How Long Does It Take a Child to Learn an Instrument

Age plays a very significant role in learning how to play a new instrument. Not only that, but also skills such as finger dexterity and the ability to communicate clearly with the instrument tutor are extremely vital. Generally speaking, however, most kids require 6-12 months to get past the first level of learning their instrument.  With the online classes, kids can easily learn how to play congas or any other musical instrument, sitting at home.

You must keep in mind that children who are 9-12 years old make a lot more progress than kids younger than 9 years old because of their more-developed finger dexterity and mental skills, so just because a child has been learning an instrument since 5 years old doesn’t mean they’ll play it well. The sweet spot for learning most instruments is around 6-7 years old.

The following paragraphs help shed light on the average time frame required for a child to learn some of the most popular musical instruments.

Here is our list of the best instruments to learn as a child.


Without factoring in your child’s age, it should take around 6 months for your child to familiarize themself with the guitar and feel comfortable playing it. In that time frame, your kid should learn how to play basic chords with comfort and ease.

The younger your child, the more time they’ll need to familiarize themself with the guitar, or any other instrument, for that matter, so it’s not a good idea to have your kid learning how to play an instrument very young. Like we already mentioned, around 6-7 years old is ideal.

Snare Drum

Learning how to play the drums requires a ton of aptitude and work from a child, especially if the drum kit consists of a lot of components, from floor and rack toms to a giant bass drum. To learn how to play the drums, 10-12 months is the average time frame.

You can have your child focus on playing a single drum at a time, and the best way to start is by learning how to play the snare drum, which is an integral part of all drum kits. After learning how to play different types of drums, your child can then tackle the entire drum kit.


The piano is one of the best instruments for children to learn because it takes a relatively short amount of time to see results. If your child is a complete beginner, it should take them around 6 months to get good at playing the piano. The piano keys are a lot easier to operate than guitar strings, for example, and so your child will find it more enjoyable.


With a proficient tutor, daily practice, and a great deal of aptitude, your child can begin to pick up violin tunes within only 3 months. However, to become great at playing the violin, it will take your child 3-5 years, which is really the case with all instruments if we’re talking about mastery.

Final Thoughts

Of course, there are plenty of other instruments that your child can learn, but with the aid of the above-stated example, you should have a rough estimate of how long it takes to play a musical instrument.