The Most Difficult Types of College Paper Writing

College life has never been easy as the workload students have to go through to pass each year is usually way higher than anticipated. That’s why preparing yourself is important regardless of what year you’re doing in college and why we have a list of the hardest papers you’ll ever work on. Visit  Ship 30 for 30 for Writing tips and tricks.

Read on to find out what challenges you can expect from each paper so you can start preparing now.

Research papers

What makes research papers tough is that all theories must be supported by hard data. If your theory doesn’t have enough facts, it won’t be regarded as valid. In most cases, your facts may not be considered valid because you cited outdated knowledge and unverifiable sources.

This means you have to make sure you know what sources your college considers legitimate for research papers. You need to ask your professor if you aren’t sure about this. Usually, scientific journal articles are highly authoritative resources, followed by non-fiction books, and some websites occasionally qualify as authoritative sources but very rarely. You can also check out see here now for more great options.

Definitive essays

What makes definitive essays hard is that you need to be deliberate with every word you use to ensure the reader can understand you. You can make a reader understand you by invoking their imagination with mental pictures and referencing certain publications. Using illustrations and references can confuse readers, though.

It’s also vital to stay unique when you write a definitive essay, which means avoiding wording your essay like someone else’s. That is difficult because, mostly, you’ll be defining things many students have before. Before writing a definitive essay, you also have to make sure that you apprehend the meaning of all terms completely and many can be confusing. You can also take the help of editing services uk to further iimprove on your essay.

Persuasive essays 

In persuasive essays, you need to express and defend your views in a way not offensive to people who think differently. The amount of information available online can help you back your arguments, but that doesn’t mean you can use every bit of information you find. Another problem with writing persuasive essays is researching if your sources are biased or only show one side of the argument without exploring all opposing views.

When writing a persuasive essay, you can’t just focus on your viewpoint as it’s regarded as unethical and makes your argument sound less effective and credible. You need to concede the points you can’t refute to build goodwill with readers who disagree.

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Presentations or speeches

What makes presentations and speeches difficult is that 50% of your chances of succeeding at these events lie with how you prepared instead of just the information you’re relaying. This can be hard when typing your speech on paper as you have to consider the audience you’ll be facing when writing it.

Presentations also don’t allow you to explain your subtopics in more than four points if you’re using slides so you have to be brief and use the best points. Overcoming stage fright is crucial to getting a good grade on your speeches or presentations as it can make you appear unprepared.

Literary analysis essays 

In a literary analysis essay, using phrases that convey your emotions is not recommended. That’s because the main reason for writing college papers on literature is to present the main ideas based on what you read, not your opinions. Previous incorrect opinions should deter you but it will be difficult because understanding what the author wanted to say is difficult.

Another thing that makes students write unsatisfactory literary analysis essays is not having a preliminary literature review section. This bit of a literary analysis essay might not seem that important but it is necessary. That’s because it gives a lot of background information that’ll be essential but painful to rehash again in your own words.


These are the hardest papers you’ll write in college but that shouldn’t get to you. Just accept the challenge and take it head-on. You might enjoy it. What you must never forget should any of these papers start becoming impossible is to reach out for help before it’s too late. College prepares you for life and learning to tackle problems like difficult soon will enable you to stay one step ahead of challenges in your career and personal life.

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