Finding Top Private Schools in Singapore

In the past, people didn’t give much importance to education. They’d prioritize work. However, the situation has changed today, thanks to awareness programs. Modern people give more value to education. Parents wish to impart better education to their children. So, they look for quality centers that can help them. Although government-run institutes are common, many folks look for private schools. Why? Private centers provide better teaching facilities and practice strict discipline that plays a key role in shaping any pupil. However, finding top private schools in Singapore could be daunting. You ought to do your legwork to find the right school.


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Singapore’s educational system is well-known. There are numerous public and private schools across the country. The Ministry of Education is in charge of public schools, where there are few openings for international students. Private international schools are attended by the majority of expats’ kids. 

Tips to find top private schools in Singapore

Many people get allured by the commercials. Believing the infomercials, they enroll their child in the school. Later, they realize that they made a mistake. The school in question may or may not live up to your expectations. What if the chosen school falls short of the claims? If so, it’ll impact your child’s future. It’s best to do your legwork to avoid such scenarios. Here’s how to find credible private schools.

Surf wisely

The choice of top schools in your neighborhood begins with some research. Without shedding sweat, you can’t count on finding credible educational centers. So, get ready for the job. Use every resource to find top schools. First of all, seek fresh info in this matter from your loved ones. Your relatives and friends are the best sources of getting first-hand info. Ask them if they’re familiar with a reliable school.

If you get lucky, you could enlist a couple of reputed institutes for your child. Trusted neighbors, seniors, and co-workers should also lend a helping hand. Those acquainted with top schools might offer the necessary details.

Today, the World Wide Web has become the most reliable source of information. People all over the world check the net to find anything. So, why not capitalize on the power of the web? Search the net using appropriate local search terms. Within moments, you could get ready with a long list of trusted schools.

Check reputation and affiliation

Check reputation and affiliation

Today, a large number of scams operate in the educational field. Many fraudsters open a private school and charge a hefty fee. However, these centers hardly impart quality education. Not to mention, their certificates carry no value. Your child’s future will be in the dark if you choose any such school.

So, how to avoid such centers? Checking the reputation of the schools helps out. Go through feedback posted by students and parents. Also, review the affiliation of the institute. If a given school isn’t affiliated with any recognized educational body, you’re better off looking for other centers.

Compare and shop

At this point, you’ve inspected various top private schools in Singapore. So, making the best choice should not be an issue. Compare the course structure, fees, and facilities offered by each center. Also, review their affiliation and credibility minutely. Finally, settle with the school that can shape your child’s future without reducing the size of your wallet.


There are various curricula accessible for pupils in the early childhood, primary, and secondary education levels. These are: Montessori, International Baccalaureate, Central Board of Secondary Education, International General Certificate of Secondary Education and Frameworks specific to a particular country, such as Canada or Australia student. 

Both local and international students must pay tuition to attend public or private institutions, and the costs rise yearly. Because private education is more expensive, parents should do their research to make sure the school is accredited and offers good programs. 

Educational Philosophy

Examine the lesson plans and teaching methods of the schools you are considering in great detail. Finding the right fit for your child will be easier if you have an understanding of what a typical classroom looks like. To find the ideal fit in a private school, it’s crucial to know what strategy works best for your child.

Relationships with Universities 

Schools that have strong relationships to universities are in the best position to help secondary pupils get ready to pass the rigorous admissions requirements of esteemed postsecondary schools.

Graduates who are accepted to the best institutions in the world are especially likely to be nurtured by schools that offer a rigorous, all-encompassing approach. A school should offer a well-rounded, multicultural education that puts pupils on track to succeed in all facets of life in order to best prepare them to meet the demands of a complex, 21st-century society. 

Holistic Development

The ideal method for a child is one that promotes students’ total growth through both academic and extracurricular activities. This is crucial because students need to be able to live and work among varied populations in our increasingly global world. 

An authentic learning environment at school is one that values cultural diversity while promoting positive interpersonal relationships and socioemotional growth. International school teachers should foster a friendly environment that encourages pupils to realize their full potential by being sensitive to the difficulties that expat children must overcome. 

Learning Environment

Given how much time your child will be spending there, a school’s environment is crucial. Expat kids must overcome new obstacles as they resettle in a distant nation. These kids can adjust more rapidly and integrate into the surroundings more quickly if they can find a private school that provides them with a feeling of community and a welcoming setting.

Teachers, resources including spaces for extracurricular activities, and, most crucially, the availability of subjects are some elements that affect a school’s environment. Hence, it’s crucial to spend your time looking for a school where your child will fit in because, as a parent, you naturally want your child to be safe and comfortable.

Know the educational costs

Take the time to learn the total cost of the school because there is no set pricing structure for international schools in Singapore. To reserve a primary or secondary spot at one of its more than 70 international schools, parents must pay an average of $6,000. Hence, if your budget is an issue, you should conduct in-depth study on the various institutions that only charge modest tuition.

Know the language used

It’s crucial to be aware of and understand the languages that will be used for the majority of classes. Consider your child’s capabilities and do extensive study on the school’s policies on the integration of non-native speakers. 

Understanding the school’s language will allow your child to not fall behind. They’ll be capable of understanding the lesson, their teacher, and of course their peers, in its entirety. 

Know the specific location of the school

Of course, the importance of the school’s location will depend on a number of factors, including whether you will have a car, the school bus schedule, cost, etc. You don’t want your child to spend hours traveling to go to school. Because of this, location plays a crucial role in school selection.

Tour inside the campus 

The best way to acquire a sense of a school is to take a tour. Consider what elements are crucial to you and your kids when examining the school’s physical structure and facilities. Try to visit a campus during the school day if at all possible. While observing the school in operation, you will rapidly have an understanding of how it functions. 

School Size

Smaller classes, lower student-to-teacher ratios, and more individualized attention are all benefits of private schools. Small schools can accommodate fewer extracurricular activities and optional courses, but they also typically imply that teachers and staff can provide each student plenty of individualized attention. 

Extracurricular Activities

It’s important for children to find academic and social enrichment outside of the classroom, so parents should choose schools where they may excel in organizations, teams, and other extracurricular activities. In order for your child to develop into new opportunities, you should make sure that there is a diversity of clubs and activities. 

Values and Religion

If you’re considering enrolling your child in a religious school, be careful to research what that actually entails in order to make the best decision. As you research different schools, pay attention to the values they hope to teach in their kids. Next, compare those values to your own and the ideals you have for your child.


It’s quite difficult to move abroad and get things done especially if you plan to enroll your child in a private school. Doing things step by step will ensure a successful outcome. Try not to worry out too much while being proactive.

Before making a school choice, talk to your child. It’s critical to first understand their thoughts. The tips listed above will help you choose a good school for your child. Finding the right private school for your child should be a much less difficult procedure.