Celebrating Together: How to Make Your Teen’s Birthday Party Perfect

So, your kid’s birthday is coming soon. And if your dear little cutie is not so little anymore, traditional “kiddie” scenarios are not a good idea this time around.

Your child is a teenager with all that comes with it. They want a real party this time!

Worried you can’t handle it? Keep calm and exhale! We’ll tell you how to make your teen’s birthday celebration perfect without getting head over heels.

Settle Agreements In Advance

If you have any conditions on which the party can take place, discuss them in advance. This way, your teen may get ready for the consequences if they fail to fulfill the obligations.

It’s a common situation: everything is ready for the big day, but a soon-to-be birthday girl or boy gets low grades at school or in college; the parents are unsatisfied, and the party is canceled. It’s no good at all!

Grades matter a lot, but you should warn your kid beforehand if you’re planning to cancel a party if their academic performance is poor. This way, there’ll be enough time to take care of the grades.

But don’t be too strict. If your teen has been trying hard, but still can’t handle some assignments like writing a research paper on time, you can help. Make a birthday present and order a paper at essaypro.com your kid will appreciate it!

Discuss the Details With Your Teen

The best way to handle teens is to become their friend. But being friendly doesn’t necessarily mean you have to be “cool”. Just give your youngster enough credit and discuss any ideas for the party even if they seem crazy to you.

Try not to be authoritarian, this will only spoil the mood. Instead, use this opportunity to teach your child to negotiate and defend their point of view.

Here, are the main things you have to talk about concerning the party.

  • Location;
  • Budget;
  • Guest list;
  • Food and drinks;
  • Entertainment program;
  • Duration of the party and the reasons why it can be stopped instantly.

Whatever you decide, remember that in the end, it’s you who’s responsible for all the choices. So, try to persuade your kid to be reasonable.

Provide Enough Food and Drinks

There’s no birthday party without a decent treat. If you’ve agreed to celebrate out or organize a barbeque/picnic, the food problem is more or less solved. If you’re having a home party, there are several ways to fix the issue.

You can try one of the options below.

  • Order food from a restaurant/cafe/catering service;
  • Serve pizzas, snacks, hot dogs;
  • Cook some food.

happy birthday

The choice depends on your budget, the number of guests, your culinary talents, and the amount of time you can spare.

As for the drinks, make sure there’ll be enough water, soda, and juice. Alcohol is a touchy subject, and it’s better to do without it.

For older teens, choose mild drinks like champagne or beer and serve it in small amounts for a limited time period. If your budget allows it, hire a mixologist and instruct him to gradually lower the amount of alcohol in mixed drinks.

Take Care of the Entertainment Program

Eating is ok, but a party is about entertainment. This means that at least some fun is obligatory.

If your kid is creative, you needn’t worry much. Chances are, they will entertain the guests on their own. Anyway, ask if there’s anything you can do to help. You may need to provide an improvised stage, equipment, or costumes.

If this isn’t your case, think about other options like:

  • A live cover band;
  • A DJ;
  • A stand-up comic;
  • An animator;
  • A quest program.

Whatever you choose, make sure that your guests have a fully functioning music system. There’s no fun without music! If your teen agrees, you could create a video with pictures and songs from their childhood to play during the party to show how they’ve changed over the years.

Ensure Safety

Safety is a priority at any teen party. Youngsters don’t know a lot of things like the amount of alcohol they can drink without consequences and when to say “no” to a partner. Be sure to give clear instructions and come to check on them once in a while.

However, try not to be annoying. A party with parents always beaming around is no fun at all. Exception: you’re the “buddy” type of a parent and can do something to entertain the kids sing, dance, play musical instruments, organize quests. This way, you’re covered.

Wrapping Up

However worried you feel, remember, that you were a teenager too, and survived a lot of parties. Most of them were fun, right? Even if it’s embarrassing to think of certain moments now.  Also be sure to consider great gives like Assignment Partner and others for your teen.

Your child will cope, too. Just plan everything together in advance, always be there to lend a helping hand if needed and think positive!