6 Places in the World That Are Perfect for Travelling with Kids

Traveling to another country is exciting for everyone, including kids. You can be halfway around the world in twelve hours these days, on a plane with TV’s and decent food, so the prospect of traveling with younger children is no longer as daunting as it once was. Traveling from a young age gives your children the chance to learn more about the world, try new foods, and meet more people who they’d never meet if you simply stayed at home for the holidays. But where are the best places to travel with kids? We spoke to travel bloggers and experts from around the world to come up with these six places that are perfect for traveling with kids.

Paris, France

Our first choice was Paris, due to the incredible mixture of culture and fun. As Mathew over at https://expertvagabond.com/make-extra-money/ told us, “The culture in Paris is second to none, but with Disneyland just round the corner, it’s a win-win for the whole family!” You could spend your morning strolling Parisian streets for delightful coffee and pastries, then feel the magic of Disney all afternoon and evening with the firework display at the park. If your kids are too old for Disneyland, try Le Louvre and other galleries and museums. There is so much to explore in Paris and beyond.

London, UK

London is one of the most visited cities in the world, and for a good reason. It’s very easy to get to with at least five international airports serving the city. Once you are in London, it is also very easy to travel around with kids of all ages, the transport network of Tube, Overground, and busses makes getting anywhere a breeze. The kids will love all the available activities in London, including the London Dungeons, London Eye, and aquariums. For the parents, there are art galleries all across London, plus great food and drink! There are also theme parks and water parks a short train ride away. London really has it all, and has it for the whole family!


In Mexico, you will find beautiful beaches, wonderful food, and friendly people. It is extremely safe for traveling families. When thinking of Mexico, we lean towards all-inclusive resorts. This way, everything you need for all ages is covered. For mom and dad, there’s great food, evening entertainment, and lovely cocktails. For the kids, there will be kids, clubs, activities, and swimming pools. This is a great way to have a family trip, whilst also getting some alone time.


Another beautiful European country to make our top six is Spain. Spain has everything you could need for a relaxing family break. Take Barcelona, for example. In this wonderful city, you have food markets and restaurants sure to tempt anyone of any age. The beaches are beautiful, and hotel swimming pools with amazing views make for a relaxing evening for all.

The kids will love Gaudi park and the famous football stadiums. For a sneaky treat, visit Barcelona’s chocolate museum! It, like everything else in the city, is extremely affordable, fun, and friendly. Perfect for a family!



Japanese culture, food, and lifestyle are so different from ours that it blows our minds every time we travel there. We think that this is a great experience for young ones to have as it opens their mind up to a whole different way of life. In Japan, you can try food never seen at home, and explore cities like Tokyo and Osaka that are extremely beautiful. There are so many tourist spots in each city that it’s impossible to name them all, but trust us, even the kids will love soaking up the culture of Japan. We recommend flying into one city and then using the bullet train to travel to different parts of the country.


Last but by no means least, Australia. Australian summer runs during our winter, making it the perfect winter getaway. Sure, it’s a long journey, but it’s so worth it once you’re there. Whether you choose to visit the Great Barrier Reef in Brisbane or the cool city of Melbourne in the south, you will be greeted by friendly locals, outstanding beaches, and plenty of activities for the kids. There is also the opportunity to see plenty of wildlife in Australia, which kids are sure to love!

Tips for Traveling With Kids

Disneyland castle on a sunny day image

Traveling with kids can be difficult, especially when you are not adequately prepared. Most kids will protest against being stuffed into a cramped airplane or a small car for hours on end. They can become frustrated and may even throw a tantrum, which can put a damper on your trip. To avoid such situations, here are a few tips to help keep things peaceful.

Book an Early Morning Departure

If you are traveling with toddlers or young children, it is best to book early morning departures because they are the least likely to face delays in take-offs and landings. Additionally, your kids will likely want to sleep more and will sleep through the flight or the beginning of the car ride, giving you some time to settle in and get yourself comfortable. 

Talk to Your Kids and Manage Expectations

It is always best to talk to your kids about your trip and what to expect beforehand. Most kids are nervous when going on flights and on long car trips because the experience is foreign to them. They may look to you for comfort through endless questions and clingy behavior. However, informing them of how things work and how they should behave can work wonders in controlling them and ensuring everyone has a pleasant experience. 

Always Dress in Layers, and Avoid Shoes With Laces

The more comfortable your children are, the less they will bother you. If you know you will be stuck in an area with heat or air conditioning and may face changing conditions, it is best to dress in layers, which can be taken off or put on depending on the temperature. Preferably you should choose items with buttons and zippers that are easier to slip on and off. Additionally, anything with complex mechanisms, like shoes with laces, is best left at home because it will bother you and your child. It may also increase the chances of accidents. 

Plan Your Packing List

When packing for a plane or a car ride, it is best to always have a few essentials with you. When traveling with kids, items such as sanitizers, art supplies, water, low-sugar snacks, and kid-size headphones are useful items to have. A comfort item can also work wonders as it can help calm your child. 


So, these are our 6 top destinations for traveling with kids around the world. Traveling with kids can be fun, rewarding, and exciting for everyone and really help your kids learn more about the world. We hope you choose one of these destinations and have an amazing trip.