Ways to Fix a Shower Door That Has Dropped or Damaged

Continuous opening and closing, rough handling, and humidity can make a shower door to drop or sag. In most cases, the sagging occurs on the door’s handle side, and on the frames. When this happens, it becomes almost impossible to close and open the door properly. By tightening the door screws regularly, you can prevent this from happening. Plus, try to always close and open the shower door gently instead of slamming them. To fix your dropped shower door, all you’d need is a screwdriver, silicone lubricants, a hammer, and replacement rollers if needed or consider a great option like https://kitchensacramento.com/ultimate-home-remodeling-renovation-guide/.

sagging shower door will not just damage the door mechanism and the door track; it can break the door itself. For frameless shower doors that come with tracks, when the door falls off the track all you need to do is to adjust the door so it rolls smoothly and stays on track. If you have a small bathroom then you can have a look on these small bathroom shower door ideas that will help to get a more stylish look to your bathroom

Here we will discuss how you can fix your framed and frameless shower doors and why shower doors fall out of place.

Here are simple tricks to help you fix your frameless shower door

For frameless shower doors, you have to make sure the door rollers are gliding properly along the track. The roller mechanism of frameless shower doors has a little play with it so you should deal with it carefully; hold the door firmly and lift it up, then guide the roller back on track. Easy right? Trust me, it is not that easy when you try it, expect to fail a couple of times but I am sure you’d eventually get it.

Test the door and roller a few times to ensure it is now on track. If it is still out of place, the problem may be coming from the roller; try adjusting the rollers or if the roller is damaged then you should change it.

If the problem is from the rollers, then you’d have to remove the entire door and this is a tricky process: Remove the guide rail on the edges of the shower door using the screwdriver, lift the door gently out of the track and lean it against a wall.

Now that the door is out of the way, test the rollers for smooth operation and spray them with lubricants for smooth gliding – silicon lubricants preferably.

If the roller is out of place, use the screwdriver and loose the screws around the roller and adjust it properly in the slanted slot it is attached to, then tighten it back. You can now install your shower doors back in the track and am sure it will glide smoothly this time without any problems.

Tricks to help you fix your framed doors

It is easier to fix a framed door than the frameless ones, the frameless doors come with a lot of trickery and a single wrong move can get you into a bigger problem. In most cases, framed shower doors sag because the screws used to tighten the frames have loosened. When this happens, use a screwdriver to tighten the screws back in place and your shower door will be back to its best.

Sometimes, it might be that the frames have widened due to heat or the lodging of dirt in the frames. To fix this problem, use a hammer and hit the frame back in place but be careful not to shatter the door itself and dislodge dirt from the frame often.

Rusts can also cause sagging in your framed shower doors, to prevent this from happening, lubricate your frames regularly with silicone lubricants and your rusting problems will be over.  Also consider getting help and Get Handyman Singapore or others for assistance.

Why shower doors fall out of place?

Door getting stuck

We use our shower doors every time we take a shower, because of the countless times we have to tamper with the door daily, the door frames might develop a fault.

Most door frames are made of metal and water and metal don’t co-exist well, the metal gets rusty over time and your door starts developing sliding problems. Another factor that can make your door get stuck in its frame is the accumulation of dirt caused by soap suds. To fix these problems, use silicone lubricants on your frames to prevent rusting and get rid of the dirt attached to your door frame.

Bent track

If you stay around high-temperature areas, your metal frames can expand and get out of shape due to heat. When this happens, the shower door starts to misbehave, opening, and closing it becomes a problem. Not to worry, this problem can easily be fixed. Use a harmer and hit the frame back in place.

Off-track rollers or damaged rollers

The glass rollers can either become derailed from the track or even completely damaged. In cases like this, it is impossible for the shower door to function properly. We have discussed how you can fix your roller problems above. When dealing with the rollers, be extremely careful as one wrong move could leave you with a bigger problem.

Final thoughts

If you are thinking of replacing your shower screen then you should know what the size of your shower door is and how to measure it.

Repairing your dropped, sagged framed or frameless doors is not as difficult as most people might think. With the above tips and tricks, you should be able to handle this problem without hassle. However, if your shower door is very expensive and you’re scared of causing more harm than good, get in touch with your manufacturer and let them handle the situation.