3 Fun and Free Outdoor Activities for Kids

Outdoor Activities

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Outdoor activities or recreation is defined as activity done outside, most often in natural settings. Outdoor recreation activities vary depending on the physical environment in which they are done. Fishing, hunting, camping, and horseback riding are examples of such activities.

Outdoor activities are commonly used for physical fitness, total well-being, and spiritual refreshment. While many outdoor recreational activities can be classed as sports, not all of them need participants to be athletes. Anyone can do these activities as long as your fit and healthy.

Are beach days, picnics, and tropical vacations calling your name? You’re not the only one. With warmer days right around the corner, it’s time to start thinking of how you’ll spend your time this summer.

If you’re ready to start planning your family’s summer play ideas, this article can help. These exciting and simple outdoor activities for kids will keep them happy and entertained all season long.

For more on the best kid-friendly outdoor activities of the summer, read on for our basic guide.

1. Take a Fishing Trip

This is the perfect summer activity that will keep your kids excited and having fun for days on end. Fishing trips are also a great opportunity to teach your kids about marine life and boating safety.

With a fishing charter for kids fishing trips, they’ll provide everything you need for the perfect summer day. Or, consider taking a trip to your local lake or beach. Your kids will love fishing here and it’s little to no cost to you.

Whether you’re deep-sea fishing or trolling around the lake, this is an exciting activity for every member of the family. Be sure to pack sunscreen, protective clothing, and extra snacks and hydration. You’ll also want to pack a camera to document your day.

2. Have an Outdoor Movie Night

Who doesn’t love snacking on theatre food and watching a movie? This summer, transform your backyard into an outdoor movie theatre for a memorable night of family fun.

For this, you’ll need a comfortable seating area, blankets and pillows, and a device for watching movies. You might use a projector and a large white sheet or a laptop propped up on a table. You might consider taking a poll of all your family members for which genre of movie to watch that night.

Be sure to have all the classic theatre snacks like buttery popcorn, chocolate candies, and fizzy drinks. This can make for a time your kids will love in the comfort of their own home.

3. Design a Nature Scavenger Hunt

If your kids love the outdoors, they’ll love having a nature scavenger hunt. While this is one of the best free outdoor activities for kids, it’s also one of the most educational.

Consider finding a park or nature preserve near your house and setting up a checklist of items your kids can find. You might put boxes with images of a squirrel, a red flower, a colorful rock, and more. Once your kids find them, they’ll check the boxes to complete the scavenger hunt.

You might also set up an incentive to finish the scavenger hunt like a trip for ice cream or a new summer toy. This outdoor adventure is sure to create memories that last.

Benefits of Outdoor Activities for kids

  • Superior motor skills- Activities done outside allows children to acquire more sophisticated motor abilities, such as agility, balance, and coordination, than children who spend the majority of their time indoors. Children who spend time outside are more inclined to move in ways that test their muscles, bones, and physical endurance. When children are given the opportunity to participate in physical activity, they can improve both their bodies and their feeling of self-confidence.
  • Reduced body mass index- Kids that spend more time outside are more active than their inactive counterparts, which means they are less likely to develop obese. Doing activities outside will help those kids who are obese. This will help them lose weight while they are enjoying. It is good that they’re outside staying active and burning off calories.
  • Increase your immunity- Because outdoor activities include cardiovascular exercise as well as vitamin D from the sun, your immune system will naturally develop and strengthen. It is no surprise that a healthy immune system aids in the prevention of illness. The good news is that you may work on it by engaging in outdoor activities and also good for kids who have weak immune system. 
  • Enhances sleep quality- Enhance your kids sleep quality by exercising outside and being exposed to sunlight, since this will help their natural body clock. Kids will improve their day to day life and will be more energized and alert. 
  • Lowers stress and anxiety- Children also suffer from stress and anxiety. Engaging them in outdoor activities will help alleviate their feelings. They can enjoy and forget about the bad things they are feeling. It will help them feel better especially if other kids join them. 
  • Communicating with others is easier- Children who spend more time outside feel less intimidated since they are in an open space with no competition. Having adequate space to move around and breathe can help children feel more at ease opening up and discussing their thoughts with trusted adults.
  • Increased self-awareness- Kids who play outside have a better chance of developing observational and cognitive skills. Being outside also allows them to perceive the world from new perspectives. This will help them in their future endeavors as well. 
  • Respect for the Environment- Kids who participate in outdoor activities value the environment more than those who do not. They enjoy being outside and love the nature more since this is the place where they have fun and engage in activities that make them happy and healthy. 
  • Expand learning space- Being outdoor and placing educational toys and materials allows children to learn new information and abilities via play. It also demonstrates to children that they can learn everywhere, not simply in schools and indoor learning places.
  • Increase interest in new topics- More time spent in nature exposes children to new sights, sounds, and smells. They become more curious and they explore nature to find answers. Children may develop an interest in science or environmental issues that they would not have had otherwise.

The importance of outdoor activities for kids

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During different stages of development, children play in different ways. Children of all ages can benefit from outdoor play, even if their interests vary based on their developmental stage. Outdoor play changes as children grow and evolve; nonetheless, parents should remember that all outside games and activities are good to children.

Parents should not limit their kids while they are still young, instead you should support them and assist them to do these kinds of activities to develop their well-being. This is beneficial for them especially if they are the only child. This will give them the chance to socialize and be with other children. 

Today’s children spend so much time indoors, focusing on screens and schoolwork, that it can be exhausting. Kids who spend time in nature reduce tension and allow them to psychologically relax, which aids in the restoration of their concentration and capacity to focus.

When your child becomes overwhelmed as a result of spending so much time focusing on one subject, take them outside to play so they can experience time in mild fascination and recharge their minds.

Try These Outdoor Activities for Kids This Summer

With summer quickly approaching, there’s no better time to plan your fun days. Try these outdoor activities for kids and you’re guaranteed to have a summer to remember for years to come.

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Kids will not want to go outside if they believe it will be uninteresting. You can simply find time outdoors interesting for your children by incorporating their interests and hobbies into the activities you choose. Making the outdoors appear entertaining encourages the child to abandon their technology and spend time in nature.

Bring family and friends to make outdoor play more interesting and productive. Through this, kids will be more interested and excited to go outside knowing that they will be able to bond with others. Because as we say “the more the merrier!” Invite your friends and family over for some outside entertainment, such as an outdoor game night.

Make going outside a regular family activity. Make time for your children to play outside, such as after school or on weekends. Surely kids will enjoy and benefit from these activities because it is one of the finest ways to get kids to be active and enjoy their time outside.