Ducted Vacuum Cleaner Maintenance Will Extend The Life Of Your Vacuum

Keeping anything clean and well-maintained can improve and extend its life. While you may use your ducted vacuum system to clean and maintain your house and other things as well, you should also maintain the ducted vacuum system as well. 

There are many ways you can actually break your vacuum if not used right so try to avoid them and follow the tips below to take care of your ducted vacuum system and extend its life. 

Tips To Extend Your Ducted Vacuum’s Life

One of the most important things you should know that your system’s unit is warranted against defective materials and manufacturing faults but not against misuse of the product. There are service charges for repairing or replacing damaged or misused parts of a ducted vacuum system as well as for service calls to your house. To help you get the best out of your ducted vacuum system, there are few things you should and should not do. 

Always Use One Inlet At A Time 

It is recommended to Use one inlet at a time to keep the proper air flow from your ducted vacuum. If you use more than one vacuum inlet once, the air flow will be reduced and you might not get full performance. You will not be able to clean carpets and other things which require full air flow. Other than that, stressing out the ducted vacuum system by using many inlets increases the chances of it breaking down. 

NEVER Leave Things Around The Motor Unit

It is strictly forbidden to leave stuff laying around the motor of the power unit of your ducted vacuum system. If you do that, it will overheat the motor and it will impair the cooling of the motor. Not being careful about it will occasionally lead to an accident where some silly thing will get stuck inside the motor and make it malfunction. 

Make Sure To Hold Inlet Door Open When Removing The Hose

It is mandatory to hold the inlet door open when you’re removing the vacuum hose. After you have removed the hose from the inlet, you have to hold the inlet door open for a few seconds to ensure that the unit has completely stopped and you can now clear any residual dirt out of thevacuum system. 

Avoid Picking Up Liquids

It is a big red colored warning. Never, ever, pick up liquids with your vacuum cleaner. Using the vacuum to clean or suck liquids is not a great idea at all. The liquids get into the vacuum ducting and later on if not cleaned properly, it can cause major motor damage which is not covered by warranty at all.So unless you’re planning to get a new vacuum system soon and making your current completely unusable and not even resalable, you can try experimenting cleaning with your vacuum cleaner. 


These are a few tips to help you prolong the life of your vacuum system, follow them and you won’t need to spend on repairing them often.