Baltic Amber Necklaces for Teething Babies


We all know that our babies become really cranky and restless whenever they go through the teething stage, and I can’t blame them! It is quite hard for me to see babies crying, wailing and feeling like a wreck whenever a new tooth breaks through their gums, which is certainly torture for them.

NOTE:  The necklace is not meant to be chewed on or put in the baby’s mouth and you should make sure it’s properly secured and monitored.

We have tried several remedies to address our babies’ teething woes: over-the-counter medicines such as Tylenol, Advil, Children’s Motrin, pills, creams, powders, and gels. We would cross our fingers, hoping that they will dispel the teething pain. There are other concerns such as the likelihood of your baby swallowing those creams and gels, or the likelihood of the pills posing as a choking hazard.  We are always worried about our kids safety and you should also check out these graco 65 reviews as well.

If you are trying to look for out-of-the-box ideas, you will actually discover that more and more American women are giving Baltic amber necklaces a stamp of approval – and nope, these women do not use them as jewelry, but they use them on their own teething babies!

Sounds far-out? In reality, more mothers are gradually seeing the benefits of the Baltic amber necklaces for their teething babies. And while some dismiss the Baltic amber necklace as nothing more than just a placebo, more mothers swear by the necklace’s amazing healing properties, saying that it cures more than just a bit of teething pain. If you require dental care, consider oral solutions from a Dentist in rockefeller center.

Baltic Wonder amber teething necklaces are safe and all-natural

The Baltic amber necklace for teething babies is an all-natural and totally safe alternative to the conventional remedies to ease your child’s teething process. For many centuries, Baltic amber has a considerable place in Europe’s medical history, and the use of amber for relieving teething pain has become more popular in many parts of the world, including the United States.

To start with, the Baltic amber necklaces look super cute. One of the most popular places to get Baltic amber necklaces for teething is a brand named Baltic Wonder. This company makes teething necklaces out of nothing but 100% natural amber, which is harvested straight from the Baltic region in Europe. The Baltic amber is considered the best because it produces the highest amounts of succinic acid, and that’s where the healing magic of the Baltic Wonder necklaces lies.

The Baltic Wonder necklaces are tightly knotted and safely hand-crafted to the highest standards. Plus, the company also offers a one-year guarantee! How cool is that?

Baltic Wonder amber teething necklaces make life easier

The Baltic Wonder necklace measures 33 centimeters long and it comes in an array of pretty colors: polished cognac, polished honey, raw honey, and raw cherry, as well as the all-four-color raw and polished varieties. Each necklace is priced at $19.99 – pretty steep but it’s actually a small price you’ll ever pay for the amazing healing benefits that it brings to your teething child. This necklace is effective and it really, really works wonders for your teething baby. Using the Baltic necklace also makes your life a lot easier, as it takes off your burdens of having to force your child to take a medicine that tastes nasty (and having to deal with the tantrums that come with it). Just wear it on your child’s neck, and… voila! No sweat!

How do Baltic Wonder amber teething necklaces work?

You may assume that your child needs to chew on the beads to get the relief. But actually, the effect comes from the beads touching his or her skin. As your child is wearing the necklace, his or her body heat will warm up each bead inside. This effect will then trigger the amber beads to release succinic acid, which will be absorbed into your child’s bloodstream as the beads touch the skin. In no time at all your baby will be back to his or her cheerful self!

Important reminders when using the Baltic Wonder amber teething necklace

If you plan to use the Baltic Wonder amber teething necklace for your baby’s teething relief on a regular basis, please keep in mind that it is only meant to be worn around his or her neck. It’s also very important to note that the necklace is not meant to be chewed by your baby or to be put in his or her mouth.

Every few months or so, wash your necklace with mild soap and air dry it. Your child is allowed to take a bath wearing a jewelry. Amber necklaces should ideally be removed before using a chlorinated pool. The necklace should also be taken off when your baby is napping or sleeping and monitored when wearing it to prevent the risk of strangulation. Always remember, mommies: safety first!

Testing amber necklaces if they’re genuine or not

Testing amber necklaces if they’re genuine or not

There are actually two ways to test if the amber necklace you have purchased is genuine or not. They are as follows:

Saltwater Test

This technique enables you to check the legitimacy of amber necklace by making a glass of extremely salty water. For instance, you can mix half cup of salt to a cup of water then submerge your necklace. If it floats, then it is genuine. Keep in mind that the water must be quite salty. The test cannot be carried out in plain seawater or water that is only mildly salted.

Heat Test

The needle or nail’s tip should be heated before being touched to your amber bead. Genuine amber will emit a pleasing aroma of pine or forest coupled with a faint smoky scent. You don’t have to light your amber on fire to conduct the heat test. It entails heating a little bit of a bead to determine whether it emits a pine scent.

Paleo pharmaceuticals from Baltic amber might fight drug-resistant infections

Ancient amber has been utilized as medicine for ages in the Baltic countries. Even today, people use powdered amber in elixirs and ointments for its alleged anti-inflammatory and anti-infective effects, and babies are given amber necklaces to gnaw on to reduce teething pain. Scientists have recently identified molecules that help explain Baltic amber’s medicinal properties and that potentially result in novel medications to treat infections that are resistant to antibiotics, according to an article and press conference held by the American Chemical Society.

In particular, for treating illnesses brought on by gram-positive bacteria that are progressively becoming resistant to current antibiotics, abietic acids and their derivatives, which are found in Baltic ambers, have the potential to be an untapped source of novel medications. [1]


When a baby’s first tooth comes, it is incredibly thrilling, but it definitely doesn’t happen quietly. Many parents are looking everywhere for all-natural teething relief due to the drooling, whining, and long nights. But worry no more, for Baltic amber necklaces are readily available for purchase and has a lot of benefits both for babies and parents. We hope that through this article, we were able to impart helpful knowledge about Baltic amber necklaces for teething babies.


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