How Increasing Forever Stamp Value Affects Mail Delivery

The common postage transactions include sending letters, bills, invoices, greeting cards, and important documents. Businesses and private individuals use mail delivery services regularly, and postage stamps are used to send in mails and packages domestically and internationally. These stamps are available in local post offices, electronic kiosks, banks, retailers, and even online. However, stamp values are increasing, including Forever Stamps.

In this article guide, you’ll learn how increasing Forever Stamp value can affect mail delivery.

What Is Forever Stamp?

Forever Stamps are postage stamps without monetary value, unlike regular stamps. These postage stamps are applicable in mailing a one-ounce letter similar to a regular First-Class Mail stamp.

The Postal Service created the Forever Stamp to help consumers during price changes. So, you can use this type of stamp regardless of when and how much you bought them. In April 2007, the first Forever Stamp with a Liberty Bell image went on sale. All first-class one-ounce stamps, except stamps in 500, 3,000, and 10,000 coils became Forever Stamps in 2011.

Forever Stamps are available at post offices, online, and you can also order by phone. These stamps are sold in booklets and sheets of 20. There are 20 Forever Stamps in a book. Customers can choose to buy a roll too, which includes 100 stamps. Of course, individually sold Forever Stamps are available at your local post office.

Increasing Forever Stamp Value Affects Mail Delivery

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The Postal Regulatory Commission is the governing agency that sets the postage prices based on inflation with Congress’s approval. They typically increase the postage prices every couple of years.

Forever Stamp values keep climbing, which can affect mail delivery. Several reasons can cause this issue aside from regulatory factors, including the increasing mailing operational costs and inflation.

Here’s how Forever Stamp value can affect mail delivery:

1. Fewer Mail Due To Higher Value

Forever Stamps are non-denominational or have no set monetary value because they’re valued at the existing price of regular first-class postage. However, the increasing value of these stamps can hurt a customer’s postage budget when sending several important documents to creditors, financial institutions, and loved ones all over the country or the world.

Customers need to pay more money to send mails because of the increasing price of Forever Stamps. It equates to a lower quantity of letters you can mail than in the past when the postage costs of these stamps were lower.

In addition, the rising cost of stamps prompts more people to send emails or switch to paperless transactions, affecting the industry. Mail delivery systems will eventually need to adopt better technologies and techniques to control the prices of stamps and postage costs.

2. Increases Small Business Mail Delivery Expenses

Do you run a small business? Even home businesses need to send snail mails. So, whether you’re sending personal or business mails, you can use Forever Stamps to save more money on mail delivery.

For example, if you have a family-owned bakery, restaurant, or coffee shop, keeping booklets and sheets of Forever Stamps today can help you send mails at more affordable rates in the future. Just make sure you keep your stamps in a secure place to avoid damage and the risk of getting stolen or missing.

People who haven’t thought of buying Forever Stamps in bulk and need to send in bulk of letters every week or monthly need to pay the current price. As such, small businesses’ mail delivery can be significantly affected.

3. Increases Fund Raising Mail Delivery

Whether you’re a single mom raising funds through mail or a college student asking for family and friend donations to support your studies financially, Forever Stamps are worth the investment. While online fundraising campaigns are trending, traditional mails are more suitable for charity institutions trying to reach more prominent companies and philanthropists.

4. Other Mail Delivery Disruptions

Some people face problems rushing to buy stamps because they don’t have enough to cover postage. So, the other possible effects of increasing postage cost in mail delivery include missed rent payments, late medication, and uncounted ballots. Because Postal Service also attempts to cut overtime and remove mail processing equipment, customer complaints increase.

Forever Stamps Tips And Tricks  

As a regular mail delivery customer, it’s important to know how you can get the most of your Forever Stamps because they’re good investments.

Know How Much Postage You Need

You can avoid overspending by determining how much postage you need when sending domestic and international mails. While customers can cover the postage cost on international letters by affixing Forever Stamps, it’s important to know the exact amount of postage to save money. It’ll also prevent your mail from being returned to the post office because of insufficient postage.

Buy Stamps In Rolls Or Booklets

Because prices keep increasing every year, buying Forever Stamps in rolls and booklets is a smart move. This strategy is failproof to ensure you can send one-ounce mails at a price you can afford when the prices of postage stamps increase.

Store Your Stamps Properly

Store your postage stamps in a high place like a fixed shelf. Never leave the box of your postage collection on the floor. Otherwise, the contents are vulnerable to water and pest damage. You can also store stamps in a stamp album. Affix postage stamps using stamp hinges, stamp mounts, or glassine strips so you can protect unused stamps.

Keep A Stock Of Different Stamps

Forever Stamps are handy, especially during weekends and holidays when you need to send letters. Since you can use them indefinitely regardless of the price, keeping a stock can help keep mail delivery management at bay. Customers will incur more costs if their letters weigh more than one ounce. While you can cover the postage by attaching two Forever Stamps, it’s only a waste. It’s best to buy an additional ounce stamp or postage in smaller increments to affix the precise amount on the letter.


With the increasing value of Forever Stamps, the mail delivery experience changes. Sending and receiving mails have been a normal aspect of people’s lives. Therefore, individuals and businesses can buy Forever Stamps in bulk to save money when sending mails in the next coming years.