Tips and Tricks to Make the Best Out of a Small Living Space

Small spaces can be tricky to decorate. Just a few extra things and they can start to look cluttered. Fitting in all the belongings while maintaining the visual aesthetic can be challenging for small home dwellers. Hence, it is crucial to decorate and organize your space wisely to make it look beautiful and spacious.

There are various methods to organize your stuff efficiently in a small space. First, adopt a minimalist approach and get rid of anything you don’t need. Then divide the rest of your stuff into recyclable and reusable categories, and the things you don’t need right away but may require in the future can be tucked into a storage unit. Finally, there are several storage options you can look into where you live, be it the US or an island in Australia.

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Apart from organizing your stuff, several other tricks that involve the use of mirrors and colors can help give your small apartment a spacious vibe. Additionally, using natural light to your advantage and careful selection of materials can make your space brighter and more welcoming. In this article, we will share some tips and tricks that can help you make the most out of your small living space.

Go Vertical

Don’t just plan the furniture layout for a room but plan for the elevation as well. Placing everything on the ground can take up precious space so, take advantage of your walls and doors to go vertical for storage and decoration. This organization method can save a lot of space and make your home look bigger. Floating cabinets in the kitchen, bathroom and bedroom can be an ideal option for storage. Make sure that the wall and cabinet colors are similar to create a feeling of spaciousness. Apart from shelves, hang plants, art, or photographs high on the walls to fully utilize the entire space.

Utilize Reflective Materials

A classic trick to making your space look spacious is by adding mirrors. Beautiful mirrors with gold frames in different shapes are often used for decor. Mounted mirrors and reflective surfaces in your home add depth and create a feeling of openness. Add glossy tiles or white lacquered walls as these reflective materials create the same maximizing effect as that of a mirror by bouncing light and giving an airier, open feeling to your space.

Select Furniture Carefully

Choose a few large pieces of furniture instead of several small ones. For example, invest in an L-shaped sofa instead of 2-3 small-sized sofas. Invest in rugs or carpets to give a unified look to all your furniture pieces. Go for a larger rug and place the furniture slightly over it to help zone the space. Consider the following points when buying furniture;

  • Choose light-weight furniture that lifts off the ground on narrow legs
  • Visible floor space underneath the furniture can make your space look larger
  • Either choose tables with a single fluid leg in the middle or a table with a minimum leg length
  • Invest in slender chairs and tables with thin tops
  • Consider a table or chair that leans against the wall with only two feet on the floor
  • Furniture pieces that serve more than one purpose are ideal for small spaces like furniture with hidden storage

Don’t Ignore the Corner

Decorating or utilizing corners can be tricky. Clever utilization of the corner space is crucial for a small space. Some ways to properly utilize the corner space include;

  • Put Storage shelves in the corner for smart and seamless storage
  • Place your less used furniture or tables in the corner instead of the middle of the room
  • Don’t push all your furniture to the walls and leave some space between the wall and furniture to give a wider look

Wall Color is Important

For small spaces, paint color can be crucial. Some color tips to make your home open and airy include;

  • Light or pastel colors are the best option as they reflect more light and make a space look larger
  • Avoid black or any dark color at all costs as it can make your space feel cramped
  • Painting your walls and ceilings in a similar color is recommended to give the illusion that the space is high
  • Consider painting the walls of your hallway or entrance in a darker shade so when someone passes through the area to enter rooms, they appear relatively bigger

Use Natural Light

To open up your space, welcome the natural light. Some tips to help you are as follows;

  • Uncover the windows as often as possible
  • Sheer curtains for the living room will allow more light to get in
  • Go for minimalistic curtains and blinds similar in color to the walls for your bedroom
  • For windowless rooms, insert a glass panel in your door to allow light into the room from another source or, you can leave the door open so the light coming through other windows in the house can also light up the windowless room

Add a Personal Touch

Your home should have a personal touch to make it unique. It will also give a feeling of familiarity, inspiration, and closeness while saving you from boredom. Adding a personal touch is even more essential if you are renting your space. Since it is not easy to make bigger changes in a rented space, small personalized upgrades can make a big difference.

Hang art pieces, family photos, and other things meaningful to you. Vintage ladders also make for a great display and offer functional value.

The Bottom Line

Organizing small spaces can be challenging but, don’t stress and have fun while sorting your place. The several space-saving and organizing tricks can only help you to a certain extent. Ultimately, you are going to live in your space, and it must reflect your lifestyle. It should make your daily life hassle-free. Often, people understand what they want in their home after living in the space for a while, so give it some time.

The above-discussed tricks and storage techniques can help you store all your stuff without making a space look cramped. Hopefully, this article will help you appropriately organize your small space.