Picking the Right Music for Different Occasions

Whenever there are occasions or special events, part of planning is choosing the right song or music to play. Music, since it has been around for ages, from the era of kings and queens to the modern world today, it has been deemed responsible for adding joy to special events. These can include birthday parties, wedding ceremonies, graduation celebrations, and more. Music has indeed won its place in society today, and it continues to offer great and emotional touch on every occasion. 

Almost everyone enjoys some type of music, and the right song can get people feeling in the right mood. This is why the type of music for an event can set the tone and either make or break the occasion. Whether it’s mellow background music at a conference or rock and roll at a party, picking the right tunes is important. But why do you think it is? And how do you choose the right music for certain occasions? If you want to know the answers, read on as we’re giving you a guide on picking the right music for different occasions. 

Why is Music Important in Special Events?

There are two main reasons why music is important on special occasions. Here they are:

Music Adds Emotion to the Moment

Have you ever attended a farewell party when suddenly people began crying when the goodbye song is played? Or have you ever felt so happy when you listen to music that speaks for your feelings? If you have experienced these moments, know that they are not coincidences. These are examples of how music or songs can carry your feelings and emotions and drop them in the right place. 

There are times when songs can make people cry, but most of the time, they can make people happy. For example, in wedding ceremonies or parties, you can combine all the feelings, both happiness and tears, to add joy to the sacred event. If you are planning the event in Bangkok, you can hire musicians or singers from Thailand. Creating a great wedding playlist is also a perfect choice.

Music Can Unite People

In addition to adding emotions to special occasions, music also serves to bring people together. It is referred to as a universal language that people from various cultures and backgrounds speak. It is something that event organizers need to draw the attention of the people where it should be. Therefore, if you can pick good songs for your events, people will surely enjoy these occasions to the fullest. It is one of the signs that your events have succeeded in bringing guests or people together. 

People may connect via music, especially when they go to an event where the music is inclusive of all ages, genders, races, and ethnicities. Songs by performers like Michael Jackson, Whitney Houston, Elvis Presley, Bruno Mars, Taylor Swift, and Rihanna have all reached the top of the charts and are still popular with the general public. When there is amazing music playing at a party or event, it encourages people to interact with one another by singing along to well-known songs. If the music is catchy enough, even if partygoers do not know the words, it will still make them want to get up and dance with one another. Never undervalue the power of music to start a party or to get people pumped up for what is coming next. Utilize it wisely and to your benefit to assemble your friends for a memorable evening. 

Music Sets the Mood

Did you know that music is frequently played more softly and slowly at grocery stores? Customers are encouraged to loiter and walk more slowly as a result, which should encourage them to buy more. Anywhere, music creates an atmosphere and serves as a guide for visitors and customers. Do you want your visitors to dance? Play some powerful Beyonce or Michael Jackson songs. Do you like your visitors to mix and converse with one another? Reduce the volume and start some Enya or Sade. When it is time for visitors to go at the conclusion of the night, play upbeat music to get them moving in that direction. 

The Best Type of Music for Each Type of Occasion

Here are some of the best kinds of music that we can recommend for each type of event.

1. Picking Music for Corporate Events

If you are organizing a corporate event, background music is perfect. Try to pick something that is subtle that the guests will hardly notice but will also make them feel calm. Music can be used at conferences, business dinners, and meetings to enhance the atmosphere. In fact, there are soundtracks that can help smooth over chatting, giving a corporate event a sophisticated atmosphere. 

For business events, you can use instrumental music. You can play it during breaks or while the participants are moving from one event to the next. You can choose from a solo piano player, a string quartet, or even a live singer. Just make sure that they are quiet enough that people can still hear their conversations clearly. Playing music during breaks at corporate events can help people relax and take their minds off work for a while. 

