How Often Should You Change Your Vacuum Bag?

Vacuum is the basic need of every home and office. It is basically the most reliable appliance for cleaning. Many people use vacuum once or twice in a week or according to the need, but they have no idea how often should they change the vacuum bag.

Some of the experienced users may know when to change the vacuum bag but some people, who are new users; they probably have less knowledge of vacuum bag and how often it should be change.

If vacuum is new appliance for you then you should know that when should you change your vacuum bag? Here are the simple points, you should know:

Check By Yourself:

If you are using the vacuum for once or twice a week or once in 15 days (according to your need) then you should the vacuum bag every time before cleaning. Make sure the bag wont spill out when you open it. It might not be full but you can check by yourself.

See The Indicator:

Many of the vacuums now come with the indicators. Obviously the manufacture made your life easy by adding indicator in the vacuum. And now you don’t have to check manually. Machine will do its own work and will tell you that your vacuum bag is full or about to full. But you cannot always rely on the indicator. When it’s about 6 months or more and your instincts starts telling you to check the vacuum bag then trust me, you should.

When The Suction Power Is Reduced:

If some how you forget to check the vacuum bag manually or the indicator didn’t show up (machine error, you know) then the vacuum suction power started slow down. This is the time you should really change the bag if you don’t want to lose your appliance. 

It is highly disapproved to wait for the suction reduced. Many people will change the bag when it is half full. This is quite good for the appliance. It doesn’t reduce the suction and will give long lasting machine warranty. 

When The Vacuum Bag Smells Bad:

This is the point most people rely on, to change the vacuum bag. If the bag starts smelling foul and musty, then you should change your vacuum bag. But some people, who have pets, use the cinnamon powder to reduce the pet smell in the area. If you are doing this then don’t wait for the foul and musty smell to arise. Because it won’t come. Check the indicator, suction power or manually. 

I’m sure you don’t want the performance of your vacuum slow down. Gradually check the vacuum bag. It’s not difficult to change the bag at all. By cleaning your vacuum bag regularly, you are making sure that the life of your appliance will long lasting. Which every vacuum user should do. Cleaning bag doesn’t mean replacing it. Don’t jump on the conclusion to replace the bag when it’s not needed.