A Mother’s Guide: How To Tackle The Mom’s Imposter Syndrome

Whether you’re a new mother or a veteran, one emotion we can’t seem to get rid of is a nagging feeling that says we could do better. This feeling can be described as a critical voice at the back of our minds that always downplays our struggles and hard work. If you’re experiencing postpartum depression, adult depression, anxiety, or any other ailment as a mom, you’re not alone. Are there times when you wish you were the ideal embodiment of a mum to your children? If you can relate so far, this blog is for you. To quieten the inner critic, this blog will talk about five things to focus on.

  • Become compassionate towards yourself: Motherhood is a different journey that requires several sacrifices and an immense amount of inner strength to keep going. No matter how many children you have or how old your children are, there is a part in every mother that doubts herself and feels guilty. To overcome this constant Debbie-downer of a voice, it is important for you to see the human in you (not Supermom). Find more compassion and forgiveness for the things you did when you didn’t know better.
  • Get the help of a therapist: Sometimes it can feel overwhelming to deal with such emotions. Get the help of a professional therapist who can prescribe tools like prescription medication like CBD, supplements, and more products to look after your mental health. Anxiety, depression, and other mental health disorders tend to overlap when left unaddressed. Using prescription CBD and similar supplements can help you heal gradually.
  • Start journaling to quiet intrusive thoughts: One of the best ways to stop yourself from being consumed by guilt and criticism is to put it on paper. Journaling these words out and then looking at them later will show you that most of them are just overly harsh. You can counter it by writing kinder notes beside it, as you would to a friend who is struggling with these thoughts. Another remedy to start reprogramming this narrative is to make a column in your journal that debunks this voice’s statements with facts of your accomplishments as a mom.
  • Imposter syndrome outside of a profession: Imposter syndrome has been a bigger killer of joy than anything in the case of women. This is not only a phenomenon experienced in professional life but in the personal lives of women too. Imposter syndrome shows us how to downplay our success and give very little credit. However, every mom needs to start celebrating herself and her little wins in parenting.
  • Make your health a priority: Your health can take a dip when you’re pushing yourself too hard to be the best mother in the world. Let us be the bearer of news that it is impossible to have a superficial title. Appreciate the little things and look after your health, because a healthy mom raises healthier kids.

Wrapping Up

The best thing you can do for your kids is to stay happy yourself; children are sensitive and can pick up on your emotions easily. We hope that you look at yourself as the hero you are, a strong woman doing her best to raise kids deserves applause!