7 Useful Cleaning Tools That Make Everyday Housework Easier

To many homeowners, house cleaning is a major pain in the back. This is especially if you are the busy type of person who rarely gets enough time around the house. Thankfully, there’s a range of cleaning tools that makes the job easier and much faster. Here are seven useful cleaning tools that make everyday housework easier.

1. Vacuum Cleaner

Who wants to spend the whole day cleaning a house when there are quick cleaning tools that can get your home spotless in a few minutes? A Vacuum cleaner is one essential tool that helps keep your home clean and dust allergies at bay quickly. It cleans by absorbing dust and debris, removing pet hairs from carpets and upholstery, which would have alternatively taken hours to remove.

A good vacuum will quickly fix your carpets and floors with less time and energy. In line with sentiments from the folks at vacuumshop.com.au, not all vacuum cleaners are the same. Different vacuums have different capacities and capabilities, strengths, and weaknesses. A robotic/smart vacuum cleaner, for instance, is far more convenient. It can clean all nooks and crannies and the unreachable corners which your usual vacuum cleaner cannot reach. Due to its advanced sensor technology, it does not dent your gorgeous furniture.

2. Cleaning Gloves

Cleanliness is an important aspect of one’s stateliness. Cleaning some parts of the house can be quite gross and unwelcoming. Cleaning gloves will help you touch and clean with much ease some of those ugly surfaces in the bathroom and toilet surfaces while protecting your hands. The gloves also aid you in cleaning up broken glasses safely without bruising your hands. For kitchen uses, dishwashing gloves can be quite useful. They help you wash your dishes in hot water while protecting your hands. They also give you a better grip while holding items, which prevents you from breaking your dishes.

3. Reusable Cleaning Cloth

A clean home feels good. It’s relaxing and welcoming. Getting that sparkle in your home can be super time consuming and wearying. Investing in a quality set of cleaning cloth will ease your cleaning and make it more enjoyable. A microfibre cloth will help you stay on top of the messes in the house while saving you money. It’s convenient compared to disposable paper towels, which fill your bin faster. All you need to do is choose the right quality, non-abrasive cloth to minimize the damage to your surfaces. Simply rinse it as you move from one dirt spot to the other. It gives a brilliant, shiny effect on counters and appliances. Use it to polish the tiles, glass windows, and doors.  

4. Mops 


With a good quality mop, house cleaning can be tackled quickly. It’s one of the most effective tools for a quick clean from spills and sticky messes on the floor of the house. The floor is one of the dirtiest surfaces in the house. It hosts lots of germs from the dropped foods, dust, dirty shoes, and pet hairs. A mop with a good length will help you clean up this dirt quickly and reduce the accumulation of these antigens on the floor with ease.

5. A Bucket

A bucket is an indispensable tool in every home. A majority of people don’t see the worth of a plastic bucket. It comes in very handy in a myriad of household chores. It helps in storing some of your cleaning supplies, cleaning the floors, storing toys, or even washing your car. It’s easily portable and can carry your water or cleaning agents from one room of the house to the other. It’s a sure essential in cleaning the house.

6. Scrubbing Brush

The needs for scrubbing brush in a house are endless. It helps in removing tough stains on bathtubs, garage floors, and the soot in the fireplaces, tiles, and so forth. All these places require scrubbing, which a sponge can’t do. Investing in a scrubbing brush will ensure you get a sparkling shine in your home. It’s an amazing tool in cleaning tough stains in the bathrooms, kitchen floors, outdoor furniture, and barbecue equipment. They come in a wide variety range. From bottle brush, stove, spout, and refrigerator coil brush, just to name a few.

7. Dusting Kit

Keeping your living space dust-free will keep allergies at a low and give a crisp, fresh look to your home. An extensive dusting kit gives you less hassle with its adjustable handle while cleaning. It helps you reach high surfaces on kitchen cupboards, chandeliers, light fixtures, ceilings, fans, and any other hard to reach places in your homes. You don’t have to haul a stool to dust your home. A microfiber kit works best when it comes to dusting.  

So there you have it. Cleaning your home doesn’t have to be the source of your headaches and frustration. With the above few tools, it becomes easier and more enjoyable to keep your home clean and sparkling. You may also want to read these tips on how to maximize and optimize space in small homes.