Song Ideas for Children’s Birthday and Special Occasion Slideshows

It has been a trend to create slide shows for special occasions especially for children. It can be a gift or a surprise for your child’s birthday, graduation day, or any other event. Slide shows can also entertain visitors in a party. One of the things that makes a slide show look good and memorable is by using good songs as its background music.

However, it’s sometimes difficult to find songs or think of a song that would fit the slide show you will be creating. But no worries because we will share with you lists of song ideas you can use for your children’s birthday and special occasion slide shows. And for you to be aware of the critical activities of your child, this website can help you. 

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Slideshow Song Ideas for Your Child’s 1st Birthday

Planning your child’s first birthday is one of the most exciting things in life. To capture the memories that passed, share some of his or her milestones in a unique 1st birthday slideshow. Here are some good songs you can use for the slideshow.

A Baby’s Prayer – Kathy Troccoli 

“A Baby’s Prayer” by Kathy Troccoli is a simple yet meaningful song that portrays the conversation of a baby with god. This song is perfect for playing at your child’s first birthday as it delivers a very wholesome message of the importance and love of a mom’s life in the eyes of a baby. 

A Mother’s Prayer – Celine Dion 

“A Mother’s Prayer” by the infamous Celine Dion is a beautiful representation of a mother’s good wishes and care for her children. The guests present at your child’s first birthday party will get a clear picture of how much your child means to you when this song is played. A wholesome and motherly loving aura is guaranteed while playing this song.

Baby Mine – Bette Midler 

A mother is a child’s best support system who never turns her back on you throughout her life. “Baby Mine” embodies a hidden and powerful message of the unbreakable support and love a mother puts through for her children. This song is well placed in this list as it is a message to a child to chin up and not to think of the cruel people of this world, and if things ever get low, know that your mom will always be there for you.

Beautiful Boy – Celine Dion 

Another song by the legendary singer Celine Dion has made its way onto the list. “Beautiful Boy” is a beautiful description of how a mother sees her baby boy. This song fits this list as it will give the listeners a good idea of how valuable a child is to her mother. Apart from that, the listeners will surely sway to Celine Dion’s beautifully soothing voice.

Blessed – Elton John 

Kids are a blessing, and that is precisely what this song conveys. For the parents out there, this song tells how it’s never too late to be a good parent, to work on your parenting skills. Play this song at your child’s first birthday party to drop a vital message that it’s never too late to turn around and do good with what time is left.

Forever Young – Rod Stewart 

The song “Forever Young” by Rod Stewart delivers a vital message from parents to their children. Believing in yourself and your loved ones and holding them dear to you is also portrayed by this song. Owning a great message isn’t only the top feature of this song, but it also has a soothing feel to it, which will get the guests at your child’s first birthday party swaying at the least.

Handprints On the Wall – Kenny Rogers 

“Handprints On the Wall” by Kenny Rogers is a beautiful song that glorifies the transition stages from a newborn to a toddler. No parent will ever forget the first breath, crawl, and steps of their children. These are one of the most beautiful moments one could ever experience in life. Playing this song will get everyone smiling, thus earning its spot on the list. 

Here Comes the Sun – Cheryl Crowe 

This track has to be one of the most relaxing ones to listen to on this list. It is crucial to teach your kids to be optimistic in life and approach things positively, and this song majestically conveys that very message. One-year-olds won’t understand this song, but the parents listening to it at the party definitely will.

How Sweet It Is – James Taylor 

“How Sweet It Is” by James Taylor is a love song that generalizes how “sweet” it is to be loved by someone close to you. In this scenario, that “someone” is either your parent or your child. This song has a catchy beat that will make the listeners tap on the spot to its rhythm.

I’ll Stand By You – Girls Aloud 

Girls Aloud sang this song as a cover of the original, and it is fair to say they did good justice to it. This song symbolizes the support of people you hold close no matter how bad times get, and parental support is perfectly placed as an example. Playing this song at the first birthday party of your child will show how much you will support your child no matter what.

In My Arms – Plumb 

This song is about protecting someone you love, it doesn’t specify the protection of a parent for their child, but it definitely leans towards that. This song made its way into this list for wording out to what extent a parent could go through to protect their child.

