Wedding Guest 101: What You Should Wear to an Indian Wedding

Indian wedding mandap ceremony

Weddings are hard. When you’re choosing your look for a wedding you’re essentially trying to accomplish two things. One, you want to look good. And two, you don’t want to upstage the bride. Yes, a wedding is a funny thing, because it’s one of the few events where you tone down your … Read more

15 Things to Do After You Get Engaged

Getting engaged is a happy moment for the couple since it kicks off an exciting partnership. However, to make sure everything goes as anticipated for your wedding, here are fifteen essential things to do right after the engagement: Celebrate According to an experienced wedding fanatic and a professional wedding photographer surrey enthusiast, … Read more

What You Should Know Before Getting Married in Las Vegas

You are spontaneous, you are in love, and you are getting married in Las Vegas, Nevada! You have no doubt watched many TV characters opt for a quickie wedding in Las Vegas. Penny and Leonard’s wedding in The Big Bang Theory and Ross and Rachel’s drunken “I dos” in Friends are two notable examples. They seem … Read more

5 Engagement ring ideas for your special day

Engagement is one of the most special days of someone’s life. It is one of those days when you commit to your future partner to spend your life with them. On this day you ask your favourite human if he/she will spend the rest of their life with you. So an engagement … Read more

A Guide to Wedding Flowers

As your big day approaches, what better time for everything to come together as your dream wedding comes to reality. Now is the perfect time to start selecting your flowers and boy are we excited! However, there are still a couple of things that you’ll need to consider. We’ve put together some … Read more

A Guide on Setting The Wedding Date If You Live in The UK

If you intend on getting married, choosing the wedding date is one of the most important decisions you’ll have to make. Not every month is going to be ideal. Depending on the type of wedding you’ll want to have, you might have to plan months in advance in order to get the … Read more

Let Janda Events Plan Your Wedding

Getting married is one of the biggest experiences you can have in your life. It is also one of the most important. If you want to make sure that your wedding goes as planned make sure that you use Janda events to plan your wedding. They will give you everything you need … Read more

Things you need to know about a virtual wedding

It has never been easier for us to connect with all our family and friends worldwide and share some valuable moments online using the internet. Put, if you have been living under a rock, would you not be aware that the marriage industry, like every other, has been hit hard by the … Read more

How Many Carats Should An Engagement Ring Be?

You are in love and wish to buy the most brilliant engagement ring. That’s great, but have you figured out the cost? Diamond experts suggest setting aside at least three months’ salary for buying the best diamond engagement ring. Engagement rings come with extraordinary emotional and financial challenges where you always strive … Read more

Budget Friendly Bachelorette Party Ideas

Your best friend’s wedding date is getting closer, and you need to organize her bachelorette party. But money is tight for everyone, so you need some budget-friendly ideas. Is it even possible? Visit us at the World Famous Club and experience why we’re the most sought after strip club dallas. Yes, a … Read more

Reasons Why You Need to Hire a Professional Wedding Photographer

Your wedding is a once in a lifetime milestone. It’s only natural to want everything to be perfect and as flawless as possible throughout the day. That’s why you spend endless hours and cash on wedding planning to prepare for the ultimate wedding. On this day, one of the most important things … Read more

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