How to Seek a Settlement that Reflects the Full Extent of your Injuries in a Truck Accident

Road accidents happen a lot more frequently than you can imagine, especially truck-related accidents that cause severe injuries and damages. Unfortunately, truck accident cases are one of the most complicated cases to recover from physically, financially, and emotionally. The legal system has laws that can help victims who have suffered this ordeal to investigate matters and come up with the right compensation that suits your case. Read on if you want to learn about winning settlements that match the full extent of your injuries and damages after a truck-related accident.

Start the Process Early

Victims shouldn’t delay the process of filing for claims, and it must start as early as possible. Waiting too long can hurt your chances of getting a settlement. These cases are very time-sensitive, especially when you’re collecting evidence. The statute of limitations for personal injury claims is similar to the one for debt, especially when it comes to the rules in different states. There may be some exceptions for delays depending on which state you’re in, but you shouldn’t keep your hopes up.

The best action is to get the filing process started quickly, even if you’re severely injured. Friends and family members can support you by handling the specifics and making sure that your claim is registered in the system. Your odds are a lot higher when you start early, earning you a big settlement that can compensate for your injuries and damages in full.

Gathering Evidence

The most important phase is gathering sufficient evidence. Collecting vital evidence related to your truck accident claim can increase your chances of winning a bigger settlement. Numerous companies have fleets of trucks that pass through Texas every day. If you can prove that the at-fault driver was negligent, then your settlement can be quite substantial. Advice from the personal injury lawyers at the Herrman & Herrman law firm suggests that injuries suffered due to the carelessness and negligence of the truck driver can be proved with enough evidence.

The evidence should include the street name, the timing, the date, eyewitness statements, police reports, police officer badge numbers, trucker logs, condition of the truck, and even camera footage from dash cams or stores in the same street. Your attorney will help you with this phase, and gathering the right evidence can build a strong case for you in court.

Provide Important Documents

Communicating with your lawyers and providing them with all the important documents that can help your case will be beneficial. You must keep track of all your medical bills, including expensive ambulance rides and hospitalization costs. Contact your doctors and physicians to get a copy of your medical report because it will be credible proof of your physical condition. The report will include your health condition when you first arrived, diagnosis, treatments, surgeries, medications, dates, timing, and your condition when you were discharged from the hospital.

You will also need repair bills for all the material damages that you had to pay for. Consider including the cost of every item you lost because of the accident, stating all of your belongings that were damaged. Any piece of information and important documents should be kept and given to your legal team, increasing your chances of getting compensated.

Follow Your Lawyer’s Advice

Your lawyer will have the experience and knowledge with cases like this, listening to their advice is crucial for receiving the maximum settlement possible. If you get an offer from the insurance company or the fleet company that owns the truck, you might want to talk to your legal team about it first. You have every right to refuse the first offer, or your lawyers may advise you not to take it, especially if it doesn’t cover half the costs of your medical bills. They will know when to accept a settlement offer, and you should always wait for their opinion before you agree to any deal. Your legal team will have your best interests in mind, wanting to win you a better settlement than the first offer.

Every victim has rights, and they should familiarize themselves with these rights to know how to get a settlement that can make their lives easier. The injuries and trauma that you go for deserve huge compensations and reimbursements alone because of permanent changes that it caused in your life. You deserve the settlement that can improve your quality of life, especially if the at-fault driver was reckless or careless on the road. Listen to your legal team’s advice and always settle for compensation that matches the level of trauma and severity of your injuries.