In My Daughter’s Eyes – Martina McBride 

The song “In My Daughter’s Eyes” by Martina Mcbride really puts forward how love and affection from someone or towards someone can change a person’s life. Listening to this song puts a great sense of the advantages of love and affection towards and from people close to you.

In My Life – The Beatles 

“In My Life”, sung by quite possibly one of the best bands to ever be “The Beatles”, needs no introduction and is well known throughout the music industry. This song has been placed into this list because, for one, it is a bop, and secondly, it portrays how that one special person is worth more than all the other good things in this world.

Isn’t She Lovely – Stevie Wonder

The wholesome and cute aura of a healthy relationship with your wife, daughter, or mother is to die for. Stevie Wonder beautifully fits the message of how beautiful such a relationship can be in this song. If you’re planning a birthday party for your child’s first birthday party, this song is a must addition.

Kisses And Hugs – Michael James 

Having a soothing rhythm alongside meaningful lyrics, “Kisses And Hugs” by Michael James is the song to go for if you want to relax and groove along to the music. This song envelops the affection and care of a person for a loved one.

Let Them Be Little – Billy Dean 

“Let Them Be Little” by Billy Dean is the cover of an original song. Kids grow up really fast, and as the name suggests, this song is all about that. Billy Deans elegantly sings how children grow from being newborns to becoming independent in a set time that seems quite short. Play this song at your child’s first birthday party, so you know to cherish these little moments as they will grow up fast, and you’ll regret not making the best of these moments.

Let Them Be Little – Lonestar 

“Let Them Be Little” by Lonestar is the original, later covered by Billy Dean. The lyrics are the same for both, so they give off the same message. The only thing different is the singer.

Love of My Life – Carly Simon 

The day you have a child is marked as one of the most memorable days in your life, and from that day onwards, your child becomes the love of your life. This song revolves around a similar scenario and beautifully showcases how having a child can manipulate a person’s ordinary life, thus finding its way onto the list.

Miracle – Celine Dion 

There comes a point in your life when your hold someone so dear to yourself that you can’t live without them. This “special” person in your life holds so much value to you that you call them a miracle in your life. This song will portray that miracle as your child when it is played at their first birthday party.

My Girl – The Temptations 

“My girl” is an appreciation song that shows how grateful a guy is to have an amazing woman in his life, who he can’t imagine living without. This woman can be directed towards being her daughter. It has the sweetest lyrics, which are so meaningful and simple. Playing this song at the first birthday party of your child will get everyone smiling.

My Little Girl – Tim McGraw 

The beauty of this song lies in its simplicity. “My Little Girl” has such straightforward lyrics which have a powerful and meaningful impact on the listeners. This song is all about fatherhood and the responsibilities that come with it. If you’re blessed with a baby girl, playing this at her first birthday party will get you emotional in a positive way.

My Prayer For You – Donna Summer 

As the name suggests, this song embodies the prayer a mother makes for her child. The mother’s love is portrayed to such an extent that even if it were her last prayer, she would ask God to create ease for her child. Apart from the wholesome meaning, this song is heavenly to listen to and would make everyone sway.

My Wish – Rascal Flatts 

“My wish” is a soothing song that is very relaxing to hear and holds a great message. The story of this song is about a guy who wishes nothing but the best for someone in his life who is extremely important to him. Well-wishes for someone cost you nothing, and especially for someone who means a lot to you. This song can uplift the mood at a birthday party and make everyone do a little dance. 

Safe and Sound – Matthew West 

Having a child born into this world is a blessing, and in this song, the lyrics show gratitude and appreciation that the child brought into the world is safe and sound. The song fits the list very well as it also portrays the sacrifices the parent would make to ensure the child’s progression in this world.

Safe In Your Daddy’s Arms – Peter Penrose 

Fatherly love is one of the best types of love to experience in this world. “Safe In Your Daddy’s Arms” by Peter Penrose showcases the conversation between a father and their child on the immense sacrifices a father is willing to make for their child’s safety. Playing this song at the first birthday party of your child will make all the fathers listening to the song smile and remember the wholesome moment. 