2. Picking Music for Parties

There are different kinds of parties that you can throw in a lifetime. There are birthday parties, wedding parties, graduation parties, and more. The possibilities for a party soundtrack are endless. They can vary from the house going through pop to classical music. When choosing music for parties, it will mostly depend on the theme of the party and the kind of guests you will be having. Here are some examples:

 Children’s Birthday Parties

Birthdays are huge milestones for your children, and it means so much for them to celebrate them. For your child’s birthday, you can pick music that will fit the occasion. This will help put the guests in the mood to celebrate the special day with your child. In addition to that, you can also create a slideshow presentation for your child as a gift. If you want song recommendations, check out our post on Song Ideas for Children’s Birthday and Special Occasion Slideshows.

Adult Birthday Parties

Just like children’s birthday parties, an adult party is not complete without any music. When throwing an adult birthday party, the music should depend on the theme of your party, and as well as your age and the age of your guests. Make sure that you pick songs that the majority can relate to. If you are organizing the party for someone special, then make sure that you include the celebrant’s favorite songs on your list. For ideas, read our post on Song Ideas for Adult Birthday Parties and Slideshows.

Wedding Parties

Your music choice is very important for wedding parties, too, especially for the first dance of the newlyweds. It’s essential to pick music or song with lyrics that can help define the first moments of the couple after they are married. It’s because, in the years to come, this song will trigger their memories of their big day. If it is for your wedding, choose a song that is special for you and your significant other. If you are struggling to choose a song for your wedding party, you can read our guide on Choosing a Song for the Wedding Dance.

 Themed Parties

There are times when people also throw themed parties. It can be for reunions, family gatherings, office parties, and more. It is quite easy to pick songs and music for themed parties. In fact, some of the online streaming platforms out there have pre-made playlists for these types of parties. 

If you are throwing a retro-themed party, you can choose to play the biggest hits in the 70s and 80s for your party. If you need song ideas, you can check out these posts for the best recommendations:

Beach Parties

There are also some people who are fond of throwing parties while on vacation. During summer, many people enjoy going to the beach to swim, relax, and have fun. Partying is one of the fun things to do at the beach, especially at night. To make the party more fun, you need to put together a playlist that will make everyone feel the “beach party” you are throwing. If you need song ideas, check out our post on the Best Classic Songs to Play at the Beach.

Parties provide another crucial situation where you unquestionably need the right music. Your opportunities to unwind following lessons full of reading and writing are during those times. Make sure the music during your party is enjoyable and upbeat enough to maintain the right atmosphere. Pop tunes and electronic dance music are often best for such events. If you need to select music for your birthday celebration, look for appropriate songs with a birthday theme on various music review websites. Such songs will undoubtedly make your event’s vibe the greatest. 

3. Picking Music for Award Events

If you are organizing an award event for your work or company, the music choice is also crucial. When you watch award shows like Oscars, the music they use is not just played for fun. It is also something that helps in keeping the event running. For award events, music is something that cues people when it is time to come up the stage and do their speech. 

In addition to that, music can also create tension and excitement when announcing nominees and winners. For this, you need to pick songs or music that matches the kind of awards that you are passing out. If you want to get inspired, you can listen to the music of major award shows. 

Even at serious award ceremonies like the Oscars, music is performed. By letting guests know when to approach the stage or when to quickly finish saying thank you, also keeps the event moving.

Additionally, it works well to increase excitement and anxiety. For instance, anticipation-building music may be played before the prize presentation, with a blast and fanfare during the announcement. This theme is also appropriate for corporate gatherings. The music you choose will depend on the type of awards you will be presenting.

4. Sports Events

Music is also very important for sports events. There should be music for the opening ceremony, for breaks, while the sports events are occurring, and during the ending program. Most sporting events also have the tradition of singing the national anthems of the playing teams’ countries. Aside from starting the activities, doing this also boosts morale and conjures national pride for players. During breaks, playing loud music like rock and top hits is perfect. You can play them together with special team chants and songs. 

Singing the national anthems of the nations whose teams are competing is a significant tradition before the start of sporting events. It not only kicks off the events but also raises spirits and inspires pride in one’s country. Generally speaking, the phrase “Go big or go home” also applies to sporting events! Rock music blaring and top 40 hits are always a wonderful choice, as well as any unique team chants or songs. You are well on your way to a wonderful event if you include a few timeless songs, like Queen’s “We Will Rock You.”

