Should Children Wear Fitness Trackers?

Fitness trackers are not considered to be a new invention. These long-existing gadgets have recently become ‘hot commodities’ for a majority of adults. There is something to be said about the motivation, physical fitness goals and incremental improvements that come with these trackers.

However, it is hard to understand how the fitness tracker mentality applies to children. Imagine watching your seven-year-old showing off her new tracker to all her friends. Would you encourage her to embrace fitness tracking or would you take away the device and give her the free will to play like the child that she is?

When you read reviews about kids fitness trackers, you will find out that this is a decision many parents struggle with. But worry not! In this article, we will answer the million-dollar question- should children wear fitness trackers?

When Fitness Trackers Are Acceptable For Children

While it is easy for parents to dismiss the idea of fitness trackers for their children, it is also as equally easy to purchase one. But before pulling the plug on these devices, it is best to find out why your children need fitness trackers. They should be able to give any of the following reasons:

  • Just for fun

When children are simply curious about fitness trackers and want to wear them so that they can ‘look cool’, then there is no harm in making a purchase.  Be sure to check out options like Fit Track as well.

  • Tracking for medical reasons

Usually, parents urge children who suffer from various medical conditions to wear fitness trackers for medical reasons. For instance, parents with diabetic children may use fitness trackers to understand the symptoms of the condition and promote wellness.

  • Tracking for specific fitness goals

If your child is on the athletic team and they are working towards specific goals or looking to improve their performance then a fitness tracker can come in handy.

When Fitness Trackers Are Not Acceptable For Children

  • Tracking as an obligation

As a parent, it is important to remember that wearable devices are not a solution for your children. If you are concerned that your children focus excessively on their state of health or practice regimented eating habits then fitness trackers should be out of the question. In this case, you should consult a therapist, pediatrician or a family doctor.

  • When your children do not need to wear trackers

If your children are not suffering from medical conditions, lack interest in athletics or when they do not want to wear fitness trackers then the devices should not in any way be forced upon them. In this case, there is no need for a tracking device. When fitness tracking devices feel like a requirement, then children may develop negative feelings towards you or exercise and physical activity at large.

Bottom Line

Granted, wearing the latest fitness trackers may be fun for kids but these devices are not a necessity for healthy children. And like anything else, these trackers come with their merits and demerits. If you wish that your child was more active, it is better to inspire a little exercise every now and again. Hobbies like horseback riding and swimming lessons are a lot of fun. Fitness trackers should be used when they are the only viable option. Needless to say, a little physical activity goes a long way.

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