if you are dicing the veggies and other ingredients with a knife. But, if you have an electric blender, you will save an enormous amount of time chopping all the ingredients. You just need to place them in an electric blender, mount a cutting blade, and chop them up in a couple of minutes.

After chopping the veggies and blend them with other ingredients, you can now start cooking them up to finish. Then serve them on your pasta, or use them as salsa or dips for your snack.


Despite its name, this healthy meal is remarkably easy to prepare. Of course, you will need to have a blender to prepare the food quickly. For the base, you can choose your desired set of spices, seasonings and don’t forget the chickpeas. Once you already have all the ingredients for your base, just place them in a blender and let it do all the dicing work. Dicing the base ingredients usually takes 15-20 minutes of work, but with a blender at your side, it will only take around 3 minutes to finish the job.

As soon as you already have the diced ingredients, they should be ready to form into balls before baking them. Then you can serve them best with pittas or mezze platters as you desired.


Puddings are common in North American countries, and these foods can be either served as a delicious dessert or as a nutritious meal. Regardless if it is a dessert or a meal, preparing them is easy peasy, with the help of a blender, of course. Ranging from veggie pudding to fruit pudding to chocolate or nuts pudding, all of these can be prepared in a jiffy. Just make sure not to forget a whipped cream, then scoop away!


Soups, by far, are the best meal ever when you need to use a blender. No other tool in the kitchen can beat a blender in making these mouthwatering soups to be as smooth as silk. Simply grab the desired ingredients for your particular soup, place them in a blender, and blend away! After blending a smooth soup base, you can now start cooking them. And as simple as that, you can have the delicious healthy soup you can eat whether as a side dish or as a main meal. With the help of a blender, you can even try to learn a variety of juicy combinations and serve them hot during your homeschool.