6 Good Reasons Why An Electric Scooter Will Be Good For You and Your Family

There are petrol scooters and there are electric scooters. As you know, scooters have always been practical especially for someone who lives in areas with heavy traffic. They easily slip through the mass of cars and buses that tend to populate the streets. However, they aren’t without differences.

If you compare a petrol scooter from an electric scooter, the first difference you’ll encounter is that one uses gas as fuel and one uses electricity. Petrol scooters also need more effort to maintain. Despite these reasons, petrol scooters may have their own advantages but we’re going to focus on electric scooters for now.

The Benefits of Electric Scooters

1. They are small, compact, and portable

They easily slip through traffic. Them being small and compact means that they don’t get stuck in the streets as much as bigger vehicles do. This means they save time! Instead of waiting in your car, you can just pick up your scooter, pass through the blockage, and move along.

The fact that it’s portable makes it easier to use around in cities wherein heavy traffic is a common scene. For a longer commuting time, you can pack it up then carry it to a bus, then use it again at your stop. This helps to save on parking fees as well as a lot of hassle.

Moreover, you can park it anywhere a bike can be parked. Or you can store it in a closet. It’s compact build makes it so convenient to use.

2. They are cost-effective

Their upfront cost is not that big but they have a big payoff. They have a wide range of prices. For kids there are around $100. For budget options for adults, there are those less than $300. For mid-range, $600 to $900. For professionals, around $1000 to $2000.

This range implies that there are different kinds of people who use electric scooters. You may even meet them while you use yours! Moreover, according to most manufacturers, these scooters only use about a kilowatt per hour. You can even charge them at work and it won’t hurt your workplace’s bills.

3. They can be used as a form of bonding

They are fun to use and they’re also safe. They require no licenses, so kids can use them. You can even give them to young ones and young-at-heart within your family. Electric scooters run at about 30Mph which is a safe speed so there’s no need to excessively worry about children using them.

You can also give rides to your children on an electric scooter, as long as they’re wearing proper safety gear and you’re travelling at a safe speed. Regular rides like these can also make positive memories for the whole family to look back on.  

Since some models of electric scooters are also portable, you can fold them up and take them almost anywhere. This way, planning many activates with your children becomes easier. Whether you plan on going camping, hiking short but difficult terrains, or eve go to the beach, you won’t have any issues getting to your destination. Once there, you can fold up your mode of transportation and take it along.

4. They have a low maintenance cost

They are easy to maintain as compared to other means of transportation.  Technicians at Smart Balance say that despite their modern technology, electric scooters have parts that are widely available across the online market. The common maintenance that you may have to do with your scooter is just replacing the wheels or the battery, which you don’t have to do often.

With an electric scooter, there are no oil changes, no air conditioners, and none of the many issues that you get with a regular car. All of these fixes can take a lot of time, whether you learn to do the maintenance yourself or pay a mechanic to do them. In this way, an electric scooter will save you a lot of time in the long run. 

However, you do need to stay updated on the little repairs and maintenance that an electric scooter will require over time. With proper care, you can also increase the expected lifespan of your scooter. Some electric scooter companies will offer you warranty plans for their product, but the conditions for this will vary according to the brand and vendor. 

5. They are environment-friendly

They do not contribute to air pollution as compared to other means of transportation. They don’t exude smoke and are not noisy as well. Fuel-powered scooters may help you as a mode of transportation, but they do not have these traits that make electric scooters desirable.

6. They improve one’s health

They help one’s balance, muscle strength, and body coordination. Whether you have a seat in your scooter or you stand while you use it, it does help your body move and maintain balance. This serves as a good break from sitting in front of the computer or being confined inside a car.

As it improves your balance, it will also positively affect your posture. This also means that they help enhance your upper body muscles. They help engage your body which is more than what other forms of transportation offer.

Overall, the easy transport mode of an electric scooter will help you get to parks, recreational area, jogging tracks, and gyms within your region. This will make it much easier to get in your workout or general exercise without having to worry much about traffic, transport costs, and so on.

How to Choose an Electric Scooter

You have to consider your budget, of course, without sacrificing the quality of electric scooter that will fit your needs. They are accessible anyway, highlighted by how there are electric scooters for kids. To be specific, you have to consider the battery power, the rider’s weight, portability, landscape, and whether you want a seat for your scooter.

All things considered though, it’s pretty light both in price and in overall weight. You can even use it to have fun activities with your family. A race between family members is always fun, and it doesn’t just encourage being environment-conscious, but it also engages children with their surroundings without the pain of walking.