9 Things to Focus on Doing Before Your Baby’s Birth

The number of things that need to be organized before welcoming your baby can seem overwhelming. And with so many items of baby gear and gadgets out there, it’s difficult to know what you really need to buy and do.

Here we cut through the noise to help you focus on the nine most essential tasks to do before you have a baby.

1. Ultrasound Images

If you want to get 3D or 4D images and videos of your baby before they are born, prioritize getting this done. After all, this is something you definitely can’t do after the birth! These can be treasured keepsakes, and children love to see these images when they are a little older too. Keep reading here for all the options you have when it comes to baby ultrasound images.

2. Essential Baby Gear

Instead of getting caught up with buying the latest baby gadgets, simply focus on the essentials. A car seat, a cot, a stroller, some bedding and a few clothes to wear is all you really need for your baby for the first few weeks. Grab some bottles and a sterilizer too if you’re thinking of bottle feeding. You can buy everything else as and when you feel like you need it after the baby arrives.

3. Home Deliveries

A great way to make life easier once the baby has arrived is to set up some home delivery accounts. This is something you can get in place before the birth. Many people find that having an Amazon Prime account and an account with a supermarket delivery service totally transforms life as new parents.

4. Make Food

It is totally true that the last thing you feel like doing with a new born baby is cooking. That means new parents tend to start eating quick, unhealthy meals just to see them through each day. Food with low nutritional value isn’t very helpful for tiredness either. Making a few batches of different meals and freezing them ahead of time can make a great difference to your first few weeks.

5. Check Medications

During the weeks before you are due to give birth, check to see if you are running low on any medications. Fill prescriptions for any medications you will need in the coming weeks. The last thing you’ll feel like doing is seeing a doctor and doing pharmacy runs once the new baby has arrived.

6. Stock the House

It is also really worthwhile to do a little extra shopping before your new arrival, to make sure you don’t run out of critical household goods at a bad moment. Stock up on things like toilet paper, dishwasher tablets and laundry detergent, so you don’t have to make any emergency visits to the grocery store just after the birth. Remember to get some gentle detergent for your new baby’s clothes too, as they can have very sensitive skin.

7. Make a Sleeping Plan

It’s not really necessary to do the baby’s nursery before they are born, as they’ll be sleeping in your bedroom for at least the first few months. Instead of spending a lot of effort painting and building furniture, decide how you are all going to sleep when the baby arrives.

Figure out the best spot for the cot in your bedroom, and discuss with your partner how you can both get some extra sleep if you need it. Talking about this when you are not completely sleep deprived is very helpful. You may decide you’ll take it in shifts with the baby in the evening or during the night. Putting a bed or mattress in the quietest spot in the house may also be beneficial for the times when one of you needs a nap.

8. Manage Expectations

If you have lots of family and friends, everyone is going to want to come over to see the baby in the first few weeks after the birth. Introducing a new arrival is always very special, but try to think how you will want to manage this ahead of time. Having lots of guests when you are sleep deprived and figuring out your new routine can also be stressful. Tell close family ahead of time how much they might expect to see you in the weeks after the birth. When you do invite people over, give them a time slot such as 2pm to 4pm, so everyone is on the same page about how much time and energy you have for visits.

9. Have Fun

There are some things you just won’t do for at least a few months after your baby is born. Either because you don’t feel like it or because it’s just not easy from a practical perspective. That’s why you should try to do the things you enjoy now. Going out for an evening meal or heading to the cinema or theatre are good examples of things that will be a little more difficult after the birth.