7 Ways to Turn Your Camping Trip to Glamping Trip

Glamping, what an interesting term. You have probably heard about it before, but you weren’t really sure what it represents. Now, who doesn’t like to go on an interesting camping trip? Everybody does!

However, sometimes we want to spice things up by adding some things that will make us feel more comfortable. And that’s doable. You can still enjoy the great outdoors, while still feeling like you’re at home.

Many people do not see the correlation between camping and glamping, but that’s why we are here to provide you with some amazing tips that will embellish this wonderful journey. Want to know more? Scroll down to see! Also, click the following link for the best recommendations about the best glamping nsw.

We chose a design for our portable toilets and showers to provide comfort, convenience, and practicality.

1. Find A Lovely Campsite

This doesn’t seem like unexpected advice, but wait, there’s more to it than you may assume. Now, there are many sites that are all about wonderful nature, that do not offer anything more than a regular toilet and field.

Although that sounds acceptable, you should maybe search for something a bit better without spending too much money. Just think about a superb bathroom, electricity, places where children can play, hot water, etc. You could be still enjoying breathtaking nature while residing in a more convenient place.

2. Portable Fold Up Kitchen

Those who want to look tough just because they are camping without bringing anything that might simplify this trip should think twice. This practical kitchen comes with a two burner grill, as well as with sink. It may not seem necessary, but just how helpful this could be. You’ll thank us later!

3. Elevated Tents

There are some places that come with numerous glamping things to enhance your journey, but you do not need all that really. You can enjoy your glamping trip by being in a classic tent. All you’ve gotta do is get some things that will perk things up.

  • Acquire a tent that you can stand up in, such as a canvas tent. That’s all you’ve got to do to put your camping trip to the next level. There are plenty of canvas tents for sale that you can choose from.
  • Get a tent that is huge, twice as big in comparison to the traditional one. So if you are camping with three people, obtain a tent for six persons.

4. Teardrop Campers

If you want to avoid the stress of putting up a tent, then consider using teardrop campers. Eco-friendly gurus at wholepeople.com/best-teardrop-trailers-brands/ think that this is a great idea if you are up for something a bit classier. Why are they so good?

First of all, they are not as heavy as other trailers, plus they are pretty affordable compared with traditional motorhomes. You won’t be needing as much gas as you usually do. Moreover, these vehicles are much more eco-friendly and they are not as harmful around trees as others.

5. Bring Nice Bed

At the end of the day, when you’re tired of different activities it would be good to have a place where you can relax and fall asleep peacefully. It seems like a comfortable bed is a perfect solution for it.

Just bring some pillows, along with an insulating layer and some silky, nice sheets. Beautify the room with a lovely rug, slippers and make sure to take some interesting books that you haven’t read before.

6. Inflatable Movie Screen

A sky filled with stars, people you love, and your favorite movie. How does it sound? Amazing! Your day is going to be filled with numerous fun activities, but you have to make sure your night is entertaining too!

In case you are not prone to sitting around a campfire and listening to some scary, horror stories then it would be perfect to bring an inflatable movie screen that is going to gather other members of your camping trip. All you need is some refreshing drink and delicious snack and you’re good to go!

7. Food And Drinks

How can anyone enjoy a camping trip without some yummy foods and the best natural wines in the lap of nature? One of the most practical things to bring is some delicious sandwiches with ham and cheese or chicken and some salad. Oh, and make sure to bring a good box that is going to keep all this food fresh.

Safety Tips for Your Glamping Trip

Camping creates memories that could last for eternity. It is refreshing and ideal for many who like to take a break from the city and do some soul-searching. But always remember that safety comes first. Here are some tips to make your glamping trip safe.


1. Gear Up

Just one mistake and your dream glamping trip can turn into a disaster. So, before you head out, bring the necessary equipment for safety purposes. Pick a bag that is easy to carry, and choose a backpack based on the length of your trek and spine. Bring a sleeping pad or pillow beside your tent to be more comfortable. While on it, bring insect repellants and cream for blisters, as these buzz buddies can be troublesome. Talking about safety, remember to bring first-aid kits.

2. Dress Up

Make sure that your glamping trip gives you the best memories. One way of doing it is to wear the appropriate clothes to be safe while not sabotaging comfort. Wearing cotton is a good idea for staying cool on a summer trip. Further, synthetic or wool socks are great for keeping your body dry and free from sweat, as there will be a lot of hiking and walking on a camping trip. Remember to bring rain gear, a hat, boots for rough terrain, and maps to be on track.

3. Set Up

Before you choose a location to set up your tent, pick a place closer to running water for easier access to cleaning, showering, and even filling empty bottles. When it comes to rain, always bring a tent cover as the weather can be a headache sometimes. Stay safe under the sun while setting up your tent, so prepare also a sunscreen. Lastly, before setting up, beware of bears. These furry friends can be dangerous as they can be aggressive when unsafe. Thus, it’s better to do something other than glamping alone. Remember that it’s safer to camp with others so that someone can always call for help in an emergency.

people camping with tents

Pack Your Bags And GO!

We must admit that after writing all these spectacular ideas concerning glamping we are so tempted to immediately grab our things and go on a camping trip. If you love spending time outside, surrounded by beautiful nature while still having cozy and comfortable things by your side, then you shouldn’t be having any doubts about it. This type of luxurious camping will surely meet all your expectations!