Buying guide for overall baby products

Many of the new parents and people who wish to present some valuable baby products for a newborn will be confused about what product to buy, whether the product will be a good choice at the right time for the baby. The foremost thing every parent pays attention to is whether the baby stuff is chemical-free and does not cause any hazardous effects to the baby. To address all these queries, this article has given a buying guide for buying the best and toxin-free baby products for those precious little gems in the following sections. 

Factors to look at while buying baby products

  1. As the baby starts to explore the things and people around them, it will stop developing their motor skills. So, almost all the babies will try to keep all things inside the mouth, especially tethers and toys. So the buyers must ensure those materials are non-toxic and do bar any chemical properties, which may become hazardous to the babies.
  2. The next important thing is the babies, during its initial few months till they crawl, will be using mats, beds, floor mats rubber sheets. When they are used for a long time, it might cause many skin issues and health issues due to the presence of Volatile Organic Compounds (VCS). So, parents should see for product specification and buy one which does not contain this compound.
  3. The skin of the babies is very sensitive, that the absorption rate is very higher than adults. So if you apply oil, it will be quickly absorbed, offering moisture to the baby’s skin. But what happens if the baby oil has some chemical mixtures? So, before buying any products like baby oil, baby shampoo, baby powder, and lots more, check for the ingredients and make sure they are chemical-free and toxin-free.
  4. Choose baby fabrics which are made of 100% cotton as they will give a good comfortable feeling and softness to the babies. Also, always try to wear the babies like they have extra cloth outside so that cold and chilly weather will not cause any impact on them. Babies are so sensitive that even a minute thing will be visible at the moment. So parents must keenly watch every movement of a baby.
  5. Always buy organic baby products as they will free from formaldehyde, pesticides, and a lot more chemical, which helps in keeping the cloth without shrinking, bobbling, and anti-flammable. 

Mandatory baby products to possess at homes where the baby has arrived

When you arrive home, they’re a lot more things to have a home. Because for the first 3-4 months, certain products have to be stocked due to very frequent usages. A wide range of newborn baby products is available at Mommyhood101. 

Breastfeeding pumps

The most important products are breastfeeding pumps and feeding bottles, which are available with varying features in Mommyhoof101. Along with this kit, it will be a good choice to buy feeding pads, nipple balms, feeding pillows, and milk storage bottles. While buying breast pumps, make sure they are insured.

Feeding bottles and sterilizer

Some babies will be nursing both breastfeeding and bottle feeding. Mommyhood101 comes with different feeding bottles that are free from chemicals and toxins. The nipples designed in this product are made of organic rubber, and they are resistant to bacterial infections and teething by babies. To make the bottle germ free, always possess a bottle sterilizer, which prevents stomach colic due to unhygienic bottles and nipples.


Whether you breastfeed your kid or feed them with formula, the babies might spit due to reflux, or there are chances for spillage. So always keep piles of bibs, which will be handy till the babies grew up. 

Baby pacifiers

Some parents may wish to offer a pacifier to their babies. Mommyhood101 comes with a wide range of pacifiers that very attractive to the babies, and at the same time, they are made of silicone and natural rubber, which are safe to the babies. Do not buy pacifiers that are made of inorganic materials. 

Piles of Diaper and wipes

During the first three months, the babies might urinate and pass stools very frequently. Soo, it is always better to have bio-degradable wipes and diapers. They are free from toxic materials like dyes, scents, phthalates, chlorine, and lots more. So, your baby’s bunny will be safe from rashes and irritation. 

Baby bathtub

 If you are a first-time mommy, then the most frightening task is to make your baby bath. To help those mummies, Mommyhood101 offers a wide variety and models of the baby bathtub, which makes the bathing process easy, and at the same, the babies can enjoy a safe bath with this baby bathtub.

These are all some of the essential baby products, which are required to be kept handy till the baby grows. Thus this article has given a buying guide for first-time parents in buying safe and chemical-free baby products for their babies.