Sing Me To Sleep, Daddy – Wayne Watson 

“Sing Me To Sleep, Daddy” by Wayne Watson is a classic and has a relaxing rhythm to it. This song is a perfect fit to play at the first birthday party of your child as it will gather a cheerful reaction from your guests while conveying an important message of care. 

Sleep My Child – Debby Boone 

Debby Boone has beautifully sung this meaningful and wholesome song. This song embodies the cute steps of making a child fall asleep in their parent’s arms. This song has earned its place on the list because it delivers the message of eternal care for your child from a parent to its listeners.

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Slideshow Song Ideas for Your Daughter’s 16th Birthday

If you have a daughter who’s turning 16 soon, surprising here with a slideshow of photos of her with you, with the whole family, and with her friends is a great idea. Here are some good songs you can choose from for your daughter’s 16th birthday slideshow.

Sixteen Candles – The Jackson 5 

If there ever will be a perfect song to play on your daughter’s sixteenth birthday, it has to be “Sixteen Candles” by The Jackson 5. This song will forever remain a classic and staple for playing at sixteenth birthday parties. It is all about turning 16, thus ideal for this list.

Sweet Sixteen – Hillary Duff 

Another song that perfectly fits this occasion and is made explicitly for a sixteenth birthday party. This song is all about taking the world by force and exploring it once you hit the sweet age of sixteen. Apart from the obvious, this song has a funky tone to get everyone attending the birthday party dancing.

The Way You Move – Outkast 

“The Way You Move” by Outkast is a party song and is made to get everyone up and moving to the music. When your daughter turns 16, it’ll be her time to go and live her life to the fullest and face what the world has to offer, and this song embodies the fun reality she can experience soon.

Waiting for Tonight – Jennifer Lopez 

The chances are that when your daughter turns sixteen, she’ll start thinking about relationships. Keeping that in mind, this song fits the list to get the sixteenth birthday party up and started while symbolizing relationships and what they bring to you. It is an enjoyable party song.

We Like To Party – Venga Boys 

This song is perfect for dancing to, and it is an up-tune fast party song that will get the guests in a party mood. As the name “We Like To Party” suggests, this one is added to the list purely for partying purposes. After all, it is the sweet sixteenth birthday of your daughter.

We’re in Heaven – DJ Sammy

“We’re in Heaven” by DJ Sammy is a classic that is infamous in the music industry. This song needs no introduction for the listeners, and everyone will surely sing and dance along once it is played at your daughter’s sixteenth birthday party.

Yeah – Usher

“Yeah!” by Usher is a party song. The story of this song revolves around the incidents between a man, his girlfriend, and a random girl he meets. This song is on the list for songs to play at your daughter’s sixteenth birthday party because it embodies partying and a jumbled-up love life, typically the initiation of relationships for this age group.

You’re 16, You’re Beautiful – Ringo Starr

All 16-year-old girls are beautiful in their own ways. The lyrics of this song throw detail on the beauty of one specific 16-year-old girl. This song is a certain “banger” to throw on at the sixteenth birthday party of your daughter as it will boost her confidence and make her feel special.

Birthday – Beatles 

“Birthday” by The Beatles is one of the most famous classic rock songs in history. Lyric-wise, this song is based on birthdays and wishing happy birthday to an individual, but the tune and singing of this song are top-notch, attracting the listener. Plus, young people in the teenage bracket love to party, making this one of the best choices of songs to play at the sixteenth birthday party of your daughter. 

Can’t be Tamed – Miley Cyrus 

The teenage life is all about risk-taking, and Miley Cyrus has showcased just that in this song. This song’s hidden message is to go out and explore your life, live it to the fullest, and take the risks. Apart from the hidden message, this song is for partying, making it a perfect fit to play on your daughter’s sixteenth birthday. 

Happy Birthday Sweet 16 – Neil Sedaka 

“Happy Birthday Sweet 16” by Neil Sedaka is a classic birthday song that is incredibly catchy. This song specifies the birthday of a sixteen-year-old while entertaining the listener with enjoyable lyrics. This song is a must addition to the playlist for your daughter’s sixteenth birthday party as it will always get your guests singing along and in a good mood.

