Keep All Your Belongings Organized During Home Renovation

Home renovation can be very chaotic in that you may feel your life is upside down. Whether it is a minor change such as installing new cabinet drawers in the kitchen or a complete overhaul of your house, the project can disrupt your daily routine. Workers move around the house, materials, and machines are everywhere, and above all, it is nosey. Hence, you might be confined to only one part of the house due to construction in other areas. So, be ready to send your kids to school without breakfast or find no place to rest when they come back.

It does not take much during the home renovation to put your things in harm’s way. Just a dollop of paint, heavy objects dropping on the table, or workers using your furniture as a makeshift stand to put their tools can cause trouble. The best way to look after your goods is by staying organized. Here are a few tips to keep your belongings safe during a home renovation.

1. Take As Much Stuff Out As Possible

Staying organized with less stuff in the house is easier than when it is full of things. Moreover, it is also very risky to start a construction project with furniture and other things. One way to take out stuff is by hiring a storage unit in your locality. Most people resort to this because it is a budget-friendly option. To find a storage unit, simply search online with the name of your locality. For instance, if you live in Aurora, Co, then search for “storage aurora co,” and you’ll get your answer. Storage facilities always have an online presence to contact them and rent space according to your needs.

2. Dedicate One Room For Storage

If you don’t want to move your things out, you can also adjust your belongings inside the house. For this, you will need to dedicate one room to keep all the stuff from areas where renovation is going on. You might want to keep the furniture, electrical appliance or may also need to shift your kitchen to that room temporarily. This is only possible in homes with one extra room available for such arrangement. This room could be your guest or kid’s room which is not frequently used during construction. Ensure you have all your daily essentials such as medicines and dry food items available, as you might be spending your maximum time here.

You can take the help of your contractor to prepare this room as your temporary abode, making sure it is away from water and dust. Moreover, make sure that no workers frequently come to this room, so you can maintain your privacy and look after your things simultaneously.

3. Use Plastic Containers

A homeowner can’t avoid dust and debris from coming into their house during a home renovation project. It could be coming with the construction material boxes or heavy footfall. But you must find a way to keep your things safe. To do so, you can use plastic containers that close with a lid to keep things away from the dust. These containers easily stack onto one another, thus, makes it incredibly effortless to organize your stuff. You can also find containers that have wheels for easy movement.

4. Summon Your Friends And Relatives For Help

One of the ways to stay organized during a home renovation project is by keeping some of the stuff with your friends and family. Ask them if they can accommodate you during the period of renovation. This can ease off a huge burden on your shoulders. However, it is possible with home renovation projects to extend beyond the planned time, therefore, bring them on the same page while asking for space. You can manage your stuff in the garage, a basement, or a shed. Before sending your stuff there, make sure to pack it properly in cartons and boxes with bubble wraps to ensure their safety.

5. Take Care Of Your Kids And Pets

With kids and pets, you may need to take care of them, too, if you intend to stay organized. With so much extra stuff in the house, they may find new objects to play with and create litter. This way, you cannot stay organized because you have more hands to destroy your setting. Therefore, before renovation starts, develop their timetable for the whole day. You may want to send them to the daycare center or enroll them in an extended school. This way, they will also stay out of harm’s way for most of the day. For pets, you can again take the help of your friends in the neighborhood.

6. Use Moveable Accessories

During a home renovation project, one of the hassles is moving stuff from one room to another. Carrying it around may not be possible, so you can use moveable accessories to store and transport your stuff. For instance, use moveable cloth hangers or portable plastic containers to keep your things organized. When you visit an e-commerce store online, look for a lightweight drawer with wheels or a bar cart for your kitchen supplies. These storage solutions will keep your things safe, organized, and readily accessible at the same time.

Home renovation is a big hassle, but it can become a bigger headache if you don’t know how to stay organized. Failure to manage your stuff is often the reason for losing important things due to breakage, theft, or just by paint splashes. To stay organized, make sure to keep only the important stuff in the house because less is always easier to manage than a house full to its brim.