A Simple Guide to Planning the Best Bridal Shower

As a matron or maid of honor, you are very likely to organize something special for them. You can throw a memorable bridal shower for her to celebrate this new milestone. It is quite ambitious to plan a wedding shower, but the whole process is very exciting.

All the close friends and family members can make merry and enjoy themselves in a comfortable space. To help you with the greatest bridal shower of all time, this article will guide you through planning the best bridal shower to cherish.

What Goes on in a Bridal Shower?

A bridal shower is traditionally a celebration of the bride with all the female close friends and relatives from both sides of the couple. You do not necessarily have to stick to the tradition. You can include all the dearest ones of the bride, including her partner, regardless of their sexes.

The main purpose of this event is to spoil the bride and celebrate her new venture. The activities in a bridal shower usually include playing fun games, mingling, indulging in scrumptious food, and gifting the bride with lovely presents. You can pick an interesting bridal shower game like- “how well do you know the bride?” or “who said that?” to make the event more enjoyable and interactive.

The gifts are typically items from the couple’s wedding registry. This ensures that the gifts given to the bride are helpful for her or something she wants. Many bridal showers are often themed and reflect the bride’s preferences. It can be an elegant soiree that is vintage-themed or a magical Potterhead-themed party.

Planning the Bridal Shower

When bridal shower, you need to plan different components like the budget, the guest list, the venue, etc. The following steps will guide you through arranging the most amazing bridal shower.

Assess Your Budget

The first thing you need to do is evaluate your budget for hosting the bridal shower. When you have flexible finances, it can be pretty tempting to go all out. However, this is a slippery slope where you get too overboard and include decorative items that are not necessary.

It would help if you decide on a budget. Only take account of the necessary decor and food expenses, do not forget to include the sash for the bride. The bride will be grateful to you for taking your time to organize such a unique event just for her.

Consult with the Bride

Since the event or party is being arranged for the bride, it is best to consider her likes and dislikes. You are already quite familiar with her taste as you are one of her closest friends. However, it is best to ask for her preferences. This way, you can ensure that the bride will love the shower.

Please consult with the bride about what she likes to have at the party, her preferred theme, and what she does not want. There are some traditional activities that the bride might like to opt out of, such as toilet paper dressmaking.

It is also essential to consult her with the date of the bridal shower. The date should not clash with her other commitments and allow convenience for her to enjoy herself without stress. You should also consult with her about who should be invited to the shower; do not invite someone she does not like.

She might also appreciate the party music playlist matching her taste. For instance, she might not like corny pop music to be played, or she wants only songs by Taylor Swift to be included in the playlist. As the bride already has a lot on her plate, you necessarily do not have to run every single component by her. Go with your instincts and aim for her preferences.

Decide on the Theme

Once you have assessed the budget and know what the bride wants in her bridal shower, the next thing you need to focus on is the event’s theme. The theme makes it easier to add some oomph to the bridal shower.

It aids in adding some personality and quirky features to the decor, invites, food, and overall vibe. Don’t be afraid to explore the vast options. Just make sure that the whole event reflects the bride’s personality and interests. For starters, you can go with popular options like a rustic theme, o an elegant wine tasting soiree, a sophisticated brunch, or even an apple picking theme.

Set a Date for the Shower

It is best to set a date for the bridal shower at least two months before the big day. This will ensure that the bride will have plenty of time to handle her other commitments and errands.

Everyone involved will also have time to catch a break from the eventful wedding months. As mentioned earlier, run the decided date by the bride before finalizing it. This will help you make sure that the date works well with her plans and also accommodates her close ones.

Create a Guest List

After deciding the theme and date, the next thing you should focus on is creating a guest list. It would help if you asked the bride the people that have to be invited to the shower. If you are not connected or do not know their addresses, ask the bride for their contact details.

You can invite them through phone calls or texts and ask them for their addresses so that you can send the invites. Alternatively, you can send them invites online via email, where they can promptly send their RSVPs. Try to keep the guest list small as it will be easier to manage. The final list should include about 50 people at max.

You should also take account of the children the guest might bring if they have any. If you want, you can state that regretfully no children are allowed in the bridal shower in the invitations.

Selecting the Venue for the Bridal Shower

After finalizing the date and guest list, you should start looking for the perfect venue for the bridal shower. If you have enough space, a small guest list, and the necessary means, you can hold the event at your own house.

Alternatively, you can host the shower in a chic restaurant, an art gallery, a private hall, a space in the local plaza, or a private banquet room. It is wise to opt for a venue that is easily accessible, has sufficient parking space, and has enough room to accommodate all of the guests.

The Bridal Shower Invites

After finalizing the date, theme, guest list, and venue, you need to fix the invitations. Make sure the design of the invitation is elegant and matches well with the theme. The font must be pretty and also easy to read. Make sure you have noted the valid date, time, and address. If you want, you can also mention the dress code.

It is best to send out the invitations around six weeks before the actual date of the bridal shower. This will help everyone involved as it gives an ample amount of time to assess whether they can make it or not. It also gives them a sufficient amount of time to clear out the schedule and purchase the gift for the bride.

Selecting the Menu

The RSVPs start rolling in after you send out the invites. You can start working on fixing the menu for the bridal shower. It is wise to avoid common allergens like nuts. The last thing you need is rushing a guest to the hospital with an EpiPen stabbed onto their thigh.

You also need to keep an account of the bride’s food allergens and preferences. You can also include some vegan and gluten-free options so that everyone can enjoy the event and do not have to worry about their diet restrictions.

If it is a soiree or a party, finger food and hors d’oeuvres are suitable. The food should be easy to carry as well as easy to eat. They should be delicious and make the guests salivate. Such food can be mini tartlets, pigs in a blanket, tea sandwiches, etc.

If it is brunch,  opt for savory dishes like mini waffles, dutch babies, eggs benedicts, salmon toast, etc. A mimosa bar will be perfect to set the mood in a brunch-themed party. You can either hire an experienced caterer or do the catering by yourself, depending on your budget and capabilities.

Entertainment for the Bridal Shower

For the party to be successful, you want everyone involved to have a great time and have fun. Besides the alluring decor, delicious foods, and refreshing, beverages you need to make sure that you have suitable music for the occasion.

Do not forget to hire an LED dance floor for the bridal dance. If it is a sophisticated event, opt for sonorous and soft instrumental music. If the event is more like a party, opt for popular favorites that you know the majority will love.

Besides music, you also need to plan out fun and interactive games. They are also great icebreakers, and the guests can mingle with each other easily. You can include trivia games that can be a fandom or movie theme like Doctor Who trivia. It can also be enjoyable and interactive games like “Find the Guest” or “Who Said It?”. Everyone will have a great laugh and have fond memories from this bridal shower.

To Conclude

Bridal showers can be ambitious, but they are fun to host and arrange.  Ensure that all the components match the bride’s taste and put everything ahead of time.