Unique Graduation Announcements for Your Loved Ones

With graduation just around the corner, it’s time to start thinking about your announcements. Whether you’re a high school graduate or a college graduate, announcements are a great way to share your accomplishments with your loved ones. These moments are big milestones in your life, and they’re meant to be celebrated with the people you cherish the most. Plus, if they’ve been there with you every step of the way, it may just feel like their accomplishments, too. If you’re looking to send a unique graduation announcement, here are several creative ways to execute that.

Choose fun sayings to catch their attention

When it comes to unique graduation announcements, you might want to consider using the right words to catch their attention. A lot of students typically just add their graduation year and their school name. Or, they’ll show off their school colors. But you can choose fun words and sayings in different fonts as a perfect way to show your unique style and creativity. Mixbook has a variety of graduation cards to choose from. One example of a unique card is Ciao, High School, which prints those exact words above a photo of the new graduate. Another card from Mixbook has the words “I did it!” in a playful font. These are just a few examples of what you’ll find available on the platform.

Incorporate some foliage into the announcement

In a sea of plain text and a simple photograph, you can choose to go floral for your own graduation announcements. Check out the Foil Graduate Foliage card. It has a floral pattern that is printed in custom foil colors like gold, rose gold, or silver. The floral pattern surrounds text of the graduate’s name and is printed on top of a custom photo. Meanwhile, the Grad Florals card from Mixbook shows off watercolor brushstrokes in pastel shades that are outlined with foil to resemble floral shapes. The lower half is meant for a photo of the graduate and their name, school, and graduation year.

Keep your plans under wraps until the announcement!

Another unique graduation announcement would be to share your future plans on the card. For the best execution, you’ll need to wait to deliver your big news until you send out your announcements. So, you’ll have to be good at keeping secrets regarding the schools you’re interested in attending or the career path you’re hoping to choose. But choosing this unique way to share your plans can make it a lot more fun for both you and the receiver of the graduation announcement.

Feature your family members in your graduation photos

Incorporate some foliage into the announcement

This can be a sweet gesture for those who are important to you. If your parents, grandparents, or other guardians have guided you throughout your high school or college education, then this may very well be a fun and unique way to show your appreciation for their support. You’ll likely have photos together taken at your graduation ceremony, so you can easily choose those images for your graduation card. You can choose a graduation announcement that incorporates multiple photographs such as the Modern Graduation Collage card or the Modern Block Collage Grad card. Upon receiving the card, other family members will find it heartwarming to see your parents or guardians share your milestone.

Mixbook offers plenty of designs so that you can create your own unique graduation announcement. With such a big accomplishment, you’ll want the best option. There are plenty of ways you can customize the font choices, the colors, the orientation of the photos, and even the number of images through their platform. Start creating your own announcements on their site and show off your accomplishment as a unique graduate!