Surprising and Useful Uses for Vacuum Cleaners

A vacuum cleaner is an essential home appliance for obvious reasons. While most appliances were designed with a single purpose in mind – like washing machines for washing clothes and sheets, refrigerators for keeping food cold, and dishwashers for washing dishes – vacuum cleaners are actually more versatile. You can use it for various purposes without ruining its machine or making gradual damages to the appliance. If you need to clean a mattress and you haven’t yet installed a bedwetting alarm, consider your trusty vacuum to help remove odors.

Whether you’re a newbie or a pro in vacuuming, know these vacuum cleaner life hacks to get the most out of your purchase. Here are some of the extra things your vacuum cleaner can also do:

1. Control insects and catch bugs

Frequent vacuuming can help kill 96% of fleas, both adult and larvae, in a house, according to a study by Ohio State University. It’s also a great way to remove dust mites and human skin cells they feed on from mattresses. The vacuum hose and crevice can help reach and capture insects and bugs at a comfortable distance. If you don’t like the idea of touching bugs, you will be grateful for your vacuum cleaner.

2. Soothe a crying baby

All people know what frustrates parents of newborns the most: the baby crying non-stop. Almost anyone who had babies have experienced this. Well, a vacuum cleaner can help on this. As soon as the baby is born, get them used to the sound of the vacuum if you don’t have a white noise machine. While the baby is asleep, softly clean the house and do your chores. The vacuum cleaner produces a white noise that can soothe the baby, and it becomes an excellent trick for soothing a fussy infant for months to come.

3. Prevent house fires

House fires originating from the dryers or dryer vent systems is common, and most of the are caused by the lint buildup in the dryer. Make sure you remove the lint trap from the dryer to keep it clean, and use the crevice tool to vacuum

4. Recover small items

Have you ever dropped something really small onto the floor or to your carpet and immediately lost sight of it? A vacuum is the perfect tool for retrieving those lost items. Pull one leg of pantyhose or stocking over your vacuum attachment, tie it with a rubber band, then turn on the vacuum cleaner. Hover over the area where you dropped the item. The vacuum cleaner will suck the tiny item up and the stocking will hold it in place.

5. Inflate air mattresses

If you can’t find the air pump for your extra air mattress, or if it’s broken, your vacuum cleaner can help. Just remove the bag and connect a long cleaning nozzle where the bag was attached. Stick that nozzle to the mattress hole, and air will blow out to inflate the mattress.

6. Fix carpet indentations

If you have arranged the furniture recently, your carpets may be left with some deep carpet dents from whatever was there before. A simple way to remove these indentations and restore your carpet is to place an ice cube on it and let it melt. Then, vacuum the wet area – the melted water will help re-fluff the carpet fibers. Allow the carpet to dry, then vacuum the area again to keep removing the dent.

7. Freshen the air

Are guests suddenly coming over and you’ve run out of air freshener to remove the odors in your home? Your vacuum cleaner can help your home smell fresher and more inviting. Simply dip a cotton ball in a fragrance of your choice and put it in the bag of the vacuum. Alternatively, you may take a few drops of essential oil in a cotton ball to put in the bag. As you vacuum your house, the appliance releases a fresh scent as you go, thanks to the airflow that disperses the scent.

8. Remove allergens from the air

If you’re experiencing allergy symptoms, vacuum cleaners that have HEPA filter can remove the allergens from the air around the house. To make sure that your vacuum cleaner is effective in removing allergens from the air, vacuum your window screens, window sills, window tracks, and door jambs. You must also use it to remove dust from AC units, heating vents, radiators, and fans.

9. Clean kitchen appliances

A vacuum cleaner may not be able to remove grease from a stovetop nor clean out your fridge, but it can definitely help you clean up in the kitchen. Your toaster, stove, oven and fridge may have little crumbs of food scattered under and inside, and you can use your vacuum cleaner to keep it clean again. Keeping crumbs under control can help prevent insect infestations and prevent the crumbs from decomposing that can make your appliance sticky. Just make sure that your appliances are unplugged before you this.

10. Groom your pet

Every pet has preferences, but many cats and dogs love the feeling of having their coats vacuumed. If you’re a pet owner, you know how much fur can shed in the house, so instead of vacuuming the whole house to pick up fur, you can use the vacuum to groom your pet. Besides saving time vacuuming loose fur, your cat or dog will love it as it will feel like a massage or a good scratch. Unless your pet is terrified of the vacuum cleaner, you might consider giving this idea a try.