Ideas for Setting Up a Game Room for Breaks from Homeschooling

Studies have become extremely difficult for children these days. With a lot of children being switched to homeschooling, both children and parents find themselves extremely stressed. While studies are a student’s priority, a break at times is essential too. For those who are particularly engaged in homeschooling, we’ve brought you fun ideas to set up a game room in your own house. 

What Is a Game Room?

A game room is a specialized place where you can play a variety of indoor games. This room is modified to allow for both electronic and other games. You can have board games like chess and monopoly, and tables of snooker, table tennis, and foosball. However, most people like placing video gaming equipment in their game rooms. You can invest in a good quality setup, and establish yourself a specialized video gaming corner. However, it is always good to start small and then eventually grow your gaming room as this will not affect your budget in any way. 

Set Up a Video Gaming Room

Digital gaming has evolved over the years, from arcades to consoles such as PlayStation and Xbox. Today, it is every child’s favorite relaxing activity. To set up a video gaming room, the first thing you need is a good electrical connection throughout the room. While extensions and other such methods can work, wires spread all over the place are a hazard and they don’t give a good look to the room. 

For the safest gaming experience, choose an area with a close socket to set up your desk. The first thing you need is a system and most people either choose between Xbox or PlayStation and not go for computer gaming. You can invest in a PlayStation if you can afford to. However, you should keep in mind that you have to buy the games for any PlayStation separately which cost high.  

Set Up a Video Gaming Room

The other option is to simply build up a computer gaming setup. While PlayStation has gained a lot of fame over the last few years, gamers still love PCs.  You need to buy the games for a PC too, but they are comparatively a lot cheaper. The cost is further reduced because computers are multi-purpose, and can be used for study and work too.  Buying a PC for gaming is an amazing idea for setting up a game room for homeschooling. 

Once you’ve chosen a system, you need a screen for display. We recommend LEDs even though they are a bit expensive. LEDs are slimmer and less heavy than LCDs. If you’re looking for something a little more pocket-friendly, an LCD is a good option too. However, a smart LED won’t only have better pixels and picture quality, it will also allow you to move to other platforms such as Netflix, Television, or others when required. 

A gaming chair is optional and you can get any type of sofa, or chair for the purpose of sitting. However, a headset, or a pair of speakers, a mouse, and a keyboard are necessary (In the case of PC Gaming). You will have to buy a console for the PlayStation or Xbox along with its controllers. 

PC Gaming

Buy Board Games

Board games are best played on large surfaces, like beds or the floor. Invest in good quality, soft, and comfortable rug for a fun-filled experience in the most convenient manner. Make sure it is large enough to accommodate all your children. Finally, install shelves for the children to keep their board games on and you are done. 

For the break, the children can set the board on the rug. Not only will they be able to lie down, and relax on the rug, but playing will be easier too. Since the rug is big, you can join the children for some games and spend family time together. 

Buy Board Games

Install a Bookshelf

Although a bookshelf may look like an odd choice in a gaming room, it is a very beneficial investment. You can add children’s books to the shelf for them to read. However, we recommend you choose books that have games in them. Books with word search games, Sudoku, crossword, and other such games are some very good choices. 

Playing games in books will be a very productive way to relax, as it will promote a positive reading habit. Games like these sharpen the brain and help improve vocabulary and reason. From time to time, you can replace the books that are inside and come up with the newer ones. The bookshelf should be adapted as per the child’s education level. Keep in mind that the gameroom lighting is an important aspect, particularly for reading. Make sure you have it properly arranged.

Despite the fact that a rug is as good of a reading spot as any other piece of furniture, you can also buy beanbags and other such comfortable chairs for them. Since you have to sit in the same position for a long time when reading a book, comfort is a priority. However, we don’t recommend relying on just one piece of furniture. Get a chair and a table too because sometimes this is how people like to read their books. 

Install a Swing Set

A swing is every child’s best friend. What makes the swing the best way for children to have fun, is that it keeps them away from screens. Unlike video games, swings involve physical activity. They are also a very good way to build sibling bonds. 

A swing isn’t very expensive, and you can easily install it yourself too. One can buy it off of Alternatively, a lot of used swings are available on social media marketplaces. To install the swing, first make sure the area you have chosen has enough space on the front, and back of the swing for it to move. There should be at least 3 feet of space, in front of, and behind the swing. There should also be 12 inches of space on both sides. 

Install a Swing Set

A swing should always be attached to a ceiling joist, so it can safely go back and forth. If you don’t find a joist in your chosen area, you must go and try somewhere else. If you do attach the swing there, the ceiling won’t be able to hold the weight of the swing and might collapse. 

Next, attach your mount to the ceiling. A mount for a swing for children should have a capacity of 600 pounds. Once the mount has been installed in the ceiling with the help of a drill, pull at it with your entire weight. If the mount proves to be sturdy, you can go ahead and install the swing. 

One of the most important tips you should consider prior to purchasing a swing is whether or not you have such a big room. Sometimes, the swing is so big that it can’t fit inside the game room. Or in other cases, even if it fits, there is no place left for anything else to be added inside the gaming room.


A game room is a place where your children can relax during their break from homeschooling. Every child loves different things. Some children find nothing more fun than video games, while others love spending hours on the swing. Word games and Sudoku are some children’s activities of choice, while others might prefer monopoly and chess. Your game room depends on your children’s interests. However, we recommend you place a lot of comfortable chairs in the room. This way, you can join in on the fun too.