I’m Not a Girl, Not Yet a Women – Britney Spears 

The hidden message in this party, up-tune song, is to live freely without being caged in. Britney Spears is well known for her top hits in the music industry, so choosing this song for the birthday party of your sixteen-year-old shouldn’t be much of a risk.

Slideshow Song Ideas for Kids Growing Up

Just The Way You Are by Bruno Mars

The lyrics of this song, which you may use in your video, serve to show the love for our children even though it is typically thought of as a song for couples. The way they appear and grin is just amazing. The idea of unconditional love and the positive feeling mentioned here are simply great. Get ready to enjoy and dance with your children and family once you use this song as the slideshow’s background music.

You’ve Got a Friend in Me by Randy Newman

This song is regarded as some of the best and loveliest slideshow music for kids growing up. It was made available for the renowned animated film Toy Story 4. The song is the ideal accompaniment to a slideshow on growing up. It can also be used to your friends, who are lovely parts of your life. You and your loved ones will cry from the feelings it evokes when this song is played as background music.

You Raise Me Up by Josh Groban

One of the best songs for a slideshow about children growing up is this one. It is well-known and one of the ideal tunes for a slideshow on growing up. There is no question that you will experience a sense of nostalgia that may cause you to cry uncontrollably as you watch your children grow up in your slideshow while listening to this music.

Good Time by Carly Rae Jepsen and Owl City

It is one of the best songs about kids growing up for slideshows, therefore play it if you want to enjoy your presentation about growing up. One of the heartfelt songs about growing up for the slideshow is this one. You’ll remember all the enjoyable occasions you’ve had with your loved ones and friends when you’re having a good time. Set it as the slideshow’s background music if you wish to experience that feeling.

Brave by Sara Bareilles

One of the finest motivating songs is this slideshow song about growing up. It sends the message to keep developing and is regarded as one of the best songs for a slideshow about children growing up. Because this song’s lyrics are so nice, you can use them as background music to make your slideshow distinctive and lovely.

As Small as Me by Damien Jurado

If you’re a parent planning to use this song as the background music for a slideshow about growing up, get ready to sob uncontrollably. This is among the most beautiful music for a slideshow about children growing up thanks to its kind lyrics. You will like the lovely impression that this music will offer to your presentation. After the presentation with this song, your kids’ emotions will likely get more intense. You will like it just as much as they do.

Find your Wings by Mark Harris

It is one of the best pieces of music for slideshows about children growing up if you want your audience to feel something during your presentation. One of the songs for the slideshow that will strengthen your friendship is this one, which is an emotive song about growing up. You may use this song as background music for your slideshow to make it more gorgeous and unforgettable. It is filled with a lot of feels and emotions.

graduation day

Slideshow Song Ideas for Your Children’s Graduation Day

If your child’s graduation is coming and you want to give him or her a gift, a slideshow showing pictures of his or her student life would be great. You can also state in the slideshow how proud you are as a parent. Here are some great songs you can use for the slide show.

Don’t You Forget About Me – Simple Minds 

This 80s funky dance beat is quite the hit from the past. Playing this beat on your child’s graduation day will boost the pre-existing happiness and get everyone moving. Besides, the chances are that you’ve lived through the 80s, making you move along to this beat with nostalgic recaps.

Run – Snow Patrol 

Graduation means starting a whole new step in life, and this song delivers the message that no matter how far you go in life and no matter what you do, a parent will always support you. Playing this song on your child’s graduation day will get the message through to them loud and clear. 

Here’s to the Night – Eve 6 

It is fair to say that there is a factor of sadness to graduating as well. No more college, friends, parties, and wild memories. Why get sad over them when you can smile while remembering those small moments? This song does exactly that and helps you recap all the golden memories you made in your time at college.

It’s My Life – Bon Jovi 

“It’s My Life” by Bon Jovi makes its way on the list as it is a motivational song for your child. Playing this at your child’s graduation day will motivate them to go out and live their best life. Exploring new boundaries and taking risks are vital lessons to be learned from this song.

I Will Remember You – Sarah McLachlan 

This is a typical teenager and young adult song which targets romantics and risk-takers. Your child has probably been through the begging stages of love and relationships. Playing this song at their graduation will further help them go for it instead of procrastinating it.

Breakaway – Kelly Clarkson 

A fresh graduate has many changes to make to adapt to the harsh reality of this world. No matter how difficult or easy it is, almost everyone goes through it at least once. Playing this song at your child’s graduation will definitely get a clearer image of how things work and how they should be.

Gift of a Friend – Demi Lovato 

Your child has probably made a bunch of friends during their time in college. They have probably spent countless memorable moments with them and want them to accompany you through your life. This song by the infamous Demi Lovato symbolizes good friendship and what you can gain out of it. It is ideal to let your child recap their friends and moments spent with them once this song is played.

A Moment Like This – Kelly Clarkson

Another motivational song that will pump your motivation up and get you tapping along to it as well. Kelly has done an amazing job delivering the message through her powerful voice. This song is indeed the one to enjoy and feel.

You’ll Never Walk Alone – Jordan Sparks 

As the name “You’ll Never Walk Alone” suggests, this song embodies parents’ emotional, physical, and mental support throughout the child’s life. This is the perfect song to add to your playlist for your child’s graduation to give your child a sense of support.

Remember Me This Way – Jordan Hill 

Friendship is one of the most important types of relationships in a person’s life. Making sure you value your friends and know how to differentiate between the good and the bad is a key skill. This song is also a fun song to dance to, making it ideal for this list.

I Believe I Can Fly – R. Kelly 

The sky is the limit when we talk about progression, and a fresh graduate needs words of motivation to unlock their maximum potential. The infamous song “I Believe I Can Fly” is purely based on an optimistic approach to life. Play this on your child’s graduation for them to sing along to with a deep message blended in between all the fun.

Graduation (Friends Forever) – Vitamin C 

This song is specifically made for graduation, as the name suggests it as well. Have a fun time playing this on your child’s graduation day as it hints at the importance and value of friends as well as leaving a deep motivational message to your child as well.

Live Like We’re Dying – The Script 

“Live Like We’re Dying” by the infamous The Script is one of a kind classic. Portraying all of the motivational basics alongside a jamming-type beat is optimal to play at your child’s graduation for a fun time.

When You Believe – Mariah Carey 

The feeling of accomplishment and satisfaction a person experiences on their graduation day is second to none. The infamous Mariah Carey beautifully sang this meaningful song based on achievement and success. Play this at your child’s graduation to tell them to be proud of themselves and that they did a good job.

Bloom – Monah Peters 

Playing “Bloom” by Moriah Peters at your child’s graduation party will convey the message of approval that you wanted to tell them but never could. Apart from being meaningful, this is a lovely song that will get everyone listening to it to smile and dance a little. 

You Get What You Give – New Radicals 

This song has made its way onto the list because it conveys the message of never giving up. Some people may face hardships once they graduate. Play this song on your child’s graduation to let them know that no matter how hard things get, they need to carry themselves and keep moving forward. 

Graduation Day – Chris Isaak 

This song is specially made for graduation days, and it’s a fun party-based song that will suit the happy mood of your child’s graduation just perfectly. Play it at the graduation of your child and hum and tap along to this delightful song. The name delivers the message before even listening to the song.

Do I Make You Proud – Taylor Hicks 

Taylor Hicks has done a fantastic job at singing this beautiful composure. This song showcases the pride and happiness felt at the achievements of a loved one. This song perfectly fits this list as it will convey the message of extreme pride and joy you feel in your child’s graduation.

Another great thing about slideshows is that you can watch them over and over even after the special event, whenever you want to recall the memories. We hope that the song ideas we shared will be able to help you in creating a wonderful slideshow for your children.


Now that you know enough about what songs to play at the first birthday party of your child, the sixteenth birthday party of your daughter, and the graduation day of your child, why don’t you learn more about what songs to play on different occasions? We have just the guide for you. Go through our precise guide on picking the right music for different occasions and solve your problems!