General Tips for Choosing the Right Music for Different Events

To ensure that your music choices are in tune with the occasion and that they reflect the vibe and create your desired ambiance, here are some of the tips you can follow:

Determine and consider your audience

It is very important to know who your guests or audience will be to be able to pick the right kind of music for the occasion. For example, if you are organizing a wedding party, brides and grooms are usually looking for a romantic mood to set the scene. Therefore, it is very important to choose songs which tone and pitch are romantic. Hiring a live wedding band like Dexter is a great idea to enhance the vibe of the night. For parties like birthdays, choosing songs that are fun and lively is a great idea. 

Make sure that the music will resonate with the location

The venue of the occasion also has an impact on your music selection. You need to make sure that you check what works best in the space where the event will be held. Choose music that will reverberate with your location. Of course, it should also match the décor, and it should be in tune with your vision of the event. 

Consider the flow of the event or special occasion

When incorporating music into an event or special occasion, you also need to consider where to place the speakers or where to set up the band or singer. For example, you should not put them near the buffet table or the bar as it may create hearing issues for people who are ordering food or drinks. You also need to consider the moods that you want to evoke with music throughout the event. These are essential factors when planning what music to play at special events and occasions.

Additional guide to picking the right music for different occasions

Our lives are not complete without music, and we are accustomed to selecting background music for practically every activity. You can read reviews on relevant websites or purchase appropriate playlists in various media apps when picking the right soundtrack for any occasion.  own experience has shown that making your own playlists is the best option. Here are some ideas to guide your selection of the ideal background music for your activities. 

Waking Up

Many individuals contend that a healthy breakfast and exercise are the greatest ways to start any day. There must be something else that can make you feel more alert in the morning. The first music you hear when you get up sets the tone for the rest of the day. Individual tastes will determine the ideal genre or performer for such an event, but for the majority of kids, listening to upbeat, engaging music is the greatest option. You can play uplifting indie rock music or more upbeat classic rock songs before heading to class or beginning your research project at home.

Working Out

It should come as no surprise that the greatest music for working out is loud, upbeat, and forceful. Listening to loud, violent music that creates the beat for your athletic exploits makes it simpler to put your body into “beast” mode. The greatest option, in my opinion, is to listen to metal music, but this is largely a personal preference. You may always listen to aggressive hip-hop or challenging electronic dance music if you are not a big fan of rock music. The important thing to remember is that a soundtrack like this should enthrall you with rhythm and emotion. 


There are circumstances in which violent music has no bearing whatsoever. For instance, listening to loud music before going to bed after a long day at work would only make you feel exhausted. The greatest option in these circumstances is to relax to calming indie music or ominous ambient sounds. These songs will help you fall asleep, but use caution if you still have work to complete before bed. In situations where there are just mild sleep difficulties, relaxing music is a highly effective solution. You have a good probability of nodding off when listening to these melodies. 

Working and Studying

The majority of individuals prefer calming music that will not distract them from their main tasks whether working or studying. For instance, you should focus on the process of writing an essay while allowing music to play in the background without interfering with your productivity.

Finally, with a variety of recommendations for selecting music for different situations.   Everything is undoubtedly unique when it comes to music because various listeners have unique genre preferences.  If you try more things, you could discover your ideal method for selecting music. 


When listening to music, people frequently remember more information. Soothing music may be utilized to filter out background noise and promote concentration in students. Additionally, it has been shown that listening to music encourages learners to adopt a positive outlook toward the material they are studying as well as aids in memory retention.


Music should indeed be at the forefront when planning a special event or occasion, whether it will be a private party, corporate event, wedding ballroom, birthday party, and more. Music, either from a formal band or from a well-thought-out playlist, can surely create a sensory experience that is often not easily forgotten. It can help fill the silence and a room. It helps activate the memory of the guests. That’s why it is important that your music choices suit your event. We hope that this helps you in picking the right music for different occasions.