How to organise your living room space

The living room area does tend to be considered as the most important room in the house, so it is important to ensure that effort and organisation are infused into this space. When moving into a new home, in particular, it can be overwhelming and hard to navigate locations for your key pieces of furniture and accessories. Or, if you are looking for a switch up or revamp to your current living room, it can also be difficult to consider how to efficiently switch up the room’s layout to make it look as great as it currently is. You have certainly come to the right place. Stay tuned as we provide some top tips on how to effectively organise your living room area for a significant change.

Establish the accent wall

First things first, when attempting to organise your living room area, you must initially acknowledge the accent wall in the room. This will act as the main focal wall in the room and tends to be the wall that features the TV or the fireplace, as most commonly, the rest of the furniture will need to revolve around this wall, particularly if your TV is mounted on it. It is also important to note that the accent wall tends to be the busiest wall within the living room therefore, it is important to make it bold and impactful. To make the accent wall stand out, invest in eye-catching wallpaper or textured paint. As the TV or fireplace is usually on this wall, be careful and avoid making it look too busy, as this may only result in a cluttered effect. However, if the wall is bare, opt for a large mirror or canvas which will be sure to make the wall pop!

Fire alarm system

It may be wise to ensure that you have an operational fire alarm installers system within the living room of your property, this is particularly important if you reside in a country where an interlinked fire alarm system is required under the law. For example, within Scotland, the current rules and regulations, from 1st February 2022, is that every commercial or residential property should have an interlinked system installed. Therefore, in order to organise your living room, you must ensure that this is in place.

Focal point furniture

The focal point furniture can also be considered as the main piece of furniture that will reside within your living room area. To organise your living room space correctly, it is important to consider this after establishing your accent wall, as the rest of the furniture and accessories should fall into place not long afterward. The focal point furniture, for the majority, is the sofa or other seating facilities that will be placed in your living room near laptop table. When situating your sofa, try to avoid compressing this against the walls. This is a common mistake made amongst homeowners as they believe that gluing their sofa to their wall will make the room appear more open and larger when, in fact, it has the opposite effect. Why invest in a sofa to push it towards the outskirts of your room? Ensure that there is a gap between the wall and the sofa, this will make your space appear way more open, and not only that, your sofa can be admired from all angles making it the key focal point of the room. Once this is situated in place, you can revolve other key pieces around your seating area including the coffee table, Adirondack style furniture pieces or ottoman centered in front of the seating, or perhaps a corner table at the side of it.

Invest in storage facilities

Clutter occurrence is one of the main issues that can diminish the look and value of your living room space, therefore to keep clutter build-up in check, invest in storage facilities. Storage facilities do not need to be a large plastic box filled with every unused item! Storage space can be featured all around the room, perhaps in the form of a sideboard, a pull-up ottoman, a bookcase, or even shelving placed on the walls. Bookcases and shelves mean that you can easily space out ornaments and decorations without them cluttering against one another, whereas facilities like a sideboard or ottoman will provide adequate storage for anything that you would prefer not to be on show. Avoiding clutter build-up will increase the overall image and value of your living space so storage is important to consider.

Accessorise and personalise

At the end of the day, this living space is yours so it is important to add a personal touch and avoid keeping it bland. To add your own personal touch, consider getting framed paintings to add to your walls. Watercolor hummingbird paintings, and similar styles are usually very aesthetically pleasing. Add dimension to the space through reflection by incorporating a mirror. Not only will this look great, but it will also provide the illusion of a larger-looking space through the reflections made. Or, why not incorporate textured canvases or even large family portraits to the wall for a personal touch? It is important to note that the living room is the gathering room of the home, therefore, a personal touch is vital if you are styling a family home’s living room! Alongside this, modern living room ornaments include large neutral coloured vases, bright plants, simplistic stacked books, large candles, and plush throw cushions, so you will never be short of contemporary options when it comes to updating and accessorising the room!