Removing Soap Scum from Tiles [most effective ways]

No matter how frequent you scrub your bathroom, soap scum will still build up on the tiles, bathtub, or shower. Unfortunately, you can’t remove the scums with regular soap and water, you have to deploy specific cleaning solutions designed to remove stubborn stains. Removing soap scum from tiles is not as daunting as most people think, with the right removal product and method, it will only take a few minutes and your bathroom tiles are good to go!

Cleaning your bathroom may not be a pleasing chore, especially when you have a soap scum problem. Rather than let this problem get you down and out, try these effective soap scum removal methods.

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How does soap scum develop on bathroom tiles with time?

Soap scums are formed when the mineral content of water mixes with soap fat. This will create an unpleasant reaction called soap scum. The soap scum is always whitish-yellow, it can be seen on bathroom tub walls, bathroom tiles, and shower doors. The scum will get thicker and harder if ignored for a long time, creating an unpleasant look and smell. So, it’s better for you to learn how to clean up this mess and give your bathroom a sparkling look.

Effective methods of removing soap scum from tiles

Corporate or commercial removal products are always the best choice for removing soap scums, but there are some effective home remedies you can try. Despite your best efforts, soap scums can be difficult to remove and it can mar your tiles, tubes, and even glass.

However, before you reach for corporate cleansers, there are a few home tricks you can try; For home remedies, you’d need the following;

  • Vinegar
  • Borax
  • Spray bottle
  • Bowl
  • Soft bristle brush
  • Sponge
  • Squeegee
  • And of course, water

1. Wipe down surfaces

The best way to deal with a soap scum problem is to prevent it from happening in the first place. Soap, shower gel, and shampoo all leave behind a thin oil film and cause a haze on tiles, bathroom walls, and even showers.

After bathing or showering, wipe down the tile and wall surface using a bathroom squeegee, this helps to prevent the formation of bacteria, mildew, and soap scum. Squeegee is a great tool for wiping down stained surfaces in the bathroom and keeping them shining like new. We recommend you click the following link if you are looking for a company providing a professional tile cleaning service. 

2. Borax

Borax has been in use for a long time and it’s still a very effective way to rid your bathroom of soap scum. This scouring powder will eliminate any odor, mildew, mold, and soap scum in your bathroom. Note: always wear a pair of hand gloves when handling borax.

Simply sprinkle some borax on the scum, add little water to make a paste, and let it soak for about 3 minutes, and then give it a good scrub. Rinse off all traces of soap scum with warm water.

3. Vinegar

Another home remedy is using vinegar. In a spray bottle, mix two cups of white vinegar, two cups of warm water, and just a teaspoon of dishwashing liquid. Spray the scum surface with the mixture to drench the tiles, allow for about three minutes and then scrub the scum away, then rinse with warm water.

Using Corporate product to remove soap scum from bathroom tiles

Sometimes, the home remedies listed above may not work, maybe because the soap scum was ignored for a long time. When this happens, use a product specifically designed to handle soap scum problems. Sparkle Cleaner and Stain Remover make even the toughest soap scum disappear on contact, leaving your bathroom tiles sparkling as new!

Guess what? This removal product is bleach-free and non-abrasive which makes it safe to use on plastic, glass, and all kinds of tile surfaces. To use Sparkle Cleaner and Stain Remover, simply spray it generously on the soap scum and allow the remover soak in for about 3 minutes. Normally, after allowing the remover to soak in for some time, you can simply rinse with warm water and the scum will disappear. However, for stubborn stains, you might need to scrub with a sponge or brush before rinsing.

The Sparkle Cleaner and Stain Remover is not only used for scum removal in the bathroom, it can also be used for removing all stubborn stains in the house from hard water stains to ink stains. It is a one-time cleaning solution that you should always have in your home to help handle stubborn stains with ease.

Final thoughts

Removing soap scum from tiles will soon be a thing of the past if you incorporate the above tricks effectively. Nobody wants a bathroom that is filled with soap scum but sometimes, these things are just impossible to avoid. The good news is; you can handle all your soap scum problems and even more with our removal product. If you are worried about your shower doors then checkout removing soap scums from glass shower doors. Note; if you rely on the hard water source, you should expect more soap scum as the mineral in hard water will cause more scum than that of ordinary water. However, not to worry, our removal product can handle any type of stain even the ones caused by